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Wake up! It’s time to play!

I guess you already know one of my favorite topics of discussion has to do with the Guns N’ Roses universe. It’s been long time since I don’t write about this band, but events and confirmations need to be commented. At least I need to talk about them.


Three years ago GN’R were inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. Many fans thought this would be the right opportunity for the band to leave all the arguments and bad blood behind, and perhaps, to have a fresh start and start considering a reunion. However Mighty Axl, Mr One in a million, decided not to get involved in that circus, thus he didn’t attend the celebration, and rejected it, becoming a weird event with former members of a band they weren’t part of anymore, while the singer and his new line up continued performing as Guns N’ Roses supporting Chinese Democracy. Personally speaking, my feelings were very contradictory, as on one hand I stood by Axl’s decision, cheering up the fact that he was stubborn yet honest to his beliefs, and not yielding to the pressure of this title, but on the other hand assuming that after his rejection, a reunion would never take place. And to be honest, I didn’t feel the need to encourage such reunion anymore, as it would be just a matter of money, a business, but not a true one. You can call me romantic, ‘cause I am.

In 2015 rumors started to spread on social networks, and the gossip was alive again. A reunion seemed to become a reality, with Slash and Duff willing to go ahead, but as usual, you couldn’t take anything for granted until Axl would open his mouth.

What’s been fascinating during these months it’s the fact that established music magazines were taking these rumors as actual news, and lots of information was decontextualized and twisted as to sell this comeback. For instance, some musicians just expressed their excitement on the possibility of this reunion, but their statements were manipulated as to confirm it was going real.

2016 arrived with the scheduled interview to Axl Rose by Jimmy Kimmel on TV. Expectations had risen to the moon, and everybody was super enthusiastic about him confirming this reunion through a camera. But again, 24h before the show, Axl Rose name was removed from the site, getting thousands of fans disappointed.

All of a sudden, Coachella festival confirmed Guns N’ Roses headlining the festival to take place in April, Slash and Duff were posting a terrible Photoshop poster with the band classic logo with the festival background, and eventually, after making jokes confirming his love for Taco Bell, Axl spoke through this tweet.

gnr coachella

Holy shit! It’s showtime!

Being aware of Axl’s tricked mind, how much time did it take him to post that tweet? What can be inferred from it? Tell me it’s not wonderful, like a modern cypher. Any single emoticon can have different readings, and his patronizing tone is absolutely nasty, as if he was doing us all a favor joining the reunion. Wonderful!

Axl tweet

At this point many of you might think I’m as nuts as Axl is, the truth is that I’m still skeptical. Too much time till Coachella becomes a reality, too much tension in the air, I reckon this reunion is on the verge, and it can explode at any time, no matter the strict and multimillionaire contracts signed up. Axl is unpredictable, still keeps part of his current band colleagues on the payroll, Adler, Sorum and Stradlin are not officially part of the team, and Slash’s IG posts are simply brilliant, as if trying to break Axl’s balls a bit in a subtle manner.

Like I said, I don’t need this reunion, and I’m not the only one on this. When I raised the subject on an interview to Michael Monroe, he was clear: “that’s not a real reunion, it’s not honest, the band members are incapable of putting all the shit behind, and most likely it would not have a happy ending”.

Truth is that if there was a chance, I’d move mountains to attend a show. Too attractive to be missed.

Rumors are spread on a daily basis, the craziest fans, me included, are looking for plots and new theories, with every picture, every tweet, every statement pronounced by someone close, or close enough to be a reliable source, is analyzed and commented.

Which band can create this halo of excitement? Who can turn the world upside down and get all the attention from fans and media just clapping their hands? Guns N’ Fuckin’ Roses, the ultimate rock band.

Whatever happens in the next months is worth following. So friends, get the popcorn into the microwave, because the show has just started. Have fun!



This is one of the albums I’ve been longing for too long since I was single. And I’m stupid because searching through the net I could find a good bargain, and finally, after so many years, I’ve got one of the finest modern punk rock masterpieces at the Hellhouse. You can have a laugh now for I found it on Amazon Germany and managed to purchase it new without using the translator even though I cannot speak German. The day I can do the same on a Chinese of Japanese site, Internet won’t keep any secrets to me.

 I’m not a great fan of the superbands, you know the super lineups created for special projects which feature awesome musicians, and which from the very beginning are to be assume them as kicking ass. This attention got from media is usually exaggerated and the listener is usually brainwashed to like the sutff just because of some names. It’s true that sometimes they work, but also it’s a fact that many other bands, due to crashes of egos, dramatically fail. Guess feeling, complicity and a harmonius relationship have also to do with the rise or fall of these ambitious bands, together with the relevance and priorities of the members, related to their main projects.

I’ve always thought of Neurotic Outsiders lineup as a pretty unique one: Steve Jones of Sex Pistols, my dear Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum of Guns N’ Roses, and John Taylor of Duran Duran (WTF?). No doubt the union of pop, rock, hard rock and punk could be an explosive combination as it was.

neurotic outsiders

You know I’m a huge fan of Duff McKagan’s first album with Loaded, named Dark Days. To be honest, while listening to N.O these past days I’ve found so many similarities in sound, style and structure of the songs I was totally convinced that this project was mainly addressed by the Gunner, however, it was Steve Jones who wrote most of the songs, and also Taylor was a remarkable contributor. Therefore we could say McKagan with early Loaded, tried to continue on the same line, and Jones was a definite source of inspiration. Truth is that this style suited the Seattle boy perfectly.

Probably one of the tracks which made me conceive this idea was a sort of ballad named Better Way, which resembles a lot to Shallow, a song included in Dark Days, and some other ballad in other albums.

But c’mon! Neurotic Outsiders homonym album is not just a couple of ballads. It’s really a shot of energy and attitude. Nasty Ho, Angelina, Jerk or Revolution can confirm it.

Unfortunately this is the only legacy coming from this superband. Could anyone imagine if only they had gone on with the project? I like to think the word would have rocked a bit more. At least I’m glad of being acquainted with this wonder, and nowadays even more for having it at the Hellhouse.


The aim of this blog is not echoing relevant news related to music or films, neither is to lecture nor enlighten the reader with my (lack of) knowledge. I’m here to talk about what’s going on around me, to tell personal experiences and stories, show you the things which move me, excite me or piss me off.  As simple as that.

Once this is has been clarified, I gotta talk about recent awesome news I got acquainted with yesterday. Might not be important for you, but means lot to me.

Few months ago, we all were surprised by the announcement of the induction of Guns N’ Roses into the classic and iconic Rock And  Roll Hall of Fame, in Cleveland. The rules mark bands can be eligible to be part of this Hall, 25 years after their debut album released, and induction nominees are voted by a special committee.

Well, this year we are to celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of the greatest (hard) rock albums in history, and personal favorite gotta say, the unique and awesome Appetite for Destruction. While writing this, I’m having goosebumps, so imagine.

Well, considering the current situation of Axl’s Guns N’ Roses, the former members’ projects and the tense (absence of) relationship among some of them, the whole world started to question who’d turn up to the event, original lineup, current lineup with Axl and his puppets, the so-called eternal substitutes Sorum and Clarke… everything was a mystery, and again, Guns N’ Roses started to be an active subject for rock n’ roll press and media, as back in the good ol’ days.

And it was yesterday when all the doubts were cleared, and media spread the word: Classic Guns n’ Roses Line-Up to turn up for the induction in Cleveland, on April 14th.

Can’t wait for the picture, it’s gonna be something to be carefully studied when available. Jeeez!

Another question still remains to be confirmed: will they perform at the event? Aaaaah! Too soon to know, everything is possible whenever Axl is involved, so, let’s set the countdown and stay alert for the breaking news.



Duff McKagan has always been my favorite Gunner. Not just because his appearance, he was a punk, and always loved his on stage attitude. Moreover, with the passing of time, he’s proved he loves rock, and his personal projects are not ruled by money, but for passion.

Loaded was originally formed by the ex-bassist  in order to be the  supporting band for his solo project, Beautiful Disease. After several changes in the lineup, the band went to the studio to record their amazing debut album Dark Days (2001-2002).

I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to that album, I simply adore it, and there are few songs with sort of high emotional load on them…who introduced me to Loaded is not close to me any longer, yet I have to thank him, because I really love this band.

Anyway, whenever I think of Loaded, Dark Days is the main reference, but lately I’m listening to their second album, I had the opportunity to see the band introducing almost 4 years ago at a festival, before it was even released. I’m talking about Sick.

After 7 years hiatus, period in which McKagan focused on Velvet Revolver until Scott Weiland left the band, he, Jeff Rouse, Geoff Reading and Mike Squires, rejoined to record this album.

This brings to my mind another of these freak stories of mine. There are some CD’s, even vinyls, still sealed, because my former boyfriend and I both bought them, so I used to kept mine in the shelves, completely untouched, and I’m honest, it wasn’t for Ebay selling purposes.

Three years after I bought it (the single CD is still there, perfect, with the price sticker on it), the special edition no less, on Monday I decided it was time to open it. I hadn’t listened to Sick for ages, a couple of years for sure. I had plenty of time because I’ve taken a week off from work, and have been spending it listening to lots of stuff among other things.

I’m glad it’s had same effect as Dark Days had back in 2004 when I first listened to it. Can’t get Sick out of my head. I’m not up to decide which one is best, there’s no need to take positions, I just can say this album is another punch straight to your face, but combining with more groovie songs and even ballads like. Songs such as Sick, IOU, Translucent (Jeff Rouse singing, I like this guy by the way, really nice and polite when I assaulted him at the festival) , Forgive me or I see through you, are good battery chargers and awesome kickass hits.

Loaded is not dirty punk rock such as D-Generation or Backyard Babies, label them as you want, rock, hard rock, punk rock…they definitely rock, Duff rocks, and there’s no other way possible.

Do you wanna move your ass and headbang, or go by strong walking anywhere? Sick is a pretty good option.

And new album named The Taking is about to arrive…let’s see which surprises the guys in Seattle have ready for blowing our minds. Can’t wait!