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What makes a hit become a hit? Sometimes you can develop an obsession with a song with superficial lyrics, programmed rhythms, performed by an artist or a puppet, and even though you try hard such crappy stuff to be out of your head, that song is so catchy you’re singing it constantly for some time.

A song that could easily ruin your long term reputation as a serious music expert, or die hard fan. This is what I call Guilty Pleasures. And do yourself a favor and do not lie to yourself, because everybody eventually fails to stand firm and has some of them.

Once you come to terms with yourself, this is something you don’t need to hide, and express openly.

Thus, I’m gonna be sharing my guilty pleasures from time to time, so you can have a good laugh.

Let’s get started with a song that actually got me crazy, to such level, I used to dance it in bars and clubs, even sometimes ending showing my funny underwear (yes, I got funny underwear, Snoopy, funny faces, little doggies, strawberries and even Chinese lamps).

Let’s rewind back to 2003. Beyoncé Knowles, former lead singer of  Destiny’s Child, went solo, supported by her husband Jay Z. And she started her career releasing a single bomb, Crazy in Love, which put her right on top hit lists.

I hate modern R&B, not very pleased by the address rap followed, away from the old school stuff, and labeled as funk and soul, although is quite different from the concept of those two styles I like, Beyoncé’s single made me dance and sweat like a bitch.

Don’t think of convincing you, but you got to admit it, this song is pure groooooove!