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According to my experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that not all the music is suitable all the times.  Better said, it’s a matter of ourselves, state of mind, mood, maturity… The fact is that if I had follow my first impressions on certain bands and albums, I’d be missing great stuff which I cannot live without nowadays.

This happened with The Soundtrack of Our Lives. My first approach was a show which didn’t convince me much. Found them too psychedelic  and boring. My mistake!

Communion, their 5th album, was the one that caught my attention and started to make an impression on me. And yes, it’s psychedelic and super atmospheric, but this time I liked them.

These Swedish, led by the freak Santa Klaus like, Ebbot Lundberg, delivered an outstanding  double album, their longest work up to date, not suitable for all audiences. And it’s not a matter of rough sound, because production is immaculate, Ebbot’s voice is really attractive, and arrangements are incredible. It’s just you have to be in the mood.

Babel On, the first track of Communion, is kind of anthem for me. I really adore those 6 minutes and a half, and reckon is one of the best starters I’ve ever heard. Such powerful and energic, you swallow the following track effortless, Universal Stalker or Ego Delusion. And then, that wonderful Second Life Replay…leaves me breathless.

Both CD’s are really pleasant to listen, once you break through the bounds and get into the universe of OEOC. Believe me, once I overcome that invisible and unexplainable resistance, I became fan, and never a show resulted me boring anymore.

(Aaah! Almost forgot! If you get the chance, please check the album atwork, it’s worth seeing)