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Hi again from the train back to Barcelona.

Yeah! Xmas is over, and I’m heading back to reality. No so, actually, still some party remaining and some events to pass through, but at least, the proper Xmas family part is done, and we’ve managed to have a peaceful and funny one.

I had completely forgotten about the so called Xmas spirit long time ago. Family gathering is basically an obligation, especially when your family is a temperamental one, and arguments are floating in the atmosphere, waiting to occur. I love my family, but we’re very different from each other, plus I’m too independent as to endure chaos for long time.

My visit was initially marked by Friday night. As soon as I left luggage, said hello and had a drink with my parents, I went straight to Gonzalo’s, to pick him up and his girlfriend and go out. Chema and Juan were also waiting for me. We were all in party mood. And we did party!

Despite a considerable  hangover on Saturday, I joined my soul bro for late brunch and spent the afternoon together, just to reach home before Christmas’ Eve dinner. I wasn’t really up for it, but as soon as I got in I noticed something different.

 The main table included my nephew Eric’s stuff, his special glass and a big mug, and the baby high chair for joining us. Believe me, I felt so cheerful!

So here comes a little man, 8 months old, dressed in a Santa Claus pajamas, smiling and laughing, and all the trouble, the mean manners, past tension and bad mood, vanished all of a sudden. And everybody was happy, the family seemed closer, and finally, after many years of weird Christmas’ Eves, we got a pleasant and funny night. All gathered around little Eric, one of the cutest babies I’ve ever met. It was a blast!

Xmas spirit returns when there are kids around. It’s then when all decoration, theatrical stuff, trees, carols…. Make sense again. Can’t wait for the next year to come, when Eric will be almost two, and will be ready to enjoy this season to the max.

Thanks baby!