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Have you ever had the feeling of being ripped off? I’m not just talking about the guy at the convenience store giving you back the wrong change, or this constant doubt of the quality of certain items, or the services you consume regularly, from bank account expenses to the cost of universities and schools. I’m also talking about services your life might depend on at some point.

Personally speaking, I’ve been living during the last few years in an enough comfortable status as not to worry much about my expenses. Huge mistake now I’m paying for.

My feeling nowadays, now that my income is minimum and I’m passing through a delicate moment, is that, leaving aside all the economic and politic issues beyond our control, our daily expenses have also alarmingly increased due to this false welfare philosophy, and people not questioning the value of things trusting what we are charge for is fair.

At the end of the day, subscribing to a insurance policy or choosing a mobile company is basically the same as having dinner at a restaurant, and even much more serious and complicated, but in essence, both actions are very similar. Why do we complaint when service is poor and food is shit? Just because we feel being mistreated and we can taste the food and decide it’s not fine. Mobile plans are noticeable at a relative short term due to your monthly bills, but the problem of the contracted permanence in a company and the bureaucracy  stop you from taking immediate and radical measures. What about insurances?

Aaah, insurances! Welcome to the unknown and frightening universe, friends. I’ve never seen something so much speculative at my level in my entire life. insurances are the masters of cheating and stealing, always hiding behind the general belief of protecting the interest of the clients. Bullshit!

Let me tell you a couple of stories, related to the two only private insurances I have to face.

To start with, a health insurance. I started having one because due to my dad’s job related to medical business, he had many advantages and it was worth covering me and my brother for reasonable rates. Living on m own I decided to go on with the plan and I was monthly charged an important sum of money I thought to be normal, considering this company was reliable.

It was early this year when I received the news of an increase, however thanks to a friend who had an acquaintance in the company, my policy was revised and improve, and the cost lessen, due to the working association I had to be included to, due to my profession: logistics. Suddenly the rate was reduced in 1/3, and would have paid less if I was a male. Why? Because insurance companies consider my gender and age in risk of getting pregnant and thus generate more expenses. As far as I was explained, men are over charged when reaching 60, due to their physical condition, usually much worse than women. Awesome!

My second experience has been this week, and has to do with my motorcycle insurance. It’s been 6 years since I got my license and bought the bike, and because of the fragility of these vehicles and the high rate of accidents and other incidences, policy rates are usually higher than bigger motorbikes. When I was confirmed next year budget I received  the horrible surprise of, not only not being reduced but increased 3%. According to the company it had to do with the increase of general taxes. Bullshit. After so many years, no accidents and no claims I had to be paying at least 30% less. I complained and in 5 minutes the budget had been reduced in 34%, but excluding some services. This fact convinced me of checking other options and start a market research now that I have plenty of time and there’re still 3 weeks ahead before the current policy expires.

These 50cc motorcycles are difficult to insure. Some companies don’t offer this service, others require you have another policy contracted with them and there are the others, which change the budget amounts in a blink of the eye.

The options were multiple but I was getting discounts if I wasn’t insuring the passenger, if I was declining a life insurance or the vehicle assistance in case of breakdown. When I was a bit disappointed and about to contract a different from the initially offered by my current insurance company, I received a phone call from a company I had requested information via mail. They just asked for regular details, without asking anything extraordinary (there were moments in my previous attempts when I thought they were about to ask my bra size), and when he submitted the final amount, it was 55% less than the company I’ve been loyal to for more than 5 years. To sum up, this is a very valid WTF, if you know what I mean.

Do you understand that we are not informed clearly of advantages and disadvantages or our policies on one hand, and on the other we are drifting in a sea of confusion and manipulation where our  pockets and even our lives are put in risk to the sharks will? Do you think this is fair? The idea of having paid so much money for a service which I shouldn’t need to use but it’s here in case of, gets me in very bad mood, but it is really my fault, and another marking point of living as an adult and not being a youngster anymore. You have to be very careful and get through everything with a fine tooth comb, so you will keep being ripped off, but at least you won’t feel any regret for not having prevented it. If the world is ruled by speculation, let’s try to take some advantage ourselves, don’t you think?