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Back in 1999, in my London years, I discovered one of the bands I have the most weakness for, Toilet Boys.

I really discovered them by chance, because they were opening for Nashville Pussy. The fact is that they left a mark never to forget, one of the funniest and most Spinal Tap moments I’ve ever witnessed, and just in 20 minutes approx I had a crush on Miss Guy, one of the coolest leaders of a band.

What happened there is history and should be included in one of these rock, punk rock guides or whatever you wanna name it.

Toilet Boys had this innocent attempt of pyrotechnics, same as Nashville Pussy, whose bass player at the time, Corey Parks, used to vomit fire. Well, theirs was apparently less risky, however something happened. I was buying a beer and thought everything was a joke. Saw some smoke on the roof and then everyone was yelling “the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire”, and music had stopped. I was telling my ex how cool that was, when a security staff guy told us to leave the venue very serious.

Imagine 700 punk rock attitude people in the blocking Charing Cross yelling for more. That was awesome.

We had enjoyed so much in so few time, we bought this CD from the bass player, Adam Vomit, who was having trouble with the British currency, and was smoking his pipe. What a laugh! And what a cool guy! Last year at Azkena Rock Festival we spent almost an hour talking to him, very nice!

Since then, I think I’ve never missed any of the shows I could see, two or three.  I never get enough of these guys…

I’m saving to talk about Miss Guy, he deserves a post for himself, but I advance you something, this blonde rocks my world!

Let’s focus on the album of the week, and my first album of Toilet Boys, with a straight and powerful name , Come And Get It!

Ten cuts for you to move your ass and start headbanging, riffs, fast songs, and funny lyrics. Leaving the artwork of the album which obviously is quite graphic of what you’re gonna listen is not close to opera at all, the opening Go to Hell is simply irresistible, followed by hits such us Another Day in the Life, Millionaire, Do or Die…Don’t know how many times I’ve listened to them.

And for closing a cover of Black Sabbath’s Fairies Wear Boots…absolutely brilliant, so much, Ben Ward, the singer of Orange Goblin, very reluctant to listen to “that bloody crap”, had to admit it was good.

I’m not saying they’re the best, but unfortunately they’ve been unfairly considered a second league punk rock band by many. I’m a diehard fan, I swear, and I’ll always be.  Sometimes you have to take music in a funnier way, and Toilet Boys are equal to party.

And now, You Got It!