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Against Me! and Vitoria.

Few months ago I commented so hooked I was with one of my favorite album releases up to date, Transgender Dysphoria Blues, what a great surprise that discovering Against Me! had been, and my fascination for Laura Jane Grace, and her circumstances, struggles and late gender change choice.

I don’t think there’s a better way to reaffirm your passion for a band than to culminate the learning cycle with a live show, and I was lucky Against Me! decided to visit Europe to introduce their last work, and even luckier when a headlining show was scheduled in Vitoria, just one day before Azkena Rock Festival took place.

mary joe against me

I love attending shows in different cities and at new venues, because not only the quality of sound differs a lot, but also the vibe of the audience.

This time I was attending the show with bunch of people who I’m acquainted with at the forum I regularly participate on, so the experience of seeing this band with people I don’t usually hang out for geographical reasons, sharing the same passion I have, or even more, was a great motivation for me.

Before the show we were having some drinks, getting more acquainted with “new” friends (we already knew quite much of our lives for so many years sharing this common space on the net). Some of them were huge fans of Against Me! and some others were just in the mood to discover something new. I think everybody ended with their expectations fulfilled as the show was the blast.

I had already heard of the venue many times. In fact Jimmy Jazz sound techs were involved in Siberia fest last year, and I had the memory of a great quality in sound and much professionalism. I liked the venue right away with a fine stage, and as soon as I heard  The G.A.S Drummers, the second supporting band, playing I knew it was going to be great.

with laura jane grace

Some time before the show while accompanying a friend to the ticket office we could meet Laura Jane Grace. She was really tall, but looked very nice, and she was smiling all the time. it was a pleasure to greet her. She also agreed to take a picture with us immediately. She seemed very relaxed and glad about the way things are going on this tour. After this meeting I was ready for the show.

I think it lasted approx. one hour and a half. To be honest I wasn’t checking the time because I was very excited, and as soon they jumped onto stage and starting with ‘Fuckmylife666’, followed by‘Cliché Guevara’ and ‘New Wave’, the audience got crazy.

against me

I don’t have any previous show as a reference to compare, but the band looked in perfect shape, and sounded pretty solid. The work of Atom Willard on drums was brilliant, the voice of Grace was excellent, and the energy and passion of the band members was contagious. The setlist was quite balanced going over all their career and playing not so common songs such as ‘Miami’, for instance, and didn’t forget hits such as ‘New Wave’, ‘I was a Teenage Anarchist’ or ‘Pints of Guinness Make you Strong’. Really, it was a party, and I was thrilled.

against me2

I reckon it’s never too late to discover a band, yet it’s even better if it’s still active and you get the chance to enjoy a live show, as it’s happened to me this time. I’m glad and grateful, and I’m looking forward to seeing Against Me! soon.


Wow! I had never thought that the first show I’d attend in 2014 was performed by Depeche Mode but I guess I was lucky to be invited at the very last minute, and I’m glad I accepted, because this event has been by far the highlight of this rough week.

Never been a huge fan of the band, to be honest, but Violator was one of these first albums  learned by heart when I started digging music at age 14, and they’ve been always releasing cool singles. It’s a band I feel respect for, and David Gahan seems quite a character, very interesting.

This was not the first time I attended a show of this band. Many years ago I was invited to sneak into Palau St Jordi through an access from the Euroleague headquarters. Heh! i was a very funny night and my first contact with one of my best friends at huge events and festivals: Mr Beerman.

This time was a proper invitation, perhaps the entrance to the same venue wasn’t so exciting, but considering the expensive tickets, it was a good gift. The location in press area was a great one, and I could focus on the audience vibe and all the visual work through screens. Spectacular. There were videos recorded for each song, integrating live shooting at the same time.

My feeling is that it took some time to the band to warm up, and even though Gahan is a wonderful frontman, too dramatic and theatrical, I was surprised by the lack of interaction with the audience, which by the way was average 35-45 years old.

It was wonderful to listen to ‘Policy of Truth’, ‘Walking in my Shoes’, ‘Enjoy the Silence’ or ‘I Feel You’, but I don’t know, I missed more enthusiasm or intensity perhaps. Don’t know how to explain it.

Anyway, if there was a moment my eye won’t forget was during ‘Enjoy The Silence’, the main screen was showing some contortionist girls in awkward positions against a see through floor, breathing, moving and blinking for near 8 minutes. It was fascinating yet at the same time disturbing, but I couldn’t move my eyes from them.

Impressive, huh?

Depeche Mode