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Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved dancing. I think it has to do with my sort of hyperactivity, when I’m happy or in good mood I have plenty of energy, plus dancing means music involved, so it’s the perfect combination. It doesn’t matter I’m in bad shape, if music is fine, I can be moving for hours.

Most people who would reckon sometimes I feel too uninhibited, and become a bit of a show woman, hahaha

I have a repertoire of dance steps, some are borrowed or copied, but of course I have my own genuine one called Cola-Cao. I can do it for you anytime after a few beers, lately I’m recovering it back. I do fake tap dancing, karate, the robot…whatever!

The reason for admitting how ridiculous I can be sometimes is because I’d like to talk about two dances I really really love, which are worldwide acknowledged and praised: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk and Axl Rose’s Snake Dance.

Wacko shocked the world when he started sliding backwards performing Billie Jean. That movement didn’t seem human, it was as if actually the floor surface was moving, not him. Jackson preferred more robotic movements and moonwalking had something of it.

Mighty Axl Rose came into scene with the most dangerous band in the world, Guns N’ Roses. Violent, aggressive, a punk and a misfit, Axl’s earliest performances were amazing, yet scary, jumping, gesturing, using the microphone stand as if it was a gun…and the Snake Dance. Whenever you see Axl snake dancing, you see nasty sex, sensuality and groove….grrrrr, I fuckin’ love it!

I’ve never been able to moonwalk properly, and I’ve tried hard, however Snake Dance is essential for me.

I’m probably not being to objective, so let’s try one poll (first one as a blogger) to see what you think of them and which one you prefer, and do not feel shy to write your comments. It’s not a matter of technique or quality but what you really like the best. C’mon! Let’s have fun!