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Most of you already know I settled in Barcelona almost 9 years ago. For 5 ½ years I was involved with a Catalonian frrrrr…guy, however we didn’t use to enjoy these local traditions involving feasts. It had to be my friend Mireia and all her crew the ones to invite me to join some special days. On one hand the Day of Catalunya in September, the traditional fests in the city and the annual ritual of spending a weekend (February-March) at Mireia’s family countryside house in La Selva Del Camp.

In coincidence with the celebration of her brother-in-law’s birthday, we set this past weekend as the date for our calçotada.


For your information, calçot is a variety of green onion which grows in Valls, near Tarragona (80km from Barcelona approx). It’s barbecued and then wrapped in paper to keep warm, and finally it’s served with a wonderful sauce name romesco, which contains onion,  tomato, almonds and hazelnuts, garlic and some more stuff. If you ever try one, and it’s good, you’ll be dipping bread or whatever that can be dipped.


The way to eat calçots is quite dirty as you have to peel it, removed the burnt skin and then deep in the sauce. Some people use gloves. I think that sucks. I prefer getting my hands dirt, as a proof that I’ve been eating such delicious.


In calçotadas you have to be careful. Lots of booze, too much food, laughs and long chats. These events imply no hurries, and not planning any other activity afterwards because there’s a high chance you might feel wasted afterwards.

This year everybody was quite relaxed and calmed down, especially comparing to the party held 2 years ago. At 2pm we were all pissed. This year there were newly couples, which were more tender to each other and therefore quite slow, the house was very cold as last week weather had been awful, and some of us were just knackered  after a rough week at work. Still we had a great laugh, had walks in the country, played poker, slept siesta, and some other stuff I don’t usually do in Barcelona. Basically I disconnected from my job which is stressing the hell out of me lately.


It’s impossible for me to conceive a calçotada day without friends, and in fact I only eat calçots once a year. it’s a great opportunity to spend some time outdoors, far from civilization, and surrounded by friends and adorable dogs and enjoying nature and the pleasures of food and drink disconnecting from the tough and sometimes unbearable reality.

God bless these events, and thanks Mireia for allowing me to join and enjoy such wonderful days with you, your family and friends.