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I’ve heard this morning that the 20th anniversary of the release of Cameron Crowe’s film Singles had been early this week. Unbelievable! This is the kind of things which make me realize I’m not a youngster anymore, and at the same time, the awareness of this fact also invades me with nostalgic memories.

I don’t know how much you’re familiarized with this film, catching a moment of emotional mess  in the lives of a group of six friends in their 20s, living in Seattle. It is basically a cakey compilation of love stories, with one of these generational stunning casts, including Matt Dillon, Bridget Fonda, Campbell Scott, Bill Pullman and Eric Stolz. And the added value of guest appearances which had to do with the current local heroes at that time.

To be honest, not only the plot is quite simple but also the movie is not big deal. It’s nice and entertaining but it’s not overwhelming. However the great achievement by Crowe was to portrait a generation of American youth in that time, affected by a wave of pessimism caused by the Persian Gulf War, which in a way awoke the ghosts from Vietnam.  And more accurately, he approached the grunge movement in Seattle, the epicenter.

 It took quite a long time to release the film in order to find the most suitable marketing strategy. The big bosses were confused about the bait to attract the audience. Love? Seattle? The voice of a generation? Grunge? Singles eventually saw the light in September the 18th 1992. Here in Spain things took even longer time and the film was released the year after in August, worse timing ever as most Spanish people are away on holidays, so it just lasted one week in cinemas and Singles was unnoticed.

Cameron Crowe has a taste for romantic and mild stories, but also, and this is what makes his movies worth watching from my own point of view, the director is a music lover, and the soundtracks are essential in his films. They are awesome.

What happened to the Americans with Singles and its soundtrack, was the same which occurred here. Officially the soundtrack of the film was released about 2-3 months before the film was released. It included songs from the hottest bands in Seattle: Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins and Screaming Trees. The first ones released two songs for the film, Breath, and my personal favorite, State of Love and Trust. Chris Cornell also recorded the wonderful Seasons, and the presence of Nancy and Anne Wilson (Heart) as The Lovemongers was also remarkable. This soundtrack was a compilation of the current Seattle scene of the time, and it was the final push to consolidate grunge and turning it into mainstream.

As commented before, Singles was released in Spain in summer 1993 which was a complete disaster. All of my gang, approx 20 boys and girls, were on holidays, and never heard of Singles in town. It took more than half a year to be re-released for just one week again and it was in English with subtitles, something unbelievable in that time, which made the whole experience even more exciting so we could hear “their” voices for real.

Therefore, in early Spring 1994, a gang of 20 went to Eliseos movie theater in our coolest outfits to watch Singles. You can imagine, wool hats, plaid t-shirts, Doc Martens, XL tees with our bands there… it was like attending a live concert. By then we had learnt the soundtrack by heart, thus when we were hearing Nearly Lost You or Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns subtly, we were all singing low. And we were out of control when Eddie Vedder (I was in love with him for many years) and Chris Cornell were appearing. I think we really didn’t pay so much attention to the film because when it was over we thought it was one of the best movies ever, and we were hugging each other as if congratulating for sharing the experience. I kept the film advertisement on the local newspaper for ages. We were 17. We were a bunch of teenagers, genuinely innocent and easily affected, crazy about our most recent discovery and passion: rock, and Singles was the peak of it. And we all were trying to start our bands hahahah

Few years later the gang was missing members day by day, and everybody grew up and moved on.  Most of them are into music, but we’ve separated paths and our tastes are different. We are spread in the world, some are married, some have kids, guys cut their hair, girls left their Martens in their wardrobes… Still in touch with some of them, but in the distance.  Probably I’m closer to what I was back then than the rest of my friends, and it’s funny, because I wasn’t the coolest, nor the toughest, not the most badass in the gang. The truth is that I’m still devoted to rock and music, even more committed than I was as a teenager.

Anyway, at the end of the day what Singles really means to me is the tangible summary of the most intense period in my life, when I started being myself, growing up, taking decisions, getting acquainted with many things, experiences… Singles is the witness of my lifetime choice. Positive, one of the best times in my life.

(*) Johanssen, Vane and Lorenza, hope you read this. I love you!


Memories of those night coming back home really late in not very good condition, and had to program my grandma’s video for recording the Holy mass on Sunday mornings. I had to switch on TV to carry out such task, and there were always broadcasting these long teleshopping adds, selling miraculous products or useless gymnastic machines. I was addicted to them. Lucky I didn’t dare to call…

I particularly remember those Love compilations they use to sell, for special occasions, Xmas, St. Valentine’s, with typical names such as Burning Heart, Love Forever, and that kind of crap. Those were always featuring Heart’s songs, thus I, at my most intolerant mood, put the cross thinking this band was housewife oriented stuff.

Later on, watching a documentary broadcasted by BBC of the top 10 American rock stadium bands, I discovered they rocked, stage appearances were impressive and were super popular in the States. Remember no Internet was available 13 years ago as is nowadays, you must forgive my ignorance in this case.

Thanks to Guitar Hero I discovered the Wilson sisters, and I’m fan since I listened to Crazy on You and Barracuda.

Dreamboat Annie is their debut album. Released in 1975 by a small record label in Canada, where they were living, it saw the light in the US in February, 14th, the following year.

Although I got a pending subject with their 80’s stuff, I can assure you their 70’s albums are delightful, combining hard rock and folk with unbelievable harmonies.

It only took me 30 seconds of Magic Man to feel charmed by Ann’s powerful and sensual voice, and Nancy’s acoustic guitar, and immediately surrender to Heart… for good. Please, stop listening Crazy on You, is super Led Zepp!!!

Anyway, it’s a pleasure to discover bands led by women, able to rock in an elegant and classy way as Heart do. Total respect!


From time to time you get to know bands you haven’t paid attention on purpose by accident, and eventually you fall on your knees wondering how you’ve managed  to live without them for so long time. This happened to me with Heart.

I gotta admit prejudice has been a constant in my life, up to the point I used to hate Kiss thinking they were horrible heavy metal or something like that. You see me now? I adore them. With this, you gotta learn to avoid judging for appearances, names or even fans.

Still there are some cases you cannot help it. Heart was the band always included in those crappy compilations sold for Saint Valentine’s. You remember Burning Heart and crap like that? I thought this band was the typical unbearable AOR bands for American milfs.

For all music or moreover, rock lovers, Guitar Hero was like paradise in video games. You were able to play over songs you love: Guns n’ Roses, Danzig, Megadeth, Aerosmith…all these bands were present. So was Heart! Crazy on You and Barracuda were the first songs I consciously listened and they really made an impression. Powerful guitars and beautiful voice melodies…these two Wilson sisters rock!

As soon as I went to NYC and stepped into a record store I bought the first two albums, Dreamboat Annie and Little Queen, and let me tell you I spent several weeks just listening to those two albums. They are a MUST.

Little by little I’ve been increasing their discography and right now I’ve got around 7-8 albums in CD, and 3 in vinyl. Not sure which one is my favorite yet, probably Dreamboat Annie and Bebe Le Strange.

Not having properly focused on their late 80’s stuff, it’ssomething I’ve got remarked in my pending-to-do list. What I reckon is that their first five albums  are just pleasure for the ears and I really love all of them.

Do yourself a favor, don’t feel scared for the name of the band, Heart are definitely bigger than life.

Joaquin! Another post dedicated to you. You know whenever I listen to Heart I think of you 🙂