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Am I growing up? My ears getting educated? My sensibility more developed? Lately I’ve noticed I’ve started things I’d never dreamt of when I was in my 20’s, and will talk about that in a separated post, because I think it’s interesting (at least it’s something remarkable in my life). It affects to different aspects in my life and taste, but now I’d like to focus on one of my passions: music.

The evolution I’ve passed through, and still in the process, I think is quite typical. Started with rock and grunge, combining with rock-metal classics such as Sabbath, Led Zepp… Then I had a crush on stoner bands, followed by punk rock… let’s say I started to investigate lighter styles, or better said, more easy-listening stuff, in my late 20’s, when I had already drunk, danced and jumped enough.

It’s not that I’m not drinking, dancing or jumping anymore, my close friends know very well what I’m capable of when I’m in party animal mood. The fact is that my mood is not always so energic nor wild, and due to daily circumstances, habits and routines, most of days, right after work, I just want to lay on the couch, have a drink and a cigarette, and check out my personal inner world with the sole companion of relaxing tunes.

Of course I’m still playing Fu Manchu or Gluecifer out loud at home, and feel the wildest chick ever, but you know, there’s an appropriate time for certain things. What I mean is, I still love all the bands I’ve been passionate for all my life, but I have room for something else.

One of the things I feel most grateful about being living with my ex 5 years is, no doubt, discovering and learning about music. Putting aside personal stuff, he was (is) an avid consumer of music, too much I reckon, but with great taste and, curiously, an immense sensitiveness regarding some stuff. I gotta give him some credit, he introduced me to many many things.

All this been said, the reason for this post is simply to express I’ve had a crush on banjos, and the more I listen to them, the more I adore them.

I used to think banjos were shrilling, even annoying, and wasn’t able to appreciate them for many years, I thought they could only be played in country songs and I wasn’t actually into that style at all.

You know how life goes, I gotta swallow my thoughts now, I might not be super into proper country, although I love some artists, of course, but it’s the folkie branch which has completely attracted me, and consequently has developed my likeness regarding banjos.

From  Neil Young to Wilco, The Avett Brothers and even The Black Keys and Twilight Singers, many bands use banjos in their songs.

It’s difficult to explain what the peculiar sound of a banjo evokes, probably due to its attachment to deep America, its touch always makes me think of the authentic and genuine American sound down to its roots. Messy yet beautiful, this is my concept of the States.

When listening to a band you focus on lyrics and guitars mainly, I love drums and bass too, but these “secondary” instruments, banjo, harmonica, pedal steels, shakers and keyboards, are so rich in nuances and meaning, we should pay them more attention.

I don’t know whether all this makes some sense to you, but at the end of the day I just wanna say, I’m in love with banjos. Period.