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come find yourself

When Spring breaks I’m always in the mood for Fun Lovin’ Criminals. Temperature’s rising, sun is shining (not today nscht!) and you feel like spending time outdoors having a cold beer or a Martini. And then you need some groovie soundtrack.

Fun Lovin’ Criminals fit my requirements perfectly. They got the groove, they’re classy and sexy  and like I said before, they always make me feel like moving my ass and dance. Trying to define their style so you have a clear idea is a bit difficult: rock, rap, soul, funk…I insist the combination is explosive.

Few weeks ago (delay commenting albums at this point is unacceptable, I know) while adapting to my new working situation, I decided to add an extra push, a motivation to have an outstanding week, thus I planned it was going to be the Fun Lovin’ Criminals week.

Yep, I spent the whole week listening to their stuff, and it was fantastic. The more I listen the more I love them. I reckon they are one of my top 5 favorite bands ever.

This time I’ve chosen their debut album as the album of the week.

100% Colombian blew my head off, and with Welcome to Poppy’s they stole my heart, but being realistic, the series of hits they faced the world with Come Find Yourself quickly caught my attention, showing they weren’t just another alternative 90’s band. They were Huey, Fast and Steve (former drummer), and they were ready to kick ass.

Probably those who are not acquainted with this band’s discography, sure remember the single Scooby Snacks including Pulp Fiction’s opening samples, which cost them a lawsuit. It’s a pity because the connection FLC-Tarantino could have been one of the most successful ones, as they share many features in common.

Elegance and class are perfect synonyms to Fun Lovin’ Criminals. Huey provides the attitude, the sensuality thanks to his rapping singing style and his deep voice. Neat and very defined drums mark the tempo masterly. Steve, Mackie or currently Frank, FCL features excellent drummers.  And finally the orchestra man, the genius, Fast. Bass, keyboards, trumpet and all kind of arrangements. Awesome!  If you ever get the chance to see FLC or any of their side projects I strongly encourage to attend their shows. This trio is spectacular on stage, really.

Well, so regarding Come Find Yourself, apart from Scooby Snacks there are some FCL classic anthems such as The Fun Lovin’ Criminal, King of New York (La-di da-di, free John Gotti), The Grave and the Constant, and Come Find Yourself among others. The style varies from one to another. Some are more rockin’, others are groovier, and some are slower, but there’s one thing in common: all of them cause you the urge of dancing, and give you the good vibes.

I love many many bands, but there are quite few which can get me in such great mood as Fun Lovin’ Criminals. And the best thing is that every time I play their songs in parties among friends, most of times everybody ends up dancing. #Jeah!


Thanks to my friend Artie’s podcast Viva Las Vegas, I’m recovering back my forgotten friendship with radio. It’s true sometimes it’s not very comfortable to listen to a program straight for certain time, especially if it’s your shitty laptop the vehicle to play it, with poor quality and wasted inner speakers, so you have to make sure you’ll be doing something else right next to it.

Even though I’ve never been a proper radio person, for a certain period of time, basically when I was a teenager, it became not only a source of entertainment, but also thanks to more specific programs, a way to discover new bands and receive updates. You have to bear in mind the internet concept was closer to sci-fi rather than to reality, we were stuck to the basics, radio, magazines and some TV channels.

There was this program “De 4 a 3” (From 4 till 3)on weekends, I discovered when I was 15-16 and the Seattle Sounds were at their peak. The program covered this scene together with underground musical trends. Summer specials were live shows of classic bands, from AC/DC to Alice in Chains or Soundgarden, and the gay used to accept musical requests his listeners were sending to him via ordinary mail. I wrote to him once with the excuse of replying a contest, and asked for 4-5 bands. Paco Perez Bryan, the host, played 4 of them the following weekend. I was delighted!

Unfortunately except for some programs, radio in Spain is, musically speaking, poor and limited, mainly focused on mainstream singles or recovering classic songs from the past. There are not rock stations, and programs are to flat, without style peaks. It was a matter of time I forgot about radio.

Recently I’ve discovered a new radio program, on BBC Radio 6 hosted by one of my favorite characters ever, Huey Morgan, the lead singer of Fun Lovin’ Criminals. You know how much I love this band and its members, and I’m following their steps closely. How come I had never listened to The Huey Show until last week? Well, even though I move among social networks, better say, I’m an Internet junkie, sometimes it takes time for me to comprehend and assume radios can be listened anywhere thanks to it. You can listen to the show in streaming, or access to the podcast, to listen to programs you missed.

I admit not listening to BBC6 chaannel too much, but considering the British style, my impression is that Huey is an American fresh air wave, playing all different styles which eventually catch the attention of everyone, spreading this good vibes-take it easy scent.

The show is very dynamic, with different sections, and music moving from 50’s classic rock with Gene Vicent to rap with Gang Starr, also including hard rock bands or more alternative. To sum up, Huey is able to include Pokey Lafarge, The Cult, Danzig, Wu- Tang Clan or RATM, in his list. The variety is precisely the key for this show, which lasts 3 hours no less.

Huey’s voice is definitely a radio one. Deep, manly, strong sexy, wiseguy type and powerful, 100% American. He always mentions his Twitter followers, and those fans who send him requests through e-mails, and the truth is that the New Yorker makes the listener feel at home. I, as occasional DJ, love this random sequence of songs he plays, but I appreciate he introducing the songs, relating them to artists, films or musical scenes, thus I end up listening to the program with pen and paper ready to write down any song I find particularly attractive, as for instance, this New York I love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down, by LCD Soundsystem.

I strongly encourage you to give this show a try, especially if you consider yourselves open minded in terms of music. So many bands and styles, those peak moments you feel like dancing nonstop, Sundays have an added value since I’ve discovered Huey on the radio.

It’s highly recommendable to those who consider themselves as musical open mind, 3 wonderful hours of classy entertainment, and an excellent selection of songs.  If you don’t trust me, believe in Huey…he was born quality stamped. #Jeah!


Easter is over. Many processions have been already ruined due to rainy days, typical tourist beach joints have also been affected by awful weather, and for many, this break has been an epic failure. Year after year, it’s always the … Continue reading


Sorry for I have my mind working on many other useless stuff lately. Again I haven’t talked about the album of week 44 yet, and we’re already in week 46. I’m gonna sort this out right now and update the last two albums I’ve been listening to most, these past two weeks.

Let’s get started.


More or less a month ago, listening to Viva Las Vegas podcast, I heard a couple of cuts credited to The Modern Lovers. To tell the truth I don’t recall I had ever heard of this band before, and really pleased me immediately. I like when I discover a band by chance, so I checked my favorite website, and also my ruin, Play.com, and found that the album The Modern Lovers was really cheap, and thought “what the hell!” and clicked BUY.

As soon as I received the parcel and reached home, I played it on the stereo, and it really got me.

Checking info regarding the band, the band as The Modern Lovers, lived short, and the story of the album released 4 years later after the recording demo sessions produced by John Cale on one hand, and Alan Mason and Robert Appere on the other, is, to say the least, curious.

Labeled their stuff as protopunk, and with clear influences of The Velvet Underground,  they surely inspired many punk rock and new wave bands. In fact, Sex Pistols, Joan Jett and Iggy Pop, have covered some of their songs.

Lyrics  about weird love, and life in Massachusetts. Very simple songs, very basic chord lines, and the charismatic voice of Jonathan Richman, mostly reciting, are the greatness of The Modern Lovers. That seems not to be that much, but believe me, they’re addictive.

I find some songs I personally relate to other bands. I’m Straight remings me of The Stooges’ Dirt, and  Modern World style is close to Radio Birdman. Pablo Picasso or Roadrunner are simply brilliant.

What can I say? The Modern Lovers have bewitched me.


Last week I wasn’t physically at my best, this starting week either. My stomach hurts sometimes and don’t really know why, but don’t feel shitty enough as to visit the doctor (pending issue, I hate going to the doctor). Anyway, to retaliate such situation, I had to bring back groove in my life, and recover one of my all time favorite albums, 100% Colombian.

Once this said, really no more comments are needed, but I’m going to talk about it anyway.

Months ago, I think Welcome to Poppies was the album of the week, if not, I’m pretty sure I told about such album when I got my hi-fi system.  You can copy and paste here, because 100% Colombian is also pure groove and elegance, in this case, at a superior level.

Fun Lovin’ Criminals mean an explosion of positive sensations to me. Bad mood vanishes instantly as soon as first bass drums stomps start opening Up on The Hill.

You can play it anytime, anyplace, it’s like a card joker, sure everybody will love it and end up surrendering to the groove, shaking their asses dancing nonstop. And I can prove it, because I’ve already tried it, in many friend parties or meetings. Those times have always been a blast.

The sensual and broken voice of Huey’s, mostly rapping, the consistent rhythmic base provided by the current drummer at that time, Steve Borgovini, combined with the arrangements designed by Fast, the nerd, and the variety in their themes, make of 100% Colombian something unique.

Love Unlimited, Korean Bodega, All for Self, All My Time is Gone… they’re just classic anthems for me, and would most definitely be yours, if you give them a chance. This is a MUST have album, I reckon.


There’s a point in your life when you have to invest in certain things, in my case I had to forget about mini stereos and focus on a decent  hi-fi system, as I’m listening music on a daily basis.

I already had a good record player and had to buy something accordingly. Some people have been involved in my happiness. On one hand a friend of mine working for a company selling this stuff, who sold me both the receptor and cd player at their cost…super cheap. On the other, the muscle, a couple of friends installed the speakers yesterday and gave me a pair of tips about where to place them to optimize sound. You know who you are, so thank you once again!

Few days ago, I started wondering which the first cd would be the first one. I knew it immediately. I love hearing powerful bass, and had in my mind one of my favorite songs. It’s not necessarily one of the essential albums in my collection, but I reckon the more I’m listening to it, the more I like it.

I’m talking about Welcome to Poppy’s by the band Fun Lovin’ Criminals, released in 2003. I would remark Too Hot, Straight Bullet and You got a Problem or This Sick World, but in general I love this album, so groovie and sexy I can’t stop moving my butt and dance. But this always happens with FLC. They’re great, you should listen to them.

I chose The 59’ Sound, by The Gaslight Anthem to go on with the trial. You know I’m totally hooked  to this album. The rhythm is catchy, I adore the lyrics, and there are certain songs absolutely brilliant. They remind me of The Replacements, early Springsteen’s stuff and Social Distortion are somehow part of their background.

We ended up listening to my favorite Jayhawks album, not the most popular for  the fans though, Rainy Day Music. Voice melodies achieved by Gary Louris and Mark Olson move me.

After spending almost two months listening to music by the computer speakers, being able to hear it louder is a bless, and such pleasure is difficult to describe, if only someday you’re deprived of music played properly, you will understand what I’m talking about.

It was a great evening definitely and I’m pretty sure there are many to come. You’re more than welcome.


First things first. Once and for all, I’ve decided to start getting this blog live, poor shit has been abandoned for many reasons, the most important one is that the initial idea was to overcome the end of my relationship, but I think this is a very personal part in my life the world does not need to be bored with, plus I was reeeeally sad and could have been very depressing to re-read in the future.

My life has changed a lot in the last six months and now I’m enjoying my new single status quite a lot, therefore I’ve decided this to become more an entertainment, talking about music, weird stuff in my day a day and things I just feel like to talk about.

Some might wonder why I write in English, as I’m already doing it with Popcorn and Movies…I feel the need to practice, and sometimes I can express myself better like this, believe it or not, for me English is THE language.

As many of you (I don’t think you’ll be a lot, to be honest) should know, basically there are three main interests in my life: music, movies, books and photos, so I guess you’ll find a lot related in here.

Today I feel like linking a video of one of my favorite bands, Fun Lovin’ Criminals. This is Too Hot, from Welcome to Poppy’s album, released in 2003. It’s actually been my ringtone for about 3 years, and never get tired of listening to it, in fact, I’m repeating it at least four times when walking to my office. It’s got groove, is sexy, and believe me, whenever I hear it, I just wanna dance.

Hope you like it