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It’s curious the impact and influence of Star Wars in my life. Constant references come to my mind that I often use to relate to some topics.

Back in the day I was fascinated with the hologram which brought out all the story of the saga:

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, You’re My Only Hope.

The moment, the tone of desperation and concern in Leia’s voice, the rush in the message, a multitask R2-D2 as the messenger of the Princess… Who’s never imitated her inserting data into the robot? Leia looked absolutely gorgeous in her white dress with a smooth hood covering her stunning hairdo. Really, those seconds will always be fresh in my memory, as they marked me for good, and draught me into the Star Wars Universe forever.

This hologram device was repeatedly used in various episodes in the saga, and again exploited in the New Trilogy, as a standard way of online visual communication, but nothing was so shocking as Leia’s initial cry for help…

Until last Sunday, at the Coachella Festival.

Shot to death rapper Tupac Shakur joined his fellas Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog during their performance and delighted the audience with two of his most popular hits, Hail Mary and 2 of Americaz Most Wanted.

Yes, Tupac was brought back from the Dead thanks to awesome technologies and hard work, in the shape of a Hologram, and he even greeted the crowd yelling  What’s Up Coachella?

It’s so weird and insane, that also gives me the creeps.

Ok, you might start accurately analyzing the images and will notice the hologram was so perfect, but think of yourself, right in the middle of the crowd, beers, some joint, in party mood for many hours, and all of a sudden Tupac is right in front of you. Also consider the distance from the audience to the stage, which at these massive festivals is huge.

Moreover, it’s not just the hologram of the guy moving and dancing, it’s perfectly synchronized to audio, the voice modified as to greet the crowd, and finally Tupac is interacting with Snoop Dog.

This unprecedented event, leaving aside those terrible duets with a big screen showing Nat King Cole and her daughter singing at the same time, has set a new marked. And I’m not happy to admit it’s scary.

From a technological point of view, it’s no doubt, a huge advance for audiovisual media, broadcasting, and other aspects, but thinking of the way some resources are applied, the hologram mean the starting point for many possibly awful things, and the end of some traditions.

You know I don’t mean to be a fortune teller, by all means, but perhaps my imagination, fed by many sci-fi stories, is able to create some possibilities.

Considering the definition of the hologram, and the fact that, with technologies, you can recreate a performance without the character being present or alive, some projects involving dead stars could be developed. Think of Nirvana performing Nevermind  in its 25th anniversary, Jimi Hendrix burning a guitar on a stage, Bill Hicks yelling against the preachers, or Elvis singing An American Trilogy right in front of you. Speaking from the heart, this very last thought is exciting, as I’ve had dreams of me attending one of his shows in Vegas. But stop this madness!!! Let’s talk serious. Despite the fact that we all would love to see performing our dead heroes, but there was the right time, and events and other circumstances brought to this. So let’s not force certain things.

The possibility of bringing out the dead on stage, and also make logistics easier for ambitious projects, like a, let’s say an instant performance of Lady GaGa in different spots in the world, something very shocking and even attractive in the beginning, would also cause side effects.

I think of a couple of examples to start with right now. Gig tickets would rise immediately, something that’s already happened with 3D films great swindle, and improvisation would not be an option anymore.

We would end up paying for an illusion after all, a reflection, and a compilation of all performances. Perhaps that’s ok with you, but I a diehard fan of live performances with their intensity, power and the capability of transmitting emotions. Thus, as I see, the hologram project would be but a fail to me.

Let’s not hurry up to see the future, please 😉