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Spring is already here, in fact the heat wave striking makes me think a hell of Summer is about to arrive and I’m scared. Right now this mid season means weather improving despite storms, allergies striking back, longer days…and Spring fever, affecting not only physically but also emotionally. Extreme ups and downs on a daily basis, absolutely insane. It is now when we awake from the Winter lethargy.

The human being feels more alive under warmer conditions, and sex recovers priority and in many cases, its hegemony, in our minds… you can discuss whatever. It’s a fact.

I’m not different to others on this particular regard. I DO love sex, perhaps even more than you do, and considering my current situation, passing through more than reasonable seasons of complete drought, life has taught me to appreciate and respect this practice even more. Not that I rejected it before (by all means), cause I believe in the philosophy stating that what is here today, will be gone tomorrow (I insist, I love sex), but when something is always at hand, you just take it for granted, and eventually it’s not so exciting  nor interesting, as most things in life.

Let’s stop here for a second, I want to make something clear, so you don’t read till the end of the post looking for something that is not gonna turn up, and feel disappointed afterwards.

I’m 35. I’ve had 2 serious relationships. I come from a family in which we joke about farts and blowjobs at dinner table, love the word FUCK, and I’m accustomed to be crystal clear with my friends when talking about getting laid. This been said, I hope you don’t think this is gonna be a therapeutic post, or a revealing one, in which I will eventually confess I have a collection of dildos, or my preferences…no way! I need no therapy, if you feel curious you can ask me privately or try to find out my tastes for yourself, and finally, I don’t have any dildos. I used to have my vibrator, Mariano, which was a farewell present I received when I came back from London, but it passed away long time ago (not due to nonstop usage but because of a lethal fall, ha!). Sure I’ve thought of purchasing some fun stuff, but it’s never the right moment, I have better things to spend my dough at.

It’s curious the way some idea comes up as to be developed and shaped as a post. Spring aside, there were two other direct sources of inspiration. First one, a tribute to John Holmes and the picture of his love stick, published on Diawhee, a blog I frequently check, a couple of months ago. The second one, an article posted on Norma Jean Magazine,  related to 5 things girls never do, but we actually do or have done some time. The first two facts were directly related to masturbation and oral sex, and found it funny to comment that it’s just a matter of time to reach the level where those topics stop being taboos.

I was having a cup of tea one morning, when I thought of porn, just because. It wasn’t just a thought, but, to tell the truth, a brainstorming outburst was happening inside my head. Thus, in order to keep the concepts fresh, I wrote down many ideas and concepts in a sheet of paper…priceless.

To be honest I don’t consider myself a porn consumer but never despised it either. It’s been always around, especially considering I got a younger brother, and most of my best friends are male, thus in certain moments porn has caught my attention for one reason or another, and now I feel like talking about my top 5 porn related facts or experiences.

Let’s get started


I was 11, maybe 12, it was a very hot Saturday night in August. My neighbors David and Marta and I were bored watching TV. In those years there were only the two national channels broadcasting, but some sort of signal was caught that allowed to watch illegal channels featuring real crap stuff. Our parents were having the typical dinner that ends late at night with them quite affected by alcohol, talking and laughing loud, at my friends’ house, door to door with mine, and they were in the garden, limited to ours by a fence. As our younger brothers were sleeping and we were old enough, we could stay awake till late as long as we didn’t bother them. We thought to be completely ignored.

At some point, David, who is the eldest, probably 13, whose hormones had already started to rule his world, suggests we switch to the porn channel muting the volume. Marta stares at me completely terrified, and I, who try to be smart and look cool to the guy to earn his respect, accept the challenge and decide to go ahead.

All of a sudden, David’s widely smiling relaxed on the couch, Marta is disgusted with tears in her eyes and I’m trying to figure out what I’m actually watching. I remember what seemed to last 2 seconds, of a blonde naked woman, with a red bead necklace, and right after a close-up take of dick-cunt vigorously pumping. I don’t think this whole thing lasted more than 45 seconds, when my father notices something going on and at the garden starts screaming “What the Fuck are you doing?!!!”.

A mixture of panic and heart attack strikes and the only thing David and I think of is to hide each one in a toilet, leaving dumb Marta alone to welcome my father who will arrive in 10 seconds.

Think quick Toi, how are you gonna face this situation? Is there any excuse you can make up? Nah, he knows, I gotta accept the punishment, hope it’s not a hard one this time.

I come out from the toilet, go to the kitchen to talk to my dad and apologize. David and Marta have left and we are on our own. I don’t want to be a rat, but my father easily gets the picture. Instead of more yelling, he told me this:

Toi, I’m not angry at you for watching a porn movie, but I would like you to know THAT is not reality. I don’t want you to be disappointed in the future, but cocks are not usually as huge.

I swear this was the advice he gave me, and I must admit he was right. We still remember the incident at home…


I know Deep Throat is a legend and a reference in porn but I was fascinated with Latex when I discovered it through Canal+, the first premium cable TV channel in Spain. I’m not exaggerating reckoning I watched it around 3-4 times.

The channel magazine announced the broadcasting of Latex, describing it as the peak of porn at current time, and the most expensive X film ever made. Directed by Michael Ninn, Latex features Jon Dough, who committed suicide in 2007, and Sunset Thomas.

As far as my memory can tell, the plot, because there was actually one existing and quite of a sci-fi inspired one, was about a guy, Malcom, who can get into others’ minds and souls, reaching their most hidden secrets revealing all kind of fantasies. Probably the special effects are now obsolete, but in 1996, they were quite remarkable.

Many scenes and details were saved in my personal hard disk and I will never forget: a couple of scenes in the kitchen with Tyffany Million, the mega coming lasting minutes, Kato driving the car, the slow motion, dildos, latex, high heels… it was really impressive, and aesthetics, very cyberpunk and futuristic, was memorable.

I found some latex items quite attractive. In fact, I purchased vinyl jacket 2-3 years later, in London, which constantly reminded me of this movie.

I’ve been thinking to watch it again, but probably I’d get disappointed, so I prefer to keep my memory intact.


Traci Lords, who else? All the influence certain rock magazine has exerted on me and lots of guys is clearly exemplified in the shape of this woman.

I’ve seen some of her scenes, and to be honest, her super slutty face gets on my nerves sometimes, but I respect her for being unique, and very very smart.

A girl whose career in adult movies finishes reached its peak before she turned 18, got a USD 100000 piece of a cake, the only legally recorded film, Tracy, I Love You, by selling her rights, and retired from the porn industry right away, just deserves to be praised.

We will never be sure whether she was forced to record those 21 films, which turned to be over 100, recycling leftovers and mixing scenes. Some other established  porn actors reckoned she knew what she was doing, and the fact that, as soon as she was 18, news of illegal activities involving an underage girl stroke FBI so as to carry out an intense prosecution which erased all the films from the market but just the one she had rights, is quite significant. And the successful achievement of trespassing to mainstream film business right after is also a sign of Traci Lords being a smart ass who played her cards to the top. Fuckin’ A!


Early 1995 the breaking news confirming the sudden marriage between the hottest Baywatcher  and Playmate, Pamela Anderson, and Mötley Crüe’s drummer Tommy Lee, only 4 days after getting acquainted, shocked the world.

What an explosive combination. I’d bet 95% of male population was babbling and wanking for her, and felt jealous of Tommy Lee, who, let’s be honest, wasn’t  Axl Rose nor Sebastian Bach, and had already been married to another soap TV goddess, Heather Locklear, this is Sammy Jo in Dynasty and bitchy Amanda Woodward in Melrose Place.

It was Pam’s glory days. I gave a  Playboy special with The Best of Pamela Anderson video  to my brother for his 13th birthday, with all the family present, and I’ll never forget his cheerful expression, and my father’s comment saying: “Jorge, we’ll watch this video together”. What a moment!

Months later, scandal strikes back. The existence of a sex tape featuring the wild couple is revealed. Not only that, but also footage has leaked and all media is covering the incident. Apparently during their honeymoon they recorded their sexual activities, and unfriendly hands stole the tape from their residence and distributed through internet and other means.

Nowadays being the cheapest porn business, home porn videos are very popular and we could say even normal, but in that time, watching these two celebrities having fan, Pamela giving head, and Tommy Lee blowing the horn of his yacht with his HUGE cock was, to say the least, shocking and impressive, and why not admitting it? Morbid and appealing.

We used to pay respects to a bar named Hendrix quite often, and once I found out they had this magazine Interviu with an article related to the video and the scandal. I had to fulfill my curiosity, thus I carefully studied the contents, which included the most remarkable captures of the video. Well, the sight of Pamela blowing was quite predictable, but what I renamed The Baguette, OMFG! That was not from this world. Really, Tommy Lee’s cock was like a bread stick!!!

I remembered my father saying porn cocks are not for real, I was thinking of John Holmes’ 36cm piece, and then I was staring at that, and came to terms to myself never to approach such huge creatures.

I’ve been always a great communicator, and informing people one of my main targets in life, thus, I asked for permission to borrow the magazine for a couple of days, the morning after went straight to the photocopier at the university, and printed 30 A4 copies, to distribute among my friends and acquaintances. We didn’t have internet nor e-mail accounts, and I strongly believed such document had to be shared. And everybody was ok with that.


We’re living constantly harassed by  huge amounts of information, in all senses. Exposing yourself to the world if you want to show something is cheap and easy nowadays, succeed and achieve fame, that’s another issue. But if you want to record your sex tapes and show them, there are lots of platforms available for you to do so. This is synonym of amateurism and lack of professionalism hogging the media. Sorry, you might get a hard-on watching any random third floor couple thinking the way they fuck is too worth sharing with the rest of the world. No fuckin’ way!

Again I’m a romantic and an old school girl. I love films with a stupid plot line, motel rooms or even hotel suites, and decent lightning around, and of course, pretty faces.

The deal with male actors is resumed on their cock, hardening and fluids closely linked, not their face or body features. No, remember Ron Jeremy, c’mon!

Most of porn actresses have passed through the same procedure: silicone, blonde or reddish dye, this UV suntanning, those terrible and disgusting long nails…pretty much following the same pattern. To sum up, Barbie wannabies, with no expression in their faces ready to make you come within 2 minutes in front of your computer. Effective, but boring.

First time I saw below attached GIF of this goddess, I first thought she was gorgeous, then I realized she was being banged, and third, noticed everyone was as shocked as me.

Once she was properly introduced as Stoya, the porn actress who used to date Marilyn Manson, her presence in forums, Tumblr and conversations related to porn was constant.

What do I like of Stoya? Good question, and the answer is many things. To be honest I don’t know a single name of a film she’s recorded. I don’t care, there are lots of gifs, shorts videos and thousands of pictures available on the net.

Regardless of my straight sexual condition, of course I don’t have any problem in admitting  I like because of her  overwhelming beauty,  I’d be a hypocrite if I said the opposite, but you know what I’m fascinated by, over all? Her face expressiveness. All the porn actresses exaggerate and in many cases they fake their faces, not Stoya. Her confident and challenging glance, her sensual smile, her defying attitude…to sum up, I love her because she’s enjoying sex, you can feel the pleasure and she never stops looking stunning whatever she’s doing or being done. Everytime I see Stoya in sex attitude I immediately get in the mood, we could say is action-reaction, I feel jealous and want to be enjoying as much as her.

I’m glad to know I’m not alone in this. You know how this goes, if I refer to a woman I’d be labeled as a lesbian, and I’m not against them, but I know up to date I still dig men even though most of them drive me nuts. Stoya has become topic of discussion among friends, male and female, and we all agree on the fact that she’s so full of pleasure, we’ve turned fans.

The 25 year old icon has a very thin, yet perfectly shaped body thanks to lots of gymnastics practice. Moreover, she’s a specialist of hula-hop acrobatics.

 No silicone, a pale white marmoreal skin, nipples pierced… she doesn’t adjust to the patterns  by all means. Her power and sensuality is located in her face, able to drive everyone around insane. Stoya is the joy of sex itself.

Perhaps she’s an exception, in the same way the splendid Sasha Grey is, within the porn business, but at least I like to be aware of the fact that there are women able to handle their careers in a such peculiar and difficult world, and have managed to keep their identities intact, projecting their personalities into their work. Moreover, they’ve reached some relevance also trespassing the limits of the X-rated films.


So this is it, my own personal view of porn. You might find it disgusting or offensive, or perhaps too innocent and funny, guess this is the way I’ve grown up… what can I say?