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Super delay in updating the albums of these two past weeks, mainly caused by my getaway to Zaragoza, and last days which have been quite busy socially speaking. I’m immediately sorting this out.

With the great taste left by Abandon Jalopy’s Death & Joy still in my mouth, from the previous weeks, responsible for reminding me of the constant hunger for Blind Melon stuff,  I  spent much time recovering and enjoyed  the short yet one of the most intense and amazing discographies ever. Some months ago I talked about Soup, said to be my favorite one. But the band’s self-titled debut album introduced by the already classic video of the little fatty girl in glasses, wearing the bee costume, is also an essential in my life, and an absolute MUST HAVE, in a decent discography.

Of course I love No Rain, but to be honest, I got up tired of the famous video. That 90’s aesthetic, the saturation of the prairie and the blue sky, why not? The bee girl, and MTV constantly bombing for some time, were finally hard to endure. Guess I’m lucky not to have judged the band by the video, otherwise I might not be writing about Blind Melon.

And of course, key fact to pay attention to this band was, no doubt, the guest appearance of Shannon Hoon in Guns n’ Roses’  Don’t Cry video. It was like, “Who’s this guy?”. Now I remember that rumors at that time were that Hoon was Axl’s younger brother. And we thought it was true. it was that time when we started to hear about the singer’s childhood trauma, child abuse, his father…as news and gossip took very long to be clarified, for obvious reasons, we thought Axl and Hoon were brothers for some time, till we knew they were friends, from Lafayette.

This album contains what I consider one of my greatest personal anthems ever, a complete declaration of principles, in the shape of the beautiful Change.

When you feel your life ain’t worth living 
you’ve got to stand up and
take a look around you then a look way up to the sky.
And when your deepest thoughts are broken, 
keep on dreaming boy, cause when you stop dreamin’ it’s time to die.

How many times have I listened to this song when low spirited? Pfff, hundreds I think, and never get tired of it, as the feeling in my belly never leaves.

Change and No Rain are fantastic tunes, but Blind Melon is more. Tones of Home, I Wonder, Dear Ol’ Dad, Deserted, Holyman…well, no song was included for filling purposes, as any is magic.

Of course, the great weight of the band was on Hoon’s voice, but the more I listen to Blind Melon’s stuff, the more I adore the band.

Despite the fact that some songs lyrics are not precisely very happy and positive, in general terms, and of course, personally speaking, this album is an upper.

Plan for Easter was to stay at my parents’ few days, to celebrate my nephew’s first anniversary, take a break to recover from the shocking news of my current working status, or better said, my imposed inactivity, and hang out with friends.

Great news was that Los Mambo Jambo were in town on Saturday night, so the plan was a WIN. My soul bro Gonzalo were definitely attending the show. Therefore, it was a great opportunity to recover their wonderful EP Sonido Jambofónico. 4 excellent instrumental tunes, ready to rock your soul. You know, the kind of 50’s inspired tunes that unavoidably set you in the right mood for party and dancing.

Their sound is sober and elegant, the perfect and solid rhythmic foundation on one hand, thanks to Kovacevic’s powerful double bass and Jarl’s awesome drum parts, the rockin’-surfin’-swingin’ work of Mario Cobo on guitar, and the unique style and distinctive mark provided by Dani Nel-lo’s Tenor Sax.

Los Mambo Jambo are the accompaniment band at Taboo, The Burlesque Barcelona Night, hosted once a month at Apolo venue.  Never got the chance to attend them but hopefully this will change soon.

Glad to see they’ve decided to spread their Jambophonic sound and delight us with their performances from time to time. I’ve attended two shows and they’re definitely worth seeing, because quality and fun are guaranteed.