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I arrived to Madrid yesterday  afternoon…again. Yeah, I know, I should move here and start saving the money I’m investing in flights for another worthy enterprise. Believe me, I’m trying, in fact, this trip has to do with my plans for moving to the big city. Let’s see how it goes.

My sis wanted to invite someone to visit Madrid Fashion Week #MBMFW, as she had a spare invitation. As weird as it might sounds and having in mind I’m not into fashion trends, I have to admit there are several aspect I’m interested in, thus the possibility of nosing what’s hot in one of these fashion summits for free, was quite attractive.

It’s funny this point Agnès and I have reached of understanding and experimenting activities we wouldn’t carry out for ourselves. She wouldn’t go to rock shows, and I wouldn’t go shopping, but we love approaching the other’s side, and at the end of the day, we enjoy any kind of events together. She didn’t have to insist nor ask me. It took me 30 seconds to tell her I was IN.

The plan was set, she was to pick me up at the airport, we’d eat something quick and go to the fair to see if we could catch any runway show. We accomplish the target.

The week consists, not only of the fashion shows featuring collections by established and young designers, but also promo and marketing. Thus you can find lots of stands of the different brands of makeup, magazines, and other sponsors, and of course, in order to catch your attention there are scheduled activities for amusement.

When we arrived L’Oréal stand was helding a course of make-up, promoting a line of cosmetics.

There were photo calls in search for new talents where you could pose for a pic and then participate in contests and…who knows? Perhaps become a model.

Magazines stands were giving issues for free. We got this month’s Bazaar and girls were crazy looking after it, because the only one available was summer’s edition. I was flipping.

There was a double runway show scheduled while we were there, and we tried to sneak in, queuing waiting for the organization staff to confirm there were seats available who those not having the invitation or admission ticket. They stopped allowing people entering right behind us, so at least it was worth the wait.

I felt like attending one of these shows, whose cuts you’ve seen many times on TV and live the experience, but also wanted to observe the people who attend these events, professionals aside.

I was surprised to notice a remarkable presence of ladies in their 50-60’s, not pretending to prove anything, just having fun at the runways and nosing at anything, basically same as me.

I already knew fashion world was superficial and cold, but yesterday my suspicions were confirmed. With this I’m not saying all people involved are like that, but a great deal of them are close to the stupidity borders.

Sex and the City and Carrie Bradshaw have affected at least a couple of generations. There were girls with such outfits, Agnès, who is into fashion as you know, and I were shocked wondering whether they were dressed up for the occasion, as if in a costumes party, or they were for real. Impossible high heels some couldn’t wear without seeming dumb like ducks, perfect make up, nails and hair which at least took them 2 hours to get ready, and this forced attempt to be the coolest and most trending girl in the place. A bit ridiculous. You can be stylish and be influenced by fashion, but at the end of the day, if you’re such a slave to fashion, you’re just a copycat.

It was really funny to hear some conversations around and realize the level of intelligence and smart talk of people too. Sure not many had read something as simple as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Thinking this generation is the future, gives m the creeps. not only that, looking great implied being super rude to other people, and also being allowed to look over your shoulder. Terrific people!

Once I’ve criticized everything I saw, I will tell you the best of the whole thing was the beer, which was cheap. Guess not many skinny girls nor models drink much of it, so the price was ridiculous, and we were very glad.

Finally after queuing for 20 minutes we were IN the lounge ready for the shows.

Some Spanish celebrities and other relevant characters I wasn’t aware of, were occupying the firsts rows. All kind of cameras and flashes were allowed, which was very interesting, and the press photographers were at the end of the catwalk, right in front of the models, for better captures.

Agnès was giving me feedback, explaining about the lighting of the shows, focused on remark the outfits for this press, thus, even I wasn’t in the best place, nor with a great equipment, lighting and other circumstances considered, I can’t complain about the pictures I took.

First collection by Leyre Valiente, was very sci-fi inspired, with sheer fabrics sometimes, and other pieces featuring an excess of pleats.

The second collection by Eva Soto Conde, was completely inspired in origami. I did like this one the most, although there were dresses which reminded me of party garlands. Very colourful, this collection was lively.

Again I expected shows to be more extended in length, however everything was really quick, no more than 12 minutes each set.

Models were nice, but nothing to do with Gisele Bundchen or Naomi Campbell. The girls were really young, pale and very very skinny. Agnès had read a comment saying models were healthy icons, but believe me, that’s a fallacy.

Few years ago there was a scandal related to the extreme thinness in catwalks, and there was a standard minimum of BMI (Body Mass Index) marked as to control the models. What I saw yesterday was outrageous, and really can’t imagine how was before. TV really makes people look fatter, now I know that.

We spent 2 ½ hours submitted to super dark and artificial lights, awful disco music, surrounded by this halo of coolness and glamour. Not so glamour after all, professionals are working and you can see that in their attitude, observing, processing and taking notes, and then lots of young people, especially girls and fashion guys, who apparently will be spreading the trends right away.

Was it worth attending? Absolutely. I reckon it was an interesting experience and company, and consequently gossips and laughs, couldn’t be better. From time to time it rules being an intruder or an undercover agent checking what’s going on on the other side.