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And finally the event of the year, the rock n’ roll wedding day arrived. Artie, one of the funniest and most charming guys I know, and a rock expert, finally was abandoning the golden bachelors club to marry Mayra, his woman. It was impossible I was missing such moment, and the following party.

I’m not into weddings at all, in fact, last one I had attended was exactly 8 years ago. All this false etiquette, the compromise, the money transactions instead of gifts, and the exhibition of outfits…aren’t my thing.

When Artie announced me he was getting married half in secret,  and later on invited me to the event, I didn’t have any doubt whatsoever, he was gonna arrange something different and worth attending. It didn’t take me half second to accept the invitation, and probably in case he hadn’t told me anything I’d beg to be there.

One of the premises for the wedding, to ease any kind of pressure was that I could attend dressed as I pleased, but since it was a very special occasion I decided I’d do something different. I’d wear a dress. Thanks to Eulàlia, my personal adviser, and Verónica, always ready and willing to help, the quest for the dress was a very easy task, which saved me from going shopping, something that, some of you know, I hate.

The idea was that, although it was strapless gown cut dress, please, correct me if the description is wrong, I’d wear a cardigan, as I didn’t want to show my tattoos and I’m not comfy enough so uncovered, and of course, it’d be ridiculous to wear high heels considering I simply cannot walk with them, so instead, I chose my Chelsea boots.  Truth is that I loved the dress since the very beginning, and it suited me, in the way I am, perfectly. This is not the best picture, and I’d had some drinks already, but you can get an idea, and have a laugh if you feel like too.

Because Artie, and of course Mayra, is such a special person to me, one of these guys is not necessary 20 years friendship to love him, I really didn’t feel like just transferring money to their account, and started thinking of a present. I had an idea, and involved Kiko and Agnès, who were also invited to the reception. Unfortunately, right now it’s still impossible to reveal what the wedding present is, bearing in mind that Artie reads this blog from time to time. I just can say it’s a very special and unique craft, made under commission by an artist in West Virginia, and due to size and weight, the parcel was hold by Customs Authorities at the airport more than 2 weeks ago. Pity the item is finally being released this week, because our friends are in Seattle right now, in their honeymoon trip. Thus bringing the present to them, once they’re back, will be my next excuse to plan a getaway to Madrid. As if I needed to give explanations at this point. Ha! This will mean an extra post talking about the gift.

The wedding was designed to be different from the very beginning. First, the newlyweds had gone through all the standard marrying procedure one week before the party, thus they were super relaxed in such way, being able to focus on the party itself. Artie had prepared all the soundtrack for the so-called ceremony, led by one of his best friends in a very funny tone, with the bride’s best friend giving a very emotional and tender speech (I dropped some tears, I admit it), and Tigre (Tiger), the groom’s best mate, giving some hilarious advises so the couple would enjoy a pleasant life together.

Prior to the banquet, we were served appetizers at a beautiful saloon, but, most people endep up in the garden smoking. At this point gotta strongly remark that, despite the temptation was huuuuuuuuuge, I didn’t smoke at all.

The banquet was great, and my veggie menu was perfect. Gotta say I wasn’t the only eating outsider. Sergio, better known as Larry due to his strong resemblance with the NBA classic player Larry Bird, was in the same situation. It was a relief. No wedding cake, straight to the dessert and coffees, and finally to the best/worst moment in such events, the proper party.

Everybody got crazy with the two cocktail bartenders working nonstop preparing all these awesome flavoured mojitos, daiquiris, Bahama mammas… with all this performance as if they were Tom Cruise in Cocktail. I couldn’t stop laughing when I discovered one of the guys was injured in the forehead propably because hitting with a bottle or something. I know, I can be a bitch sometimes.

Music was improving as the night was advancing, so the eldest and the kids were leaving, to end up 40 people, completely drunk, dancing on the dance floor, all rock tunes we love so much. Air drums and guitars, people yelling Sweet Child of Mine lyrics as if there was no tomorrow, I did the spagat many times…believe me, it was insane!!!

It was an amazing experience. I met old acquaintances, new people, the couple were super attentive and tender, we drank, eat, laugh and danced, and everything happened in such a good vibe with everybody so relaxed, March 23rd will be a date we’ll never forget.

After my experience, many questions arise. Why weddings can’t be like this one? Why the newlyweds have such a stressing time and never have fun, with the exception of my friends? Why rock cannot be played?

C’mon! I want to attend more wedding receptions where I can listen songs like this!

Artie, Mayra, hope everything flows at its finest for the two of you, and we can celebrate your wedding anniversary until we can only dance with our walkers, and syrup is the strongest drink we can tolerate. I love you guys, you are too cool!