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Album of week 1: Echo Street

It’s about time to write the first post of 2015, don’t you think? Well, first I wanna wish you a happy new year and all these things, all good, of course. Do not commit to many things and stay real when fixing targets, please. No need to get disappointed as life is hard enough, at least this has been my philosophy lately and it seems to work fine.

Also I want to thank you all for visiting the site. I’ve just read the stats and there’ve been 50k visits in 2014 which I think it’s pretty amazing considering I’ve been lazier and busier, not posting as much as I should have. So THANK YOU.

So, what should I start writing about? Ha! Music, what else?

Been listening to lots new stuff I’ve discovered recently thanks to a friend who’s introduced me to great bands and albums and I’m fascinated: Motorpsycho, Lungfish, Juno, Woven Hand… and above all Amplifier.

That name used to be familiar although I wasn’t acquainted with their music at all. It’s been a huge surprise to discover them. I’m still assimilating a couple of albums before approaching the rest, but I can already say I have a strong crush on this band from Manchester.

The most remarkable feature of their songs is the ability to create very evocative atmospheres, very space and dreamy, thanks to lots of guitar effects and wonderful melodies. It’s rock, but compositions are quite progressive and long, arrangements are absolutely delightful, and the final result is overwhelming.


At this moment I can’t stop listening to Echo Street, their 2013 album. I only had to listen to the opening song, ‘Matmos’ to realize this wasn’t another band. You know the feeling of listening to something which is breathtaking? No matter how much music I listen, whenever this happens I really feel alive and glad to be able to perceive something with such intensity. Echo Street has 8 songs which move you to another dimension, as if you were floating, you can feel the world stops around, and there’s nothing but music. It’s awesome.

I was told that Amplifier played for only 30 people in Barcelona, in 2013, and the show was recorded. I can’t imagine what it was like, but based on this video of ‘Where the River Goes’ it had to be amazing. If only I had been there!

According to that, I assume their projection here in Spain is nonexistent unfortunately, so I don’t think there’s an easy chance to see them on stage, at least here. Damn! I hate being late!

Seriously, if you want to FEEL MUSIC, Echo Street is definitely a great outlet for it. You can’t do anything else because it captures and captivates you in a way not many albums can. It’s magic!