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Been having a couple of beers on my own tonight after meeting a friend. I’ve noticed this is some sort of ritual, to have some dinks on my own the previous night to new year’s eve. Listening to music, deep in thoughts. Kind of nostalgic state of mind I guess.

Most likely I’ll write about 2014 highlights in the next days, but I have something, or better said, someone in my mind I’d like to say thanks for being by my side, especially during this weird year. I’m talking about my friend Jaume. My best friend.

jaumie and toi

Few days ago I was saying that since a while ago years pass by and they are not extraordinary. Not full of sadness and pain as in 2010 nor feeling as if I was on the top of the world like in 2011. For good or bad, there are events out of my control which can affect my life deeply, and years have become a rough mixture of good and bad things. I reckon being on my own has also made me feel in a way that I’m my own engine and source of energy, and try to make the most of it, and friends and other stuff contribute to improve or get things worse.

I don’t feel sad and lonely in general even though I sometimes have these feelings, but at the end of the day, after 4 years, it’s me who I’m going to sleep with and wake up with every fuckin’ day. And after 4 years I can confirm friends and music are definitely essential for me to stay alive and kicking.

I met Jaume on the net, in a crappy music chat, arguing about some band till we reached a common point which acted as the ignition to our friendship. We met at a bar one night after I called him asking for a pack of cigarettes, and from that moment, everything went on wheels between us.

Like we say, we’ve supported each other at the time of leaving some corpses behind. We fell and then stood up and moved forward, always having each other to overcome whatever shit we had to face.

Our friendship has strengthened, grown and settled, we can count each other for everything without even asking, and we know what’s happening to the other just with a glance or a stupid talk. I tell him absolutely everything and I know he’ll always tell me if I’m wrong. At my weakest peaks he’s given me the support and guidance not to lose the track, and he’s my anchor to good sense whenever I’ve thought I was falling into a sea of insanity.

For the talks, the endless beers and cigarettes, the laughs and the care during all these years I can’t be grateful enough to Jaume but I still wanna say thanks.

My life would be a huge pile of shit if you weren’t here.


This is the last post related to 2013 I’m gonna write. It’s been another rough year (the second in a row), with many ups and downs, and some disappointments, but fortunately not everything was dark, and thanks to some people, music and some personal achievements I survived it, and pounding both good and bad things, I prefer using the adjective rough instead of shitty.

I reckon writing down a list of highlights is a positive way to close a year in the best way possible, so with no particular order I’m starting to remember my personal best of.


It’s still shocking that after living so many years in Barcelona I still don’t know, or haven’t been introduced to certain people I’ve seen thousands of times at bars and shows. At the end of the day, the rock scene in the city is quite reduced, so it’s easy to know who is who. It’s also funny the fact that it was Andrea who properly introduced us, considering she lives in our hometown, and not in Barcelona.

toi jordi and richard

And it’s wonderful to feel a crush at first sight on these two guys with whom I share so many things in common, especially the passion for music and this will to enjoy and have fun. And I love their strong friendship, and the way they connect and complement each other.

I reckon 2013 is the starting point of a long relation with them, and feel very happy and proud of feeling so welcome by them.



I think it was a great idea to start a dark year getting tattooed by one of the artists I admire most: Alvaro Llorar. The result was Carmen, a gorgeous woman with a flame coming out of one of her eyes. The design, the palette of colors used, and the composition are amazing, and I’m very pleased and proud of my girl.


This festival will last in my memory for several reasons. First, the lineup, Orange Goblin and Clutch; Second, I could spend some time with my British pals; Third, I met adorable people I already knew virtually but nor physically (Iñigo, Ostaika, Alberto…); Fourth, it was my first assignment for Rockzone Magazine.


I started writing for Rockzone in June, and since then I’ve been doing some homework reviewing albums and shows until I was assigned my first interview to Dave Wyndorf, of Monster Magnet, and I’ve been doing few more in the last 3 months.

I love music and writing, so you can imagine the possibility of combining these two passions is a blast. Again I have to thank Jordi and Richard for the support and trust.


I’ve always expressed how lucky I am for having the friends I have, and the meaning of this highlight is not making any favoritism, but I feel like celebrating my friendship with these two people, who are so important and dear to me.

On one hand I’m supper happy of Tani coming back to my life in a solid way. I’m positive there won’t be more distance between us, and it’s great to have the funniest chick in the world (apart from me, heh) by my side. Every minute we’ve spent together has been top quality and I know there are many more to come.

tani and toi

As for Jaume, my first internet friend, my best supporter and my best confidant, his life’s changed quite much this year, and I only hope I have supported him enough. Truth is that such change has also strengthened our friendship one step beyond. Cubism, gossip, movies at The Hellhouse and many nights of fun. For many years!


It’s been a very busy year with sessions almost every month at different venues: Psycho Club, Hey Ho! Bar, Es Xibiu tapas bar, La Caja Tonta and La Ley Seca in Zaragoza, and the most remarkable event, with Veronica, as guest djs at Siberia Festival in Vitoria.


Playlists I post here are becoming  popular and the crew seem to be pleased, and as for myself, I’m getting more comfortable and confident with the sessions. Very proud, to be honest.


I’m especially pleased with the current relationship with my father. We can have different points of view, argue, and get pissed off with each other, but I reckon we’ve never been so well as nowadays. Perhaps certain circumstances have encouraged the closeness of it, and I regard it as something very positive.

We still got some Japanese beers pending at the basement. I remember, Randy.


I feel lucky for being able to attend another show of the old man, with Crazy Horse. You never know when it’ll be the last chance, so whenever it’s possible I’ll move wherever to see him. The show was neat and beautiful, the place, wonderful, and the experience unforgettable.


As weird as it might sound, Fun Lovin’ Criminals’ singer, Huey, has managed to cheer me up every day thanks to his philosophy quotes, his jams of the day, his replies on Twitter, and his show on BBC6 Music. I’m positive I’ll meet him in person in the future, and I hope that future comes soon. #jeah!

Huey Morgan


Again, they must be included as a highlight. The ARF forum, Facebook, Twitter and this blog, have allowed me to get to know very interesting people, get closer to artists I admire and be in touch with people living far away. How can anyone hate internet?


I only hope 2014 is a bit more positive, or at least steadier, that these last ones, with no extreme ups n’ downs. There are cool events ahead which make me feel optimistic at this moment but you can never trust Fate whims, right? Let’s see what happens… I got my fingers crossed.