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22 years ago the American band led by that unique character named Rob Zombie, released his best work, La Sexorcisto. With this personal statement fans and not so fans have been served the bait for an argument in a silver plate, and there are reading this text rubbing their hands ready to attack when the time comes. Wish it was like that, but you seem too quiet lately, and this is not a universal assertion, but my humble opinion.

I’m sure many people disagrees on behalf of their following and last work, Astro Creep…, which sounded more industrial, and overproduced, but my favorite, remaking the fact that I’m not a huge fan of Zombie, and even less of his attempts to establish as a horror director (Lords of Salem, motherfucker, what a shitty joke), is La Sexorcisto regardless.

To put you in situation, this album came out in March 1992, through huge Geffen Records, and was produced by Andy Wallace, who had worked with Slayer, The Cult, Sepultura or L7, and was the man behind Nevermind. The odds for succeeding were obviously good, and they had a single. THE single.

Thunder Kiss ’65 could be included in a list of my top 10 most headbanging songs. We used to do it so hard and intensely it wasn’t rare any of us would get dizzy afterwards. Whenever I listen to it nowadays I remember going out was like attending an intensive gym class. Devizio was the venue, beer and calimotxo were running the whole night, and we had such energy we could be dancing for hours. Not to mention one of my teenager specialties: stage diving. I’ve always been very serious about how to have fun, you know?

Days ago I was accompanying someone to run some errands, and he played this album on the car stereo, really loud. My feeling was that it was more rocking than I remembered, very powerful but fresh at the same time. The samples of Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Kill!, classic Batman of Plan 9 From Outer Space, was providing La Sexorcisto of a classic sci-fi horror halo, which became a constant feature within Rob Zombie’s universe.  It’s true that at some point I always think it’s too long, and therefore I lose interest after a while. But hey! It’s always great to travel back in time, and songs such as ‘Black Sunshine’ or ‘Grindhouse (A Go-go)’are pretty cool.