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Few days ago, my friend Jaume suggested I should also talk about cool places to have drinks or dinner, or whatever. I thought it might be a good idea, but lately I’m not going out so much due to my state of poverty.

My latest two discoveries in Madrid have made me decide that, from time to time, I’ll start recommending joints to crash in. The idea is to add some picks and highlight what I like most and why, far from creating  Zagat or Michelin guides, and my visits must not be necessarily recent. And I can tell you something for sure, I know maaany cool places.

Let’s get started.

I had heard about In Dreams Café in Madrid some months ago. All of a sudden, several people were telling me wonders about this place, so I needed to check it out last weekend. Saturday was the chosen day for having lunch and few cocktails before Michael Monroe’s show.

Truth is that we were all a bit hangover because Friday, intended to be a “light” night, ended up in the morning, and our stomachs were damaged, yet starving.

When we arrived, I had a crush on the joint immediately. It’s kind of a small  and cozy American diner, full of icons and very kitsch, with pink walls and red lights, full of retro furniture, leopard  and classic rock presence on every spot. It’s not that the place is dirt, no way, but you know, it reminded me of those NY venues and pubs, where you can see everything is in its place but there are certain details not taken care of, which make the joints special and unique. Don’t know how to explain it, certain rock places exude some sort of decadence which make them real, alive, and In Dreams Café made me have same feeling.

Good music, relaxing atmosphere, not only you can have amazing cocktails but also you can eat, and honestly, what I tasted was great. Dishes have glorious names, I had the veggie Pat Boone burger (yess, we veggies are welcome!), and my friends the Elvis burger, both served in these plastic baskets, as in the old American movies. The onion rings, OMG! They were unbelievable, and pity I wasn’t really hungry (I don’t usually eat much before a gig, and then this very often turns against me, allowing mayhem to step in), because desserts and milkshakes were very suggesting.

The girls, we had two Bloody Mary’s, including the celery stick, and it’s really cool waiters ask you how much you want your drink to be spicy, and Kiko, had an American, which tasted really good.

I find these all-in places fantastic, great atmosphere, allowing you to keep conversations filled up with great music, plus food and elaborated drinks are maaaarvelous.

You wanna know how much I liked the place? Let me tell you one thing, we came back for more Bloody Mary’s the day after. Convinced? That place is a must, wish there was something like that here, it’s a place the owner might have not invested millions on it, yet passion for American 50-60’s stuff is out of question. 

(In Dreams Cafe is in C/San Mateo 4, 28004 Madrid, close to Tribunal tube st.)