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What an amazing Spring-Summer season is coming this year!! A ruining one also, for so many bands are coming to Spain, it’s unbelievable!

The main explanation I find for this trend is crisis in music business caused by decreasing sales of albums, forcing the band touring more. The truth is that I feel divided, on one hand I feel sorry, on the other, what can I say? I adore stage performances and live music makes me feel so great! It doesn’t matter I’m broke, I rather spend my dough on a good gig that on eating properly, I can handle with rice and pasta for a while!

Apart from other confirmations I’ve already commented on previous posts, I’m very glad for this latest one I’ve discovered right after coming back from work: The Gaslight Anthem will be playing in Barcelona, @ Apolo, on July 7th.

I also told you how much I’m enjoying these guys’ stuff lately, they’re great, and definitely I’m willing to see  them on stage. I know it’s gonna be awesome, besides, I’ve been told shows are generous in length and they’re including among 20-25 songs in set lists, not so at Festivals nor supporting bands, so guess we’re lucky.

If you get the chance to see them, do not miss them, it’ll be a great night for sure.