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Some months ago I saw a concert in streaming  these people were offering  in any given festival in the States and got positively surprised. Messy, noisy, chaos reigned the stage, however the vibe, the passion the musicians showed were enough to awake my interest.

To tell the truth I had already listened to I and Love and You (2009) and liked it, but so much music used to come to my ears time ago, I didn’t pay as much attention ad I should. but it’s never too late, right? At least regarding bands discoveries. About one month ago I discovered Emotionalism uploaded on my Ipod and decided to give them a chance. Since then, I reckon to be listening to this album at least once a week, and I love it.

Two days ago I had the first day off in months, why? changing  job again, the forth this year, I must say. I had to go out on some errands, the first and most important, to take my poor little motorbike to the mechanics, therefore the rest of places I had to go to, took longer than usual, so it was a good chance to listen to music. Imagine, having a long walk not it a hurry, cool and very sunny beautiful morning, with Emotionalism marking the pattern of my footsteps…it was awesome! I felt so cheerful I had to thank life for allowing me to enjoy such an experience. The fact is that no big events are necessary to bring out a long smile and make you feel warm and happy. I might be too sensitive, but I’m starting to enjoy being like that, able to appreciate tiny details which in normal circumstances most likely I wouldn’t have noticed.

Here you are the first cut of this album called Die Die Die, despite the lyrics, I can’t help smiling.