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Good things come for those who wait.

I recover this sentence a good pal told me long time ago because it fits perfect.

Oh, yeah! I’ve been waiting patiently and eventually I’ve got my reward. L7 have been confirmed to be part of the lineup for Azkena Rock Festival in June and I couldn’t be more thrilled about this news.

L7 girls

I told you a couple of years the band not only was starting reactivating their Facebook account but also that that they were compiling stuff from fans in order to work on a documentary. I was pretty excited dreaming on a comeback which was never announced.

Less than a couple of months ago L7 created their own army to push promoters to hire them for this possible comeback. Are they doing it for the money? Fuck! I don’t care! First and last time I saw them was in 1999 and I remember their show was awesome. I need more!

Immediately I started thinking of the possibility of L7 playing at Azkena Rock Festival, which has managed to reunite several bands in the past, but at first I thought it was too soon for them to arrange everything. Dreaming awake is a tempting activity I practice much too often though and this time it was not an exception, so I started dealing with the possibility of seeing them alive at this festival. At the end of the day I had nothing to lose.

Therefore you can imagine the rush when I heard this morning their presence was confirmed at the festival. Oh shit! It’s been awesome! My day was basically a piece of chunk but as soon as I’ve read this I’ve started yelling “YES, YES, YES!” at the office and all my colleagues have started laughing because they knew it was a confirmation of a band I love for the festival, no matter they don’t know who the fuck L7 are.

6 months of wait start from now. This is the kind of motivation I need to keep on moving. Hell yeah!

Will I see you in Mendizabala?


I’ve never understood by L7 never achieved more popularity. Whenever you talk to someone who loves rock, rough, dirt and tacky, and L7 are mentioned, everybody agrees they were great and call themselves fans. However this band has always belonged to a worldwide underground scene, no matter their single Pretend We’re Dead was a super hit. L7 was one of these SubPop /MTV generation bands which never stepped forward beyond that temporary stardom.

l7 powah

Anyway, I love them, and at the end of the day that’s what counts, right? In fact my love and admiration for them has been growing day a day, it took me some time to really dig into their stuff, but when I did I knew this was going to be a relationship for good.

I’ve been thinking of writing an article for Norma Jean Magazine related to this band lately, for 3 powerful reasons: I love them, they’re women, and they have more balls than many male rock bands.

When trying to get proper info to deliver a more documented article I realized that, apart from Wikipedia and some info related to Rock for Choice, there are not many sources of developed information available related to the history of the band and its members. And I’ve been looking for a bio without success. Sheeeit!

Meanwhile L7 official band page on FB was starting to reactivate its activity, posting lots of videos, pictures and asking fans for any material related, form pictures to interviews and so on, announcing an upcoming documentary.

A documentary! I’m so excited about it I had to share it with you, friends. I NEED to see that. I can’t wait! There’s no release date, and no further info has been advised. I’d support a crowdfunding in case it was necessary, but know NOTHING.

As a good friend told me few days ago, Good things come to those that wait, and since I think patience is a virtue that comes with age, and I’m 36 already, I’m gonna breath deep, play one of their albums and share this trailer with you.


Last week was really one not to be remembered. Flu took over my life, sinking me into a comatose feverish state, leaving me completely numb and inactive. Mentally blocked for writing, unable to carry out any tasks, not very concentrated when watching movies, and barely listening to music. You know, when someone says something like “wish I was sick home” I get pissed off. Illness means punishment to me. I hate it!

Obviously the soundtrack chosen was kind of down, accordingly to my low state, I recovered John Grant’s Queen of Denmark, listened to Blues Funeral nonstop, Midlake, Neil Young…but, because illness is followed by feeling miserable and lonely, and this wasn’t any exception, as soon as fever was dropping, I felt the need to cheer up a bit, this is, to release some amount of adrenaline.

I’ve been very unlucky regarding the acquisition of L7 albums. First one I bought at a memorable show in which a night with the drummer was raffled among the audience, was Slap Happy. Certain character I’m not to name lost it when we started dating, and he eventually replaced it 5 years later. I had also bought a couple of albums more, but you know, during the widowing process everything was so past, many things and records were left behind, so it seems that I’ll never get them back, ot at least I don’t have any expectations, and L7’s belong to that category of lost items. Therefore, and because it’s unacceptable my CD/record collection misses such a relevant band, I’m trying to purchase all of them once and for all.

I’ve realized The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum is one of my favorite. Drama, Bitter Wine, The Masses Are Asses, Moonshine… perhaps are not as popular as the most popular anthems L7 have, but these songs used to rock my world when I was a teenager.

Perhaps, my passion for this band has been growing gradually with the passing of years, but what I can assure you it that since I knew of their existence, Donita, Suzi Gardner, Dee Plakas and Jennifer Finch were icons, and all the girls in our packed gang, we all wanted to dress and rock like them.

A great wave of nostalgia invades me right now, thinking of my friends Beui, Lorena, Vanessa, Clara, Beatriz, Tani, Noemi… my local L7-like friends. Damn! We were Seattle adopted kids in Mañoland, and we rocked!

L7 were attitude, they rocked, were mean and liked riot, opposite to all this aesthetics and pose, they played rougher than many guys, and in fact, they could actually play. Probably because of their female condition in a especially men’s world, as rock is, they had to fight for their recognition harder than many other bands. Most likely this handicap was key to strengthen their status as the new queens of the riot girls, and leave print in rock history.


My favorite all time music genre is rock, generally speaking. I’ve always been a very energetic person and never found something so powerful as to balance such state but rock. Could have been heavy metal or techno, but you know already about certain bands and albums which marked my path forever. Also feelings and emotions evoked, are related to my choice, of course.

Times are changing and there are more girls passionate about rock, which is great, but back in the day, I still got memories of attending gigs in which 80 and even 90% audience were male. Something funny was when those bands with an attractive member playing, and all of a sudden you started noticing too many chicks around.

This never happened in UK though, or at least I never had that feeling. Rock is more extended in Anglo-Saxon countries.

Being a groupie is a tough question. Everybody tends to identify the groupie as the girl looking for some dick, and truth is the rule applies in many cases. In this sense, I’ve never considered myself as such, but I admit it, I particularly enjoy some small talk with bands  and even some party time if possible.

I’m not a pro-feminism defendant and to be honest, on a daily basis I just don’t feel undervalued nor despised for being a woman (I feel like a girl, but that’s another thing), but it’s true the rock scene has always male focused. Sure I don’t take it wrong, generally speaking, guys rock the most, no discussion, however what has always caused me some distress is the fact that sometimes being a rockin’ girl wrongly means being a hoe or a tomboy. I’d be more balanced to the second option, yet I don’t really agree on that. On the other hand, people don’t take you serious unless you prove your knowledge.

Fortunately those years are gone, don’t feel the need to ensure my love for music anymore, this is an inner feature of myself, natural and settled for long time. No need of a rock ID, if you know what I mean. I positive know what I like and what I know, and the more I know, the more I must keep on discovering and learning. Music is endless fun and magic and the best way to express and transmit feelings I think.

Regarding female contribution to rock and music in general is generous and remarkable, and it’s also noticeable, this position is growing firm and more constant.

From Janis Joplin and Tina Turner, to Neko Case or PJ Harvey, Debbie Harry or Lucinda Williams, among many others,  the longtime label stating that women don’t rock should be erased once and for all, don’t you think?