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It’s been the first time in I-can’t-remember-how-many-years since I enjoyed 5 days in a row Easter holidays, and to be honest, I was never so much in need of a break as this time.

You already know I’m not passing through an excellent moment right now, and feel quite unhappy with my current job. Many things have happened since I explained about my physical pain as a consequence of massive stress and anxiety. First and most important thing is that I’m quitting this job.

Last Wednesday I handed a resignation letter to my boss. The reason is that the former company I was working for, yes, the very same that had to fire me due to reasons unconnected with my skills and performance, due to the increasing volume of tasks, has decided to recover me for attending those requirements. In times of crisis, a company able to recruit people due to increasing workload is almost a miracle, and the fact that my name was brought out by all my colleagues at Barcelona branch, something unbelievable. Income is not as good as it used to be, but at least I will enjoy a great organization, accurate and defined tasks, great working environment, colleagues who are also friends, and more fitting working hours, allowing me to get some more time off during the week. To sum up, I’m recovering stability, better quality of working life and mental health.


I have barely assimilated these changes because one hour after I was giving my 15 days resigning notice, I was picked up by Agnès and Kiko to start our road trip to Madrid.

I’ve gone out, attended a great performance by a band from Atlanta named The Biters, seen friends, met Artie and Mayra’s newborn baby, Ariadna, had cañas and tapas, discovered Chai Tea Latte and for the first time in quite a while I’ve been sleeping more than 6 hours a night, which is something so unusual I don’t understand why I still feel tired. Well yes, of course I know. I’ve been relaxing so much, feeling so relieved after getting released from such burden I had been carrying for so many months, the mental exhaustion was reflected into this sleep.

toi madrid

I’m now back home, about to crush on my bed, trying to get used to the idea that these last 8 working days at the office are going to be rough, and concentrating on self-strengthening to face possible awkward an tense situations.

I only hope this weird year has been just a cycle which is getting closed, and little by little things get back to normal, routines are recovered, and I feel alright again, without so extreme ups and downs.

When life is hard you have to change

Have an awesome week everybody!