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El Camino is finally here! The official release date was December the 7th, but one week before it leaked. I got this album preordered for a month and a half, but once I heard it was available on the net, I HAD to listen to it.

And that’s what I did last week, I listened to it any time I could.

This time the guys from Akron deliver a more rockin’ album, very groovie, which easily can make you feel like dancing. Full of chorus, more distortion, and faster rhythms make a difference comparing to their previous work, Brothers.

There are already voices against it, supporting the idea that the spark and freshness are gone, being more inclined towards commercial interests, and focused on capturing most audience. Based only on the single released and opening song, Lonely Boy, this could be perfectly right, however in the times we’re currently living, and considering this band should be labeled as rock, very garage and soul influenced, if looking for massive sales, this is total nonsense. We’re not in the early 90’s anymore, when bands such as Guns n’ Roses, Pearl Jam or Metallica, were occupying top positions in charts. Will they get Grammy’s? No doubt about it.

It’s inevitable to establish comparisons with their previous work. I haven’t stopped to think which album I like most, but sure there’s a remarkable difference. You know I love Brothers a lot, guess it was like much darker, but this El Camino has super hits which won’t leave you indifferent: the already mentioned Lonely Boy, Run Right Back, Dead and Gone, and Gold on the Ceiling are sure to be the kings of the rock clubs this season.

2011 best album charts are starting to be in every music lover’s mind, and I’m really curious to see the results, already reckoning El Camino will be top 5 for many. I wanted it now I got it, and if you trust me, I can tell you I haven’t been disappointed at all.