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I know, I know, I’m one week late. i should have posted this  days ago, but due to some circumstances I wasn’t able to write about this properly. Well, I did, but the draft was lost, and I was a bit busy and definitely not in the mood. Sorry.

After my last experience at Primavera Sound Festival, when the first set of tickets was available (for 10 minutes), I purchased mine blindfolded, as once the lineup was confirmed, this ticket would be an investment in case I wasn’t interested in attending it, or would be a bargain if bands suited me fine.

This festival has always been regarded as a hipster one, despised by the rock/metal communities for long time. The fact is that it is the only festival in Spain capable of covering all the styles, including classic rock bands and more metal sounds too. I’ve seen Neil Young, The Jayhawks, Neurosis, Neko Case, The Afghan Whigs or Hot Snakes. I think it’s time we leave all these prejudices behind, as this is a very respectable and well established festival, objectively speaking, the best in the country.


Last Tuesday a short film was publicly streamed to introduce the lineup confirmed for 2014. Regardless of the quality or the script, I have to admit this formula was really exciting, as people were sharing impressions and confirmations through the social networks, and thanks to some of the bands confirmed there was some sort of hysteria and euphoria at some point: Nine Inch Nails, Queens Of The Stone Age, Slint, Touché Amoré, Drive-By Truckers, Kvelertak, Midlake… Just with these bands I’m interested in, the ticket’s been already paid off.

There’re still almost 4 months ahead to discover new interesting bands which will be attending the festival, and this is a good motivation for continuing investigating new stuff.

Holidays have already been confirmed for these days, probably in a couple of months I will know who will stay at the Hellhouse (my flat usually turns into a crazy community those days), and I’m looking forward meeting friends I don’t see very often. 

I think I confessed last year that even though I’m not a proper festival fan, lately I’m enjoying them lots, thanks to the vibe, my friends, the performances and the party. THE PARTY. HAPPINESS. 

Guess this week I will call Andrea to start looking for our complements. we gotta find something to beat the palms and flamingos shades.