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My first post belongs to Daan’s, as he did such great work with the two pieces inked on my left arm, I feel like I owe him, couldn’t be any other way. Don’t think he can imagine how much his designs and results have meant to me in so many ways. I’m serious when saying I’m much happier now. Thanks so much, Daan.

Personal experience aside, and being as much objective as possible, his work is definitely worth remarking.

Mostly focused on Japanese, or Asian style style, I particularly love the fine detail drawing, color treatment and the shades. These shots of my darumas and the lion can get you an idea.

The effect of depth is really fine in the skull, the eye sockets are wonderful, and the nose area is simply outstanding.

I strongly recommend you to dig further. Geishas, cherry flowers, dragons, kibuka masks… Japanese icons and images are masterly executed.

You can find him in Barcelona, at Namakubi Tattoo. Check the website here!


In my visit in Japan I felt in love with Daruma dolls, created after the  founder of  Buddhism. There were millions of them everywhere, specially at the temples, and didn’t feel fine until I bought one for myself.

To tell the truth I found out their meaning and their “mission” once I got back home, and thought they were even cooler.

When you buy one of these, you paint one of the eyes, wishing your aim, your target, will be accomplished, mostly due to your hard work, but also dealing with good wishes and hope. When, IF, your targets and wishes come true, you gotta paint the other eye.

Why am I telling this?  Because I decided I’m getting inked two of them, one with the two eyes, and one with a single one in my forearm. You might find it stupid, I think it can be a nice lucky charm.

I’ll tell you how it goes, I’m starting getting nervous. 😀