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I’ve always had great imagination skills. I’m good at creating stories in my mind and escape from reality for a while. Not just for 5 minutes, I can be in this state of bliss and abandon my physical self even for hours, and be performing any kind of mechanical activity in the meantime.

Such state of mind can be reached anytime, and believe me, anyplace. You just have to focus on a pleasant idea, focus on developing, and get your own picture and story in your mind, as if it was your personal movie.

When I was a kid I used to spend most of my spare time at home reading. I loved fiction stories referring to adventures. I was in love with a rebel Tom Sawyer, wanted to be a Samurai knight fighting against a serial killer in a cat disguise, and Alice was the luckiest girl ever.

Do you remember those Choose your adventure books? They were awesome. Remember my favorite one was one you were a Jew trying to get away from the Nazis, risking your life on every step. What a blast!

Some of you close acquainted with me, wouldn’t believe during my earliest teenage years I used to be shy, ingoing and didn’t like going out and socialize at all. Guess great deal of my insecurities started during such period… Anyway, those were the times when locked in my bedroom I was dreaming of being someone different, living a reckless and exciting life.

I’m experiencing many of these mental getaways quite often lately, mainly when traveling. But I can also just be sat on the couch listening to an atmospheric album. C’mon! I’ve managed to enjoy my stories at the dentist’s!

These breaks differ from my childhood in the sense that I don’t want to be a different person, I love being the way I am, with both the good and the bad things.

Guess the expectations for the upcoming year, my life completely open to any plans, new experiences, you name it, are encouraging this pastime.

I dream of traveling back to the States, falling madly in love again, succeeding in some enterprise, and getting some recognition for something… creating a parallel and unreal reality is fun and free… I’m a dreamin’ girl.

All this wouldn’t make any sense without this song, Dreamin’ Man, by Neil Young, I cannot get out of my head these days. Hope you enjoy it!

I’m a dreamin’ man,
yes, that’s my problem
I can’t tell
when I’m not being real.
In the meadow dusk
I park my Aerostar
With a loaded gun
and sweet dreams of you.

I’ll always be a dreamin’ man
I don’t have to understand
I know it’s alright.

I see your curves and
I feel your vibrations
You dressed in black and white,
you lost in the mall
I watch you disappear
past Club Med Vacations
Another sleepless night,
a sun that won’t fall.

I’ll always be a dreamin’ man
I don’t have to understand
I know it’s alright.

Now the night is gone,
a new day is dawning
And our homeless dreams
go back to the street
Another time or place,
another civilization
Would really make
this life feel so complete.

I’ll always be a dreamin’ man
I don’t have to understand
I know it’s alright.

Dreamin’ man
He’s got a problem
Dreamin’ man
Dreamin’ man
He’s got a problem
Dreamin’ man.