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It’s been a while since I don’t update any post related to tattoo artists, and the list is growing really fast. The more I dig, the more I discover. Tattoos do not understand of countries, cultures, religions nor races. Inspiration, style and great works can be found at any corner in the world, more demanding customers have encouraged the professionalism and seriousness in the business, and fortunately if you are smart enough as to research your local tattoo shop, you won’t be tricked nor ruined for life.

And of course, as everything, the more you see and define your taste, the easier to have crushes on artists and pieces. It is true, a skilled artist could work on any kind of piece, but there’s an important artistic and creative part in the process of inking, and not only you but mainly the artist, has a sensibility essential for achieving a stunning final result, and consequently to make you feel happy and proud.

When getting acquainted with artists trying to find out a bit of personal information, I’m feeling amazed by the youth and experience of many artists. People in their 20s delivering actual masterpieces of art. Having a thought on this, their early talent means their devotion and passion for their work, and their strong vocation for tattooing, bearing in mind the responsibilities inking something on another’s flesh imply. And I admire such dedication and professionalism, because I wasn’t like them at that age.

Today the destination is Melbourne, Australia, to have a close look to Emily Rose Murray, a 25 year-old girl, who defines herself in a modest and adorable way as “mummy to a beautiful boy, wife to a talented husband”.

Again, it was Tumblr who showed me the awesomeness of her work. Anything you might see, either painting or tattoo, is amazing, and very solid.

The core of her work turns around the femininity.  Women are the main motif in her pieces. I don’t pretend to sound sassy, but many times when I saw her women, especially those portraits from wait up, I think of Alphonse Mucha, the  Czech artist. The basis of Emily Rose’s inspiration comes directly from Art Nouveau style, evolved into a wilder vision. Women usually surrounded by beautiful and vivid flowers and other elements of nature, with accessories such as pearls, earrings, brooches, necklaces and slides. They spread something undescribable, quite spiritual and intense.

It is curious that, despite the power of their gaze, these characters essentially stare blankly, and their mouth gestures show a slight and weak smile . Their status is mostly remarked  by black tears, as if makeup was watered and ruined.

Icons are very present: crosses, skulls, and wild animals, such as owls, snakes, horses or goats, to symbolize Life, Death, Evil, Protection, escape, the passing of time…

Emily Rose does not work at any tattoo shop any longer, and she’s not a travelling artist either, she works from a private studio, thus in case you want to book an appointment with her, or purchase a sketchbook, you have to contact her through her Facebook fan page. If you want to follow her, her work is also available on Tumblr. I recommend you to keep an eye on her, she’s one of a kind, and both her tattoos and sketches are always amusing.