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This weekend has been another great one. I cannot complain at all lately, I’m having lots of fun, fortunately enjoying good companion all the time, seems that people are up to share activities with me, maybe because I’m available for anything. I love it!

On Friday I wanted to chill out a bit, I had already gone out for beers on Thursday, and wanted to take it easy this time, so I went to my friend Mireia’s house for watching a movie. Choice was my duty, she was buying beer…not a bad deal, huh? She hates horror movies, like most of girls do, so zombies were not an option. I picked up 4 movies: AMERICAN PSYCHO, JACKIE BROWN, RUMBLE FISH and ANIMAL HOUSE. In the end, Patrick Bateman was our definite motivation…guess why J  I love American Psycho, well, the fact that Mary Harron was the director smoothed the extreme of the story Bret Easton Ellis shocked the world with, helped this film to become more popular and everyone was aware who Bateman is, turning Bale into the perfect Wall street Psycho, and probably reaching his best role as an actor, for many of us.

Saturday was the busiest and most complete day: went to the movies to see Black Swan, then headed to an acoustic show my friend Evil Mr. Sod was headlining, and ended up at the Outsiders enjoying Dj Nando’s greatest hits while drinking mojito with my friend Jaume.

I will dig into Aronofsky’s last work deeper in Popcorn and Movies, but I can advance I did like it a lot.

On the other hand, the show offered my old pal Evil Mr. Sod, just armed with an acoustic guitar was excellent. I might not sound objective, but he’s got one of the most powerful and solid voices I’ve heard, and considering he’s Spanish, worse, Canarian, his English pronunciation is outstanding.

He came to introduce El Cuervo EP, a pack of acoustic songs smelling a bit like Johnny Cash but with that special personal  touch the Canarian always tips us with. Songs such as I Love the Way You Hate Me, Elvis Made Me What I Am Today, or Boy, You gonna Be Alright help me  to believe in good artists in this cursed country, unable to encourage a decent rock movement beyond the underground circuits. This guy lives in Berlin, and probably he’s more successful there than in his own country. This sucks, but I’m glad he can make his living by playing, no matter it’s not a wealthy one, at least when we are old, he will be able to admit he did what he wanted to…not everybody can say that.

The gig was great, I enjoyed lyrics the most, and he’s the kind of guy who loves interacting with the audience, something I love, especially in such intimate venues.

By the way, the venue was called Shake it! And found it very appropriate for this kind of gigs. Seems that due to so much closing of live music venues, some places are encouraging the acoustic, an initiative to be applauded.

And yesterday was the definite evening: Movies @ My Hellhouse. That was awesome, full of beer, popcorn, chips and laughs, 6 friends joined me to spend some hours watching three films: Walter Hill’s Trespass, He Was a Quiet Man and Los Bingueros, the definite Spanish Cañí movie. Such was the success of the movie, we’re arranging a date for going to play Bingo to the worst Bingo joint we can find. I know it’s gonna be so much fun!

Moreover, we’ve all agreed to have one monthly regular session at my place, so if you’re interested in watching movies in a very noisy environment, cramped on my couch (if you are lucky to get some space), drinking beer and having a good laugh, you’re more than welcome.