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Mainly settled in Kansas City, Troy St. is a traveling tattooist, who’s been working in Istanbul, New Zealand, Denmark, and many other places.

Not only I love his work with ink, but also his cardboard artwork and paintings. Anytime this guy is bored, he’s all the time drawing and designing.

This is something I admire of tattooists, to my eyes, they are workaholics, always improving, not only in designs, but also in color treatment, customizing of tattooing machinery… these artists are so proactive I sometimes feel lazy myself.

Following Troy on FB, @ Destroy Troy Tattoos,  and Instagram, I’m getting a picture of a young guy enjoying his life to its most, friendly and funny. Perhaps he’s just the opposite, I don’t know, but seems this kind of guy entertaining enough as to hang out with.

It’s his funny attitude I find reflected in his designs. Not that his pieces are childish, but they somehow deal with imagination, infant symbols and positive thinking.

His work is quite plain and solid, working with a strong color palette, not so accurate detailed as other traditional style artists, but more straight to the point.

Not only dough is an issue regarding tattoos at this point, but also allocation of the artists. Troy is in K.C, not precisely a common destination when traveling on holidays, and this time it’s a step further, the States.

I don’t take fate for granted as you now, thus I’m still positive thinking he might come close enough as to set an appointment in the future. Who knows? If I ever get the chance, I’d definitely go for a piece related to an animal. The way he portraits animals is absolutely unique. Horses, owls, snakes, piranhas, even bugs, they all are terrific.

I’ve just seen his last owl done this evening… a total blast. Tomorrow after work I’m going straight a shop to buy one of these piggy banks and start saving seriously, I mean it. My skin needs colour badly, and still got time enough for filling it with beautiful pieces suchas these ones, huh?