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I know, I know, I’m one week late. i should have posted this  days ago, but due to some circumstances I wasn’t able to write about this properly. Well, I did, but the draft was lost, and I was a bit busy and definitely not in the mood. Sorry.

After my last experience at Primavera Sound Festival, when the first set of tickets was available (for 10 minutes), I purchased mine blindfolded, as once the lineup was confirmed, this ticket would be an investment in case I wasn’t interested in attending it, or would be a bargain if bands suited me fine.

This festival has always been regarded as a hipster one, despised by the rock/metal communities for long time. The fact is that it is the only festival in Spain capable of covering all the styles, including classic rock bands and more metal sounds too. I’ve seen Neil Young, The Jayhawks, Neurosis, Neko Case, The Afghan Whigs or Hot Snakes. I think it’s time we leave all these prejudices behind, as this is a very respectable and well established festival, objectively speaking, the best in the country.


Last Tuesday a short film was publicly streamed to introduce the lineup confirmed for 2014. Regardless of the quality or the script, I have to admit this formula was really exciting, as people were sharing impressions and confirmations through the social networks, and thanks to some of the bands confirmed there was some sort of hysteria and euphoria at some point: Nine Inch Nails, Queens Of The Stone Age, Slint, Touché Amoré, Drive-By Truckers, Kvelertak, Midlake… Just with these bands I’m interested in, the ticket’s been already paid off.

There’re still almost 4 months ahead to discover new interesting bands which will be attending the festival, and this is a good motivation for continuing investigating new stuff.

Holidays have already been confirmed for these days, probably in a couple of months I will know who will stay at the Hellhouse (my flat usually turns into a crazy community those days), and I’m looking forward meeting friends I don’t see very often. 

I think I confessed last year that even though I’m not a proper festival fan, lately I’m enjoying them lots, thanks to the vibe, my friends, the performances and the party. THE PARTY. HAPPINESS. 

Guess this week I will call Andrea to start looking for our complements. we gotta find something to beat the palms and flamingos shades.


I touched bottom last week. I was really frustrated and decided to express it here looking for some kind of relief. And it worked. A bit.

Life is a landslide of emotions, one day you’re deep in shit, the day after you feel on top of the world. More or less this is what happened to me last week. The main reason for that had to do with a pop oriented festival held in Barcelona named Primavera Sound.

Primavera Sound

A pop festival? Well, I’d say it’s THE pop festival, a huge one, and probably the most important and established in Spain.

Few months ago I purchased the ticket for just one day, Thursday, because my favorite ginger girl, Neko Case, was confirmed. Ticket was quite expensive, but since this festival is huge, I knew there were more bands worth attending. Also, I had fresh in my memory last year, when I enjoyed The Afghan Whigs’ performance, and the later party night.

Unfortunately for my friend Tani, and luckily for me, she couldn’t attend the festival, and she didn’t find any buyer for her Friday ticket, thus instead of wasting it, she handed it over me in the last minute. This meant two days at the festival in a row. Very attractive, but dangerous, as it was impossible for me to ask for a day off, and I had to work on Friday positive hangover.

My NJ soul mate, Andrea, was spending an intended Wednesday night at The Hellhouse, prior to the fest, but as you can imagine, together we are unstoppable, thus the party weekend started that evening.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was moaning, stressed and tired, but once my personal cheerleader  knocked on my door, all the bullshit was left at the corner of my mind, and I started doing what I’m best at, which is having fun.

As this festival is full of hipsters, trendsetters, fashion victims and a great bunch of assholes who think they are beyond good and evil, Andrea found the most definite complement for us, THE sunglasses, also with the aim of competing against another friend who always wears terrific ones.

nj power

Thursday was the day I was most interested in: Neko Case, Dinosaur Jr, Bob Mould and Hot Snakes.  I was also feeling curious about Tame Impala, which were quite experimental and their proposal was interesting.

After having a beer at Rockzone magazine booth and greet some acquaintances. I went straight to see Neko. My ginger looked a bit disoriented, as if she wasn’t able to catch up with the atmosphere at the festival, and the weird audience, in daylight. Truth is that she looked quite abandoned, with a messy appearance. Hippier than ever  I reckon. Her hair wasn’t even dyed and you could see her grey hair, completely untamed. She was wearing a hoodie and I don’t think she was even wearing make-up at all. The whole  scene was too weird but still her performance was a gift and a huge pleasure for my ears, as her voice sounded perfect, solid and beautiful. At the end of the day this is what I wanted: 50 wonderful minutes of Neko.

neko case primavera sound

Neko was confused, the band took their time to tune instruments after every song, so the rhythm was not so intense, but at least we could hear This Tornado Loves You, Hold on Hold on, I Wish I Was The Moon, People Got a Lotta Nerve  or Red Tide, and she introduced a new song from her upcoming work.

Once my main target was accomplished, the evening became a party. The peak of the night was the show offered by Hot Snakes. I danced like craze and had so much fun, I’m still proud of myself I was responsible enough as to force myself to take a cab back home, thinking Friday could be an awful day if I stayed partying.

Friday was meant to be more relaxing and less interesting. The Breeders playing their famous album Last Splash was a bit disappointing, however The Jesus & Mary Chain were a great surprise after the terrible performance I had witnessed almost 20 years ago at another festival. Blur were lots of fun, and well, remarking I was wasted, Titus Andronicus and King Tuff were the upper I needed to gather strength to close the festival at 7AM dancing electronic music as if there was no tomorrow. A threesome spontaneous party was meant to happen at The Hellhouse, but unfortunately we didn’t reach the breaking point, so as hard to believe as it might sound, two girls and one handsome guy just slept in my bed and nothing happened (:FACEPALM!).

i want beer

On Saturday the festival went on without me. When analyzing the whole experience, it was so great, thinking of fun, great people, excellent shows and unforgettable stamps in my mind, I’m positive I’ll attend the whole festival, book some days off during and after the event, and enjoy one of the most powerful musical options in town every year.

As for the people I met there, I just can say you’re AWESOME!