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I’ve always heard Soccer, leveled to religion, is the opium of the people. I can agree up to a certain point, based on the last experienced related to the Champions League.

Yeah friends, I’ve been watching 3 Champions matches in the last week, and today will be the fourth. Not sure whether the main cause is my current unemployment status seeking for some emotions, or that  I’m proving to be insane once again. Perhaps I’m  just a street survivor adapting to the surroundings…whatever. All this started for a reason.

My friend Carlos, and former boss, is engaged to Mireia, one of my best friends in Barcelona, who is a crazy diehard fan and supporter of Barça soccer team. Great deal of the most important  Spanish league events, involving Barça and Madrid teams,  are hosted at their house, so all the bunch, Barça supporters, aka culés, make lots of pressure over poor Carlos, who stands on his own.

Thus, with the excuse of Real Madrid playing against Bayer München, he invited me to watch the match, knowing I don’t give a shit about soccer. I accepted, promising I’d support his team, and will be by his side during those 90 minutes, which resulted painful and boring with not a favorable and positive result, due to the meringue team coach, disgusting Mourinho.

I paid Carlos lots of attention and suddenly started tweeting some of his conclusions, which were immediately replied, with my followers –I hate that term, fans is nicer- completely in shock for this new side of Toi. Is the world coming to an end and that’s the reason why Toi is talking about soccer? I don’t know, give me a beer and I can comment on Sunday mass if necessary, hahahaha

The fact is that I started joking about not writing more tweets regarding Barça-Chelsea, but surprisingly people started encouraging me to go on with them, just for fun. Thus, with the laptop ready, TV on and fresh beer, I enjoyed a very intense game. It was very funny, and we were some friends interacting, which made it even funnier.

As I don’t like the sport, due to all the show business and ridiculous amounts of money involved, so as the relevance soccer has socially speaking as to cover 70% of media coverage on TV news, the special treatment players, executives, trainers…received, and all this League of Stars crap, and because I criticize everyone and people get easily offended, I didn’t want to watch the famous classic Barça-Madrid.

Champions is enough for me, and only if Spanish teams involved and in advanced stages.

Thus yesterday we watched Barça team losing against Chelsea, playing aggressively on the first half, but completely erratic and distracted on the second, with millionaire stars such as retarded-looking  Messi missing a penalty shot. WTF?

Can I confess what I liked most? I was watching the game on TV, but listened to radio broadcast in Catalan, and it was much more exciting, with the commentators so hysteric I ended up screaming against TV! Beer helped a lot, by the way.

So, today Real Madrid occupying the other vacancy against Chelsea on Champions final game, is at stake, and I will support Carlos, with the help of some more beers, and my mobile phone for tweeting.

Once this experience narrated, which was much fan, let’s talk serious here.

Soccer has become the opium of the people in the sense that media has managed to divert all the attention of most population into issues related to the League and other soccer tournaments: team signings, league results, tension among teams, hot statements pronounced by coaches, going beyond the sport itself, to personal lives and affairs of the players, who’ve become stars, over actors and politicians.

Once you get used to it, soccer is easy, and everyone can understand strategies and other issues related, while this doesn’t happen with the national crisis striking and the lack of information. There are so many concepts beyond our knowledge and nobody spending enough time to clarify what’s going on what is being done and what’s going to happen, aside the statistics confirming unemployment and debt are constantly increasing, people give up and choose looking the other way, the soccer world, which is easy to understand.

In a divided country as this, with all the autonomous regions issues, the eternal discussion on the official languages, and the budget sharing and distribution as main concerns, it’s the damn soccer what makes the whole nation look in the same direction. This is sad, and very shocking in my opinion, but it’s a fact.

Remember opium as a drug is a downer, but soccer game itself implies suffering, stress, defeat and frustration in many cases, it is actually an upper, that’s why I say, the statement I’ve started earlier with, is valid at to a certain point.

Rock, or music in general, was my choice, as my passion and a way to escape from reality, soccer is the solution for most people, at this point, what can I say? Just Live and Let Die.