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Even though I am a mid-season person, gotta admit summer really cheers me up, despite feeling sticky thanks to this shitty humidity and oven temperatures, and feeling a bit dizzy sometimes due to this low kiling pressure. Let’s try to be positive this time: sun, cocktails, lots of events and activities with friends, and plenty of handsome foreign faces on the streets. Moreover, I tend to listen to cheerful music, real uppers, thus I’m in good mood most of time.

Standing in front of the computer for long periods is tough though, as I’m sweating and suffering every single word I type, so probably you might notice my posts are shorter than usual. Don’t take it personal, and just for once don’t think of me as a lazy bitch but as a roasted chicken essentially melting to keep you entertained.

Last week I was talking about Van Halen and 1984 as my favorite album of the band, but now I’m going a step further and gonna talk about one of the funniest and most amusing albums ever recorded: Sonrisa Salvaje. A treasure not many people are aware of, which has an added value for me: Diamond Dave sings in Spanish.

Sonrisa Salvaje

You know Spanish is my mother tongue (just for the mistakes I make here it’s easy to guess English is my second language, my apologies, trying to improve every day) however all my hobbies are connected to English. In fact, I’m not very fond of Spanish in music as I don’t find it attractive at all. There’s quite a controversy here on this regard and an exaggerate defense of the national product in Spanish. I’m currently living in Catalonia and the situation is way too much with Catalonian. Not that I don’t respect it, but talking strictly in terms of musicality, songs in Catalonian are mostly crap. Sorry if someone reads this and feel offended. It’s only my opinion at the end of the day.

Anyway, I was trying to introduce Sonrisa Salvaje to you. To sum up the content, I will refer to the original solo debut album Eat ‘Em And Smile. This is the Spanish version, or better said a Latin/Mexican version, as the expressions and accent have nothing to do with Cervantes’ language, as we say. David Lee Roth had just left Van Halen and was starting his solo career. Apparently it was Billy Sheenan who suggested the possible commercial success if the singer recorded an album in Spanish as the young Mexican community was a great challenging target. David Lee Roth accepted and the original songs were adapted into Spanish in a very peculiar way.

To tell you the truth the translated lyrics are so crappy yet sung in such a masterly way, Sonrisa Salvaje is one of the greatest unknown treasures in the rock history. Shy Boy turns into Timido, I’m Easy is now Soy Fácil, Ladies’ Night in Buffalo? Is funny translated as Noche de Ronda en La Ciudad or Elephant Gun is Arma de Caza Mayor. Insane!

You know when Diamond Dave aims to sound sexy but you cannot get this feeling because you’re laughing? This is what happens every time I play this album.

It was Mickey, a diehard fan of DLR, who sent me a copy in CD about 12 years ago. Just one listening was enough to truly love this album.

I’ve read it was only initially issued in vinyl and cassette, but as it was a commercial failure, copies were deleted. In 2007 it was re-issued in CD. I was incredibly lucky when I found the original vinyl almost new in Tokyo 3 years ago.

I’d like to know what Diamond Dave thinks of this album nowadays. and I’d love to tell him every time I play it at The Hellhouse everything turns into a party. I listen to lots of bands and lots of styles of music, but believe me when I say not many can put me in such a great mood as David Lee Roth does.


La ciudad, esta que arde
El pavimento, esta que hierve
No mas soy yo pensando en ti
Solo tu me afectas así