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Chewie, we’re home!

I never wanted Xmas to arrive so badly, but this time THIS TIME it has to be fast, for fuck’s sake!

I’ve just watched the second official trailer of Star Wars episode VII: The Force Awakens six times in a row and now I have two tears about to roll.

I feel so excited about this movie! Very frightened too, to be honest. I’m scared of what Abrams might do, but at the same time that classic sentence “You’re my only hope” is constantly kicking in my head.

The fact that all the ships, the X-Wings, The Tie-Fighters and the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, The Millennium Falcon, or Chewbacca and R2-D2 appear on the trailer really makes my heart bits fast. And Solo, MY MAN! He’s an old rascal, but it doesn’t matter, damn! I’m near 40 but I feel like a kid again, how can this be possible?

How can this fiction be so essential for many? Whenever I start wondering about it I feel overwhelmed. We were kids, innocent and impressible when we watched this saga for the first time. But it’s been almost 40 years since it started, people have grown up, have their families and responsibilities, and still the world stops when a new trailer is released, and the impact on so many people is so unbelievable it makes me think these are the greatest movies ever made. Not in terms of performing nor even the plot, which I reckon it’s a simple and clear way to understand Jung’s theory of the archetypes (child, father, good, evil, the hero, the journey…), but because what George Lucas achieved to recreate on three films with the passing of timehas become something cultural, I’d dare say, historic, and this makes them simply perfect.

chewie and solo

December, 18th is marked in my calendar. Victory and death are on the table. Am I ready to cope with both options? It can be the greatest disaster or something really big. Who knows?

Hope, friends, hope. We can never surrender to fear, cause fear takes you to the dark side.



Unfortunately I arrive late for wishing you a great Star Wars day, which was yesterday.

For those who didn’t know, someone very bored thought of  May the 4th as the day all the diehard fans of the Saga should celebrate the Star Wars day.

Cool and stupid at the same time, I reckon I prefer honoring the trilogy rather than AIDS day, Gay Pride, Women’s or St. Valentine’s, it makes more sense to me for sure.

Guess you already know I love Star Wars considering I wanna marry Han Solo, right?

The classic saga has been with me since I was 5, I reckon by this age I started having real conscious memories. A friend of my parents recorded me videotape copies of the classic saga, I kept watching for many many years.

I was lucky my father took me to the cinema to see The Return of the Jedi, when was released, and then he bought me the comic…I learnt all the dialogues by heart, I swear.

The bitter point was that, culture and education in Spain didn’t admit I wanted to have Star Wars toys, because I was a girl. Same friend who recorded the videotapes had a son, and he gave him the Millenium Falcon among others stuff, and he really couldn’t spend as much dough on me, so he brought for my 6th birthday the Space Airgam boys, different but pretty cool as well, which for obvious reasons, became my favorite toys ever, until I was 14, when my mood was more into going out and meeting boys.

As time has passed, I’ve been developing absolute passion for the Sacred Trilogy, and although I’m not into collections, I’ve got plenty of stuff related: several t-shirts, books, figures (Gonzalo, I still keep that storm trooper you gave me few time after we became friends), bags, posters, soap dispenser, mugs…always want more!

There are three targets related I want to accomplish before I die:

  1. My own Millenium Falcon.
  2. Marry a guy dressed up in Han Solo’s costumes.
  3. A real size Carbonite Han Solo standing in my living room.

You wanna help me to be the happiest girl in the galaxy?


At this point most of you know that I’m truly in love with HAN SOLO. He’s THE man for me, funny, tough and brave, I’d rather say impulsive, yet a bit stupid, and tender.

 I know it’s silly to admit your type of man is a character of a movie, but since I was a kid I’ve always had the same feeling. Besides, there are so many assholes in this world sometimes it’s better to have an icon in your life and make up your own movie in your head.
Anyway, and forgetting I’d marry him, as a huge fan of Star Wars, I find Solo one of the finest characters in the old Trilogy. Everything surrounding him is pure charisma, from his clothes to the Millenium Falcon, even his mate Chewacca (what a Wookie!!).
His attitude is pure rock, he’s not to keep cool under at anytime because he’s not a Jedi knight, dark side does not affect him. He’s a loser, his spaceship is almost ruined, owes money to Jabba the Hut, and makes his living smuggling goods through the Empire, yet he projects high self-confidence and his attitude is very cocky.
Han Solo is the anti-hero, he doesn’t care much about the Empire, and doesn’t feel sympathy towards the rebel movement either. He’s never been trained for fighting, and light sabers and Jedi tradition are just bullshit. He’s peeing on the values and basics of Star Wars, yet in the end, he wins the girl, becomes respectable and a prominent figure, and if you think about it, he just involves himself into this epic, firstly for money, and then for friendship and love.

Personal favorite moments are his introduction at the canteen, discussing terms of the business with Ben Kenobi, ignoring hysteric young Skywalker, and of course, prior to becoming carbonite figure, when Leia farewells him saying she loves him, and he replies “I know”. OMG!!! There’s a story behind this scene. No sentence meaningful enough fitted for that tense moment, in which they reveal the audience they’re actually in love, there were many repetitions until it was Harrison Ford himself who improvised the reply…the most Solo’s moment ever. I think he got the point and it was a success.

When I was a kid I used to end up crying with this scene, I thought I’d never seen him again. Han Solo cannot die!!

Once this said, if you ever fell in love with Toi, would you marry dressed up like Han Solo? 🙂