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Happy holidays to y’all!

Once the few family Xmas commitments successfully finished, it’s time I start focusing on closing this 2013. I’m gonna start with the easiest part, which is the list of my 13 favorite album releases.

I reckon this year has been marked by harder sounds and styles compared to the last years. Somehow it seems that my current mood is also looking for more energy in music. Truth is that, as usual, there are many albums I haven’t listened to yet and perhaps with the passing of time the list would change, but right now these are the albums I’ve been enjoying most this strange 2013.



Rage and pure energy, Valient Himself and his guys nailed it once again with this album. Lyrics with message, so to speak, wrapped in exploding riffs and superfast speed. Very happy I could attend another of their burning shows last month.



This is the project of Scott Thomas Reeder, Kyuss former bass player, Bob Balch and Scott Reeder (the drummer) of Fu Manchu. Vocoder robotic voice melodies can prevent some people from loving this album which is a masterpiece of powerful riffs, intense bass lines and kickin’ ass drums. Respect for the veterans!


touche amore

Post-hardcore bands are not within my usual range of music, however some of them manage to step into my universe from time to time. This time was Touché Amoré, recommended by my dear friend (and mentor) Jordi, personally and through the magazine. Confessional lyrics, lots of yelling, weird writing, but with an overwhelming intensity.


last patrol

The return of Dave Wyndorf and his gang to the fields of psicodelia. I had the chance to interview the leader for Rockzone magazine and thanks to his explanations and remarks I could enjoy the album even more. As a whole, as a journey, some sort of confession of experience and release of emotions. There are great songs such as ‘Paradise’ or ‘The Duke (of Supernature)’ of ‘I Live Behind The Clouds’. A great comeback superior to their previous releases. Can’t wait to see their show in February.


neko case

This is the hardest album of the artist and the most confessional. She leaves the story telling aside and focuses on expressing what’s she’s going through, marked by the loss of important members of her family, and a state of depression she eventually underwent to for some time. it is Neko, the woman, the human being here, you can feel closer to her, identified with some of her songs. ‘Man’, ‘Nearly Midnight, Honolulu’, ‘Calling Cards’ are thrilling.



This live album is the celebration of the success achieved with their last and most solid up to date studio album A Eulogy For The Damned. The only BUT I find here is that sound doesn’t capture their performance 100%, but still it’s a good document to confirm that not only their at their best moment but also that the Brits are a live band.


american sharks

This crazy trio from Texas blew my mind with their single ‘Overdrive’ and reached my thrashy side with their debut album. Every time I have a dj session I play one of their songs. Energy and fun, sometimes they remind me of Gluecifer for some reason. Wish I can see them playing in Spain in 2014.




I feel ashamed for not having written about this wonderful album already, because it deserves a special attention and I don’t think many people are aware of this wonderful work. I couldn’t find the proper time or the mood to write about it as a week album, however I’ve been constantly listening to them when looking for a realm of peace and relax. Danny and the Champs leave the Bruce Springsteen formula so present in Hearts & Arrows and focus on more rooted sounds.



The blonde Finnish is a God of some kind. every time he releases a new album everybody’s expections end up completely fulfilled. This time I was a bit afraid of the change from Ginger Wildheart to Dregen of Backyard Babies as the main guitar and writer, but the result has been very positive, in fact Horns & Halos is superior to Dregen’s first solo album which has left me completely indifferent and not interested at all. Listening to any Monroe’s album means feeling  something inside you unsettled, which at the end of the day you realize it’s the need for partying crying for good times. I don’t understand the reckless energy of the singer, and I don’t care. I just take it as it comes and enjoy the most of it.


whales and leeches

No need to comment much about this album after what I wrote. It’s brutal and can’t stop listening to it. I really needed this badass music in my life. Exactly one month remaining for their show in Barcelona. I know it’s gonna be insane.




Ginger is a sort of Kind midas in music, but fortunately every project he starts is worth listening and the results are usually great. This time teaming up with Victoria Liedtke, he’s surprised the fans with more partying and very fresh tunes, and perhaps it’s been the key to retake and resuscitate his main son, The Wildhearts.

Hey! Hello! will open for The Wildhearts in April and I’ll be at The Electric Ballroom to tell you about it. it’s gonna be awesome, probably one of the best 2014 shows.



earth rocker

Clutch has been the greatest discovery of this year. They’ve become a complete reference and have also awaken the spirit of the fan which was a bit in stagnation. Earth Rocker came demolishing and I devoured it with devoted passion. The impact of the self titled single on my was one of the most intense I remember in the last years. It left me breathless, and when I recovered I had the full album which was an injection of energy I really needed. I also relate the album to many personal highlights this year, among others writing for Rockzone magazine and coming back to the company I had been fired from last year.



Well, after not so much thinking I’ve finally reached the conclusion that Like a Clockwork is my favorite album of the year.


It was an instant crush since the very beginning and has been settling throughout these months. When I first listened to the album I compared the experience as dating someone you idolize, therefore now I could regard my relationship with the album as a consolidated. Yeah, we’re a couple, we can flirt with others but at the end of the day it will be Like a Clockwork the one I’ll always choose.

Josh Homme has improved not only his singing but also his writing, and his evolution, very criticized by many of his fans in Kyuss, is fascinating from my point of view. Probably ‘The Vampyre of Time and Memory’ is my favorite song of the year, but I love the whole album and regard it as an indivisible unit.



Let’s keep on talking about the hottest albums I listened to last week. Again, two share my love, quite different from each other, both in style, country or origin and timeline. My mood is awkward and constantly swinging lately. I’ve very cheerful sometimes and other I’m a bit down. Not that I’m bored, by all means, I’m that kind of person with amusing entertainments at hand enough to waste time, but I haven’t assimilated my current status yet and feel  confused and out of place.

Do you believe in coincidences or in written fate? I really don’t know what to think after last events happening lately. Not only the day MCA passed away I had thought of Beastie Boys and their Intergalactic song, but also similar stories, not as sad, have happened.

I bought Loteria in vinyl, on the Record Store Day. I had barely listened to The Hangmen since my widowerhood. Had a dirty copy of Metallic I.O.U, but I’ve realized I don’t like shitty copies and therefore seldom listen to the few I still own. That day, at Revolver record store, I was more into purchasing some Ryan Adams’ or more folkie style stuff, but in the very last moment I thought of checking the punk rock area. As soon as I had Loteria in my hands, all the doubts were vanished, that album had to be mine.

Easy to imagine what came next, listening to Loteria awoke the need of having Metallic I.O.U, my favorite Hangmen album, and admitting I’m close to be a serious  addict to Amazon, checked out with my copy coming.

Bryan Small started his Hangmen project more that 30 years ago, and despite the efforts and the release of the self-titled debut album with Capitol, The Hangmen’s starting point as we know them nowadays, was with this album, released in 2000 by Acetate Records.

This album is just a pile of pure and straight rock,  with songs portraying the filthiest and most decadent side of LA, telling about drugs, booze, cigarettes and broken hearts, stories coming through  the wretched and hardened voice of Smalls.

The nastiness of Downtown, Bliss, Broke, Down & Stoned, or Russian Roulette, mixed with the evoking and decadent Bent or the closing Blue Light, and the glorious Is That All There Is? Which I find completely influenced by The Rolling Stones, makes you wonder why The Hangmen are such an underground and unknown band. Metallic I.O.U is fresh, timeless and wild, rough as a warm shot of whiskey early in the morning, with certain amount of bitterness constantly present. Just love it!

Ah! Haven’t explained what all the coincidence story was about. Well, as soon as I was in The Hangmen mood, posting several videos and songs on FB, some of their fans reminded me of the upcoming album Eastern of Western, after their last work, In the City, released in 2007.

Just when I was ready to start writing this post, The Hangmen made public their new single and video, Homesick Blues, which sounds like this:

Great expectations of what’s coming next, this new single, damn, kicks ass!

Wish they come back to Barcelona soon, as the last showthey offered at Rocksound  in 2009, with the guest appearance of Sammi Jaffa, was really intense.

Hearts & Arrows is the third album by Danny And the Champions of the World.

It was my friend Kiko who discovered me this band, with the song You don’t Know (My Heart is in the Right Place), I really liked right away.

Few weeks later, tour dates were announced  and sure I was attending the show with my friend Jaume.

One of the things I’m enjoying most of attending performances of bands recommended by friends that I’m not particularly familiarized with their stuff, is that I face them on stage, this is, I don’t do homework at all, don’t need to know about their songs nor discography, don’t care about set lists and lyrics, I’m conscious of my ignorance and I become a blank book, waiting to be fulfilled.

Thus the night of the show, I had listened to this Hearts & Arrows 2-3 times in the previous months, having an idea of this band which reminded me of Bruce Springsteen a lot, and had resemblances to The Gaslight Anthem, a bit of The Replacements, and some of the classic powerpop figures, such as Nick Lowe.

Not only it was shocking to see 6 people on the stage of Rocksound, which is pretty small, but also the sound quality of the band, featuring both acoustic and electric guitars, and keyboards.

Some fans of The Boss were also there, something a bit scary, considering I don’t dig Springsteen that much, but the result was very pleasant, and that turned out to be a very enjoyable show, revisiting most of the tracks of Hearts & Arrows.

I think something we’re not used to is that bands extend songs much on stage, or perhaps we are, when dealing with certain bands after many years you expect them to, as for instance The Black Crowes, but in this case some people got a bit absent during the show. Curiously it wasn’t my case, I was fascinated by all the solos, the jam and everything related, in fact, the most remarkable song that night, and a personal favorite of the album was Colonel and The King. It was beautifully performed, super intense.

In general, this album is one of the uppers, whenever I listen to it I feel fine, tunes such as Heart & Arrow, Soul in the City or Can’t Hold Back, really cheer me up.

To add good vibes, I got the chance to have a very long chat with the leader, Danny Wilson, not the usual one. We talked about tattoos, what is living in London, and how tough is being a musicial there, remembering my London years, life in general. An adorable and interesting guy, definitely worth meeting and getting acquainted with. He made a promise to me and delivered, and we are more or less in touch.

Isn’t it great meeting people thanks to music?