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Secret Santa

Secret Santa has knocked on my door already, and he’s been awesome to me this year.

secret santa 2014

What do you think of this tradition? To be honest, except for the first time I took part of it, when I was 13, I’ve never been too interested, probably due to some frustrating experiences in the past. Sometimes for social reasons people feel forced to be involved in activities just to fit in a group, even they don’t like them, so they don’t feel committed and just try to get through it as quick as possible. In this case, you know who is motivated and who’s not immediately. I wasn’t too lucky in general. Secret Santa at work is usually awful.

It’s been the third year I got involved in this forum’s secret santa thing, and this has been the best year by far, even though I haven’t been able to get my victim’s present yet (sorry! I’m sorting this out this week). The only premise ruled is that it has to be a musical present, either CD, vinyl or cassette. Being a quite active music forum this is a great motivation. People have to do some research on the victim’s tastes, make sure they don’t have the album, and just try to make the other happy. You can make it as personal and unique as you feel like, it just depends on yourself.

My Santa boy came out from the closet on Saturday. He***’s a close friend of mine. We met for a casual coffee in the afternoon so I didn’t suspect anything. He had fooled me about his victim’s identity, telling me he was my last year victim, and I had been giving some advice. Well, he lied, I was the victim. I was so surprised I blushed. Yep, I often blush with surprises, excitement, anger and other intense situations, and it’s impossible I can control such reaction. I couldn’t believe he was my santa! So fuckin’ cool!

Weezer’s album is one of my 2014 favorite releases, and Sonic Highways is the result of Dave Grohl’s series of documentaries on American rock through different cities and scenes, which I’m currently enjoying lots, thus both vinyls were perfect for me. I couldn’t be happier.

Thus, even though I said thanks several times, I reckon a public message to Santa is necessary so, here I go:

Hey Santa! I know you’ll read this at some point. You’ve pushed the boat out with the presents. I’m impressed and completely overwhelmed, and above everything, really really grateful, not only for your generosity but also for giving me the privilege of your friendship. Thanks a lot once again! ❤

*** I cannot reveal my santa’s name yet ***