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The album of the week section is being a bit chaos lately. My apologies, I’ll try to update as quick as possible and get back into track.

Buckcherry’s self titled debut album is a very special one. I don’t listen to it entirely very often, nowadays, but there was a time I couldn’t live without it.

I got the picture. Spring 1999, my favorite London spot, The Intrepid Fox in Wardour St, drinking pints as if there was no tomorrow, and hard rock heating the atmosphere. You know, Skid Row, Mötley Crüe, some Guns n’ Roses…great vibes.

Those were the times of the rising hegemony of the Scandinavian punk rock movement, with Backyard Babies, The Hellacopters, Hardcore Superstar or my beloved Gluecifer, and really, there was a kind of hard rock spirit revival.

The Fox was the hottest rock pub back then, a place where you could see leather, leopard, tattoos, beards, punk, stoner, goth and heavy metal crowds. It was my second house, warm and smelly, and packed most of times.

On any random crazy evening, all of a sudden LIT UP caught my attention. What was that? It’s new, sounds powerful and the chorus, which immediately became a party anthem, repeating  “I Love the Cocaine, I Love the Cocaine, Mama Can’t You wait?”.

Buckcherry was top 1 in our narrow rockin’ world overnight. I purchased the CD at Virgin for 10.99 pounds. Still got that copy and the price sticker on it, ha! If you think about it, it was quite expensive 13 years ago. Guess UK has always been like that, but when working and earning their way, you don’t seem to notice. Buckcherry was played at any venue I used to hang out.

My only Reading Festival experience, in August 99, featured Backyard Babies followed by Buckcherry, among other bands. I attended these shows with my friend Cristina, and we hadn’t slept but for an hour, as we had one of these crazy Friday nights. In fact we were still under the influence and managed to enter a 1,5l bottle full of calimocho (red wine and coca-cola) in to the festival facilities. The moment with the guy at the entrance asking what was that and sniffing, unable to identify the drink, was hilarious. We saw both shows in first rows and a bunch of Australian guys took us under their protection and built a human barrier surrounding us, keeping us away from the horrible and violent mosh pits during the two shows. Gotta tell you they were very intense and were excellent. The experience was a blast, but after sweating the shit out of ourselves, and with the arrival of a massive hangover, we spent more than 3- hours resting, drinking beers and being entertained by freaks, lying in the grass. Josh Todd, the leader of Buckcherry passed by dressed in skater hardcore outfit, and we managed to say a quich hello to himAmazing memories.

It was frustrating coming home on holidays and notice that people in my hometown weren’t acquainted with Buckcherry. When my friend Tani listened to the album and had an immediate crush on it, she suggested my target was to spread the word at pubs and bars, so we’d be able to listen to Lit Up everything. Thus, my mission was to play my CD at every place I was having a beer. And it worked.

Bartenders were amazed by the power of this single, and I was introducing them to the band and other songs such as Lawless and Lulu or Dead Again. I used to write the name of the album, the band and the song all the time, and finally they invested in the album, and Tani and I could sing “I Love the Cocaine, I Love the Cocaine” 2-3 times every night the least. This is how I really learned about the power of word of mouth.

I don’t listen much to the rest of their albums because, unfortunately Buckcherry for me delivered one of the most powerful rock debut,  but weren’t able to keep the level and the intensity, despite Josh Todd’s vocals and their cool riffs. Nay, those 12 tracks were overwhelming and out of reach. I still vibe and yell whenever I listen to Crushed or Check Your Head. If you like hard rock, you MUST have this album.