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Oh shit! December already…AGAIN!

I can’t believe how fast time goes by lately. I always have the feeling I’m running out of time wasting it on shitty stuff, or suffering at work or sleeping too much. Nchst!

Change of weather is not helping much either, in fact I blame it for the flu I caught last week which has weakened me a little bit. I’m still a bit tired and low spirited. And now December. Cold and dark. Ugh!

The last month of the year has lots of pros, but awful cons, which you have to carry out as a burden and it’s impossible you can avoid them.


To start with, Xmas is the epicenter of most of our activity during this time.

On one hand, shopping. Not that I dislike making presents to beloved people, it’s just that I hate when this act becomes an obligation. A present for my mum is a real challenge (sorry but it’s the truth), as she’s got everything of everything and there are certain things,which are out of the picture. Our tastes are completely different and it’s hard for me. I want to give her something cool, but my concept of coolness is far from hers. Luckily, my dad is always willing to help and usually gives me a clue. With my brother and his wife I think it’s even worse. They always want clothes and I hate fashion and shopping clothes, plus it’s been clear through these last years that there’s no emotion or excitement in our presents. At least my dad and my nephew are closer to some sort of success, as I can easier identify cool presents for them. All this shopping issue wouldn’t be so stressful for me if I had more spare time to think and search, but December is usually a bad timing in my job, as the workload is huge, and all the holidays have a huge impact on the routine of the tasks I’m coordinating. Aaah! And all the stores are so packed…I really feel sorry for my parents when we were kids. It had to be a pain in the ass looking for the toys we wanted.


Even though it’s the month with more days off and this year I will enjoy 9 days straight without visiting my office, all these breaks contribute to some sort of chaos and variation at work, in my daily life and everything. When this happens I also fall into a crazy spiral which might last till January if I’m not careful.

The familiar events are a delicate subject. They can work out fine or can turn into a complete disaster, and it all depends on everybody’s mood. You know when you grow up it’s been said you’re you and your circumstances, which doesn’t mean that your circumstances match the others’, so you have to be careful not to cause any trouble, but it’s hard sometimes.

Same with business Xmas dinner. It might be fine or it can be a source of trouble and gossip. I think I’m lucky though, but my expectations regarding this event are not very big, as, considering these last months at the office, everybody is tired, burnt, and fed up, so I’m not sure what will be the general mood.

But stop being grumpy about this season. I’m gonna see my family and my friends at home, I also have some interesting plans ahead, and hopefully if I overcome this writer’s shitty block caused by too much stress at work and this feeling of being exhausted, there are lots of interesting posts to write about, including list of the best releases of the year, my personal highlights and some other crap I have in mind.

I’m very happy about having scheduled 3 dj’n sessions in December, two in Barcelona and one in my hometown to open Xmas fests once I start my vacation.

The first one is the most exciting because it’s something different to what I’m used to. This Saturday, the 7th, my session will take place at a cool tapas bar named Es Xibiu near The Hellhouse, at vermouth time. Yeah, at midday, in daylight. I think it’s terrific! It’s like people can have their beers and wine with their kids, and enjoy some rock at the same time, and the atmosphere is not a “filthy” night venue. This will give the chance to some of my friends who are already parents, to bring their kids and spend some time with me. The sound is not too loud, tapas are fantastic, and the vibe at the place is really cool. I’ve already attended a couple of these musical vermouths with Jaume, and we’ve had a blast.


Second one is in my hometown, at La Ley Seca, just the same day I arrive, as to open Xmas season. it was my best friend Diana who suggested I should talk to someone for arranging a session, as she enjoyed my birthday party lots, so I asked Patxi and he seemed thrilled with the idea. In fact he had said to me I could play music anytime I felt like. I think it will be cool, and a good chance to gather people, especially those like me living outside Zaragoza.

Finally the last session of the year will take at Hey! Ho! Bar, which is becoming a regular venue for me, last Saturday of 2013, the Fool’s day in Spain. I hope there are not many jokes. It will be a good training for New Year’s Eve.

There are also at least a couple of shows I’m attending, and hopefully some interesting plans will come up in the middle.

At the end of the day seems that it’s not gonna be such an awful month as I thought. We’ll see.

What are your plans for this loooong month?



Halloween didn’t stop in just a hangover full of makeup. The party went on for two more days in Zaragoza, my hometown, to celebrate my soul bro Gonzalo’s birthday. And it was a hell of a party. Damn!

He brought the whole brotherhood from Ibiza, Uncle Sal, to play at La Ley Seca on Saturday, and many friends from Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Ibiza joined the animal party. A gang of 20 wild guys. Very very dangerous. You can imagine, there was plenty of food and lots of booze and it will take some time to recover from the event. But it was worth attending, as it was an unforgettable one.

I’m glad the venue was packed for the show. Uncle Sal offered a very intense and brilliant fix of Southern rock, which we all enjoyed much, and then I was in charge of going on with the party with one of my sessions. To be honest, it was one of the longest, as I was playing for almost 5 hours straight, and it was probably the craziest. I was even thrown a pair of pants to the stage. They were clean and smelled good, ha! I must confess I was delighted. Finally I had made someone going nuts. Mission accomplished!

I reckon most of songs were written down, sometimes I had some assistants helping, there were other friends adding some nasty artwork, and lots of people were jumping to the stage for dancing, taking pictures, asking for songs and getting me crazy. Therefore, with so many visits I got a little distracted, plus I had been having few (many) gin tonics… Sure I missed some songs.


Been thinking these last days I really feel very comfortable during the sessions. I’m not carrying too much stuff, approx 80 CDs, most of them quite rockin’, but the selection is enough to be constantly changing the style and the vibe. There was a time I was like dj’n in style segments, like some hard rock songs, then to be followed by some metal, to finish with Scandinavian rock, for instance, but now I’m changing the style and the vibe with every song, which I think helps the sessions to be more dynamic and energetic.

My target is having a session at least one night a month, no matter where, as long as I’m allowed to play what I want and people have fun.

 Here is the list. As usual, there are many albums missing, therefore you won’t find songs of L7, Toilet Boys or Clutch I played, but still you can get the essence of what went on last Saturday.

In case any who attended the event remembers a song it’s missing, please let me know.



Last Saturday was terrific. You know when plans go along and everything works perfect? After enjoying a calm but nice week off, away from containers, with no typhoons in China to bother me, neither tons of mails demanding and complaining and away from deadlines, I knew weekend was to be also fine.

After updating this blog and editing a new post for Norma Jean I met a friend for some beers, as we hadn’t seen each other for a couple of months or so. What none of us expected was spending almost 7 hours chatting and cheering up with buckets of beer, but we did, and it was great.  Before the session I also met Veronica for some beers and tapas, and we also had very interesting conversations. Very funny.

mars attacks poster copia

At 23.20h the night started and it was a blast. Almost 4 hours playing music nonstop. Best thing is that lots of friends came over, and Hey Ho! Bar was quite packed most of time. I love when the vibe is party and people are in the mood, because that really turns me on and I get very enthusiastic. the place is also very warm, Sr Raker the owner is a very cool guy and I feel very comfy there. Hopefully I will repeat more often. That’d be a blast.

Basically this is what happened. I’ve created two playlists, Spotify and Grooveshark, but unfortunately this time  there are missing tracks in both.

After almost 60 songs, some gintonics, a Jägermeister party in between and friends stopping by, I still had the energy to watch The Big Lebowski at the Hellhouse till finally my batteries run out.

I really made the most of Saturday. Pretty, pretty pretty good!


las tetis 1

Finally September has arrived. One of my favorite months, together with October and April and May. Yep, I’m kinda mid seasons girl, definitely.

I love September, not only because of my and some of my closest friends’ birthday anniversaries, but also because it’s the back-to-school month, no matter I cannot have two straight weeks of holidays until October. During summer all routines are gone, chaos and fun reigns and I reach the end of August a bit exhausted and fed up, to be honest. September is like resuming to regular routines, tours are announced, shows in town are scheduled and I feel like writing again. Weather is great as heat is losing its power and I sleep in my pajamas again and covered. Ah! And my hair fringe looks fine longer (this might be a silly remark for you, but of utmost importance to me).

There wasn’t a better way to mark this turning point that attending Siberia Rock Festival as guest DJ with my partner Verónica aka Dra Feelgood. Las Tetis went to Vitoria Rock City, fought and conquered, and returned safe, knackered but very happy after the successful Friday night session, and the great experience.

We both love this city we’ve been visiting quite often in the past 10 days as it hosts our favorite rock festival, Azkena. Vitoria-Gasteiz is the capital city of the Basque Country, and it’s beautiful. It’s not very big, population does not even reach 250000 inhabitants, yet it’s a very livid city, always hosting events, and offering many activities on the streets, no matter the weather is usually rough there, marked by  cold and rain most of the year. Pintxos and zuritos, nice parks and streets, bars and venues, and super friendly people, I really dig Vitoria.

The organizers of this 3 day festival focused on promoting the local scene in the area through the support of the local authorities. Basque Country has always been quite respected and recognized for supporting arts, sports and culture, and the project these three young entrepreneurs submitted was finally greenlighted.

Considering none of them had any experience in this field, although they were assisted by the right people, it’s unbelievable the way the festival developed. Punctuality, professionalism, perfect logistics on one hand, and a very respectful and cheerful audience on the other.

The quality of sound inside the tent was neat and outstanding, and the level of the bands was impressive. I had a crush on a stoner band named Arenna I will talk about in a near future, as I purchased their last album after the show. They were a blast!

We were scheduled to start after the shows at 1AM. We were nervous and a bit concerned about the weather, and it had been pouring the day before and there was this light drizzle showing up from time to time, which could bring heavier rain at some point. But it didn’t and we could offer our session in a very cool terrace next to the gardens the shows had taken place.

We had never been so comfortable dj’n as we had plenty of space for moving, handle our stuff and proceed with our one to one session, which lasted until 4AM.

We had only selected CDs to bring from Barcelona but didn’t prepare anything in advance as we follow our mood and instinct in every session, beside, preparing a 3h session is killing all the spontaneity of the event, living no place for requests, improvisation or having fun. To be honest, it’s better to switch on a computer and leave it working rather than having one person doing nothing there. Thus when the time arrived, after agreeing on the importance of the starter, I clearly saw that Bossheaded had to open the session. Tough, straight, powerful and party animal, this song was an unwritten declaration of intentions: have fun and rock as if there was no tomorrow.

What we had brought with us was out outfit, well, our t-shirts, which were customized with our personal logo designed by Miguel, Veronica’s boyfriend.  The slogan says “Las Tetis. Rock n’ roll DJs Supersexy to the max”. The last part makes me laugh, to be honest, but t-shirts looked cool on us, gotta admit. You know, this uniform stage wear outfit always reminds me of the earlier years of Gluecifer 😉 This time with boobs. Ha!

las tetis 2

The session was a blast, surrounded by acquaintances who celebrated every song and a very enthusiastic audience we didn’ know, people seemed to enjoy a good time, some were dancing, others were hard on air guitar, people singing whistling and clapping. This was the closest session to a proper rock show I’ve ever experience. we had everybody’s attention who were waiting for the next hit to start, and when it did, party was on again. Whoa! It was aaaaawesome! It’s gonna be hard when I start playing songs at Psycho on my own next Thursday. ..

This time the playlist’s been created through Grooveshark, however the embedding codes do not work here so I encourage you to listen to it here. The positive thing is that except for a song by Supagroup, all tunes are there. 48 songs for your pleasure I suggest you play as loud as fuck. In case you wanna know, I started odds, but due to this song missing, from Nasty Ho/Swimwear, pairs are my responsibility.

Thanks Vitoria and thanks SRF for an awesome weekend. It’s been terrific!

las tetis 3



Sometimes I got the feeling I don’t do much stuff, but there are moments I need to stop to take breath because my life is reckless. In just a week I’ve received two visits from very close friends, and in less than 3 days I’ve dj’d twice.  And it’s August. Weeeeird!

Danger Danger

I discovered this place named Hey Ho! Bar some months ago, and liked it immediately. It’s like punk skate oriented, trashy yet groovie, and the atmosphere is pretty cool. Somehow it reminds me of some Alphabet City bars in NYC. I usually meet my friend Jaumie over there for some Eur 1 beers on our Gossip Thursdays, and we always have a great time.

It was precisely one of those Thursdays I asked El Sr Raker if I could play some records some evening, and we agreed one Saturday in August seemed like a good date for a trial. Saturday, yet not packed. I suggested it and he found it quite reasonable.

Many factors predicted a great night: friends In Barcelona in August with no interesting plans and in a party mood, my soul bro Pamp in town spending few days at the Hellhouse, Saturday night, and the previous session two days before still fresh. Ah! And my brand new acquisition: the coolest Hawaiian shirt in the world. Positive it was going to be a winner and my target was accomplished successfully: everybody danced and got knackered, the bar didn’t get empty, and the owners seemed to be happy and told me they’d look for another date soon. Believe me, my self esteem is on top right now. At the end of the day, I love amusing and entertaining people.

And this is what happened…

And this is my shirt. Sorry butI HAD TO post it. Ain’t it great?

hawaii toi


Good morning y’all!

It’s finally Friday. For me it’s my last official day of this mini summer break though, which has been a pretty good one, even though I haven’t travelled far away or climbed any mountain or, you know, haven’t done anything super significant. I can’t complaint though. Caught up with some friends, went to Nimes for a very special show I will tell you about later, watched some movies and series, sweated like swine thanks to this disgusting humid heat and I spent last night at Psycho R&R Club bringing back the Smells Like 90’s session.


I wasn’t pretty sure whether I had my set because there are summer fests in the neighborhood with live shows and many other activities on the streets, but since at midnight everything finishes in order people can sleep, the party moved to the bar, and there I was, recovering hits from the past.

It was a very cool session, partly because I was quite relaxed in the sense that I didn’t have the pressure of working the following day, so I could stay till closing, and being the bar so packed with people, always encourages me to play louder and puts me in a party mood.

Nevertheless there was this Italian bunch of youngsters reeaaaaally drunk, who were bombing me with song requests not related to 90s which really pissed me off in the end. On one hand it’s not my fault it’s a theme night held monthly. On the other, I’m not a fuckin’ iPod or Karaoke. I’m not a pro dj either and I use CD’s for my sessions, from my personal collection, so stop questioning about it and please, do not dare to touch my CD case under your responsibility. Likely that will be the last thing you do in your miserable life, fella.  Really, I don’t have any problem if someone asks for a band politely. Sometimes I don’t have what they look for and I even apologize and offer other options. What really pisses me of is people coming to my workstation DEMANDING not a band, but a certain song. Go fuck yourselves! Aaaah! You know I cannot be so straight and say that, but I’m actually boiling inside.

From all the nonstop requests I received the best was from a guy who was looking for something emotional as he was apparently flirting with this girl and was trying to impress her. What he didn’t know was that the girl was a dyke, and second, he asked me for, you’re not going to believe this, FRANCO BATIATTO! I couldn’t stop laughing for 5 minutes. I don’t think he was even 30! WTF?

Anyway. As someone who occasionally tries to amuse people with music, my advise or loud voice wish is that, you who are having beers and enjoy, try to enjoy with what’s happening in that moment at that place. You’ll have plenty of time to play the music you like best at home with no one bothering or ruining your session. Thanks!

And this is what happened last night.

After Pretty Tied Up, Nasty Ho by Neurotic Outsiders followed. Pity it’s not available. I’m talking about their album this week. Stay tuned!


A very busy agenda has delayed the post about my monthly SMELLS LIKE 90’s session at Psycho R&R Club in Barcelona, but it’s finally here.

To be honest, even though dj’n on Thursday is not the most pleasant and compatible activity with office working hours day, the truth is that I’m feeling more comfortable playing 90’s music gradually, and it’s quite funny to recover old songs everybody had parked in the back of their minds and see their reactions. Usually a mixture of surprise and happiness. No doubt 90s music decade left a legacy which is still very present among us, but considering current times we’re living, enjoying free and easy access to tones of music thanks to internet, this sort of journey through the past is always very welcome.


Anyway, this is what happened on Thursday 13. If you follow me on Twitter, by now you’re aware I’m tweeting all the songs I’m playing with the hashtag #SmellsLike90s. Reactions from friends and followers are great and they encourage me to go on and improve, so thanks too!

As usual, there were a couple of songs not available on Spotify:

FU MANCHU – Over The Edge

REDD KROSS – Pretty Please Me