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Happy holidays to y’all!

Once the few family Xmas commitments successfully finished, it’s time I start focusing on closing this 2013. I’m gonna start with the easiest part, which is the list of my 13 favorite album releases.

I reckon this year has been marked by harder sounds and styles compared to the last years. Somehow it seems that my current mood is also looking for more energy in music. Truth is that, as usual, there are many albums I haven’t listened to yet and perhaps with the passing of time the list would change, but right now these are the albums I’ve been enjoying most this strange 2013.



Rage and pure energy, Valient Himself and his guys nailed it once again with this album. Lyrics with message, so to speak, wrapped in exploding riffs and superfast speed. Very happy I could attend another of their burning shows last month.



This is the project of Scott Thomas Reeder, Kyuss former bass player, Bob Balch and Scott Reeder (the drummer) of Fu Manchu. Vocoder robotic voice melodies can prevent some people from loving this album which is a masterpiece of powerful riffs, intense bass lines and kickin’ ass drums. Respect for the veterans!


touche amore

Post-hardcore bands are not within my usual range of music, however some of them manage to step into my universe from time to time. This time was Touché Amoré, recommended by my dear friend (and mentor) Jordi, personally and through the magazine. Confessional lyrics, lots of yelling, weird writing, but with an overwhelming intensity.


last patrol

The return of Dave Wyndorf and his gang to the fields of psicodelia. I had the chance to interview the leader for Rockzone magazine and thanks to his explanations and remarks I could enjoy the album even more. As a whole, as a journey, some sort of confession of experience and release of emotions. There are great songs such as ‘Paradise’ or ‘The Duke (of Supernature)’ of ‘I Live Behind The Clouds’. A great comeback superior to their previous releases. Can’t wait to see their show in February.


neko case

This is the hardest album of the artist and the most confessional. She leaves the story telling aside and focuses on expressing what’s she’s going through, marked by the loss of important members of her family, and a state of depression she eventually underwent to for some time. it is Neko, the woman, the human being here, you can feel closer to her, identified with some of her songs. ‘Man’, ‘Nearly Midnight, Honolulu’, ‘Calling Cards’ are thrilling.



This live album is the celebration of the success achieved with their last and most solid up to date studio album A Eulogy For The Damned. The only BUT I find here is that sound doesn’t capture their performance 100%, but still it’s a good document to confirm that not only their at their best moment but also that the Brits are a live band.


american sharks

This crazy trio from Texas blew my mind with their single ‘Overdrive’ and reached my thrashy side with their debut album. Every time I have a dj session I play one of their songs. Energy and fun, sometimes they remind me of Gluecifer for some reason. Wish I can see them playing in Spain in 2014.




I feel ashamed for not having written about this wonderful album already, because it deserves a special attention and I don’t think many people are aware of this wonderful work. I couldn’t find the proper time or the mood to write about it as a week album, however I’ve been constantly listening to them when looking for a realm of peace and relax. Danny and the Champs leave the Bruce Springsteen formula so present in Hearts & Arrows and focus on more rooted sounds.



The blonde Finnish is a God of some kind. every time he releases a new album everybody’s expections end up completely fulfilled. This time I was a bit afraid of the change from Ginger Wildheart to Dregen of Backyard Babies as the main guitar and writer, but the result has been very positive, in fact Horns & Halos is superior to Dregen’s first solo album which has left me completely indifferent and not interested at all. Listening to any Monroe’s album means feeling  something inside you unsettled, which at the end of the day you realize it’s the need for partying crying for good times. I don’t understand the reckless energy of the singer, and I don’t care. I just take it as it comes and enjoy the most of it.


whales and leeches

No need to comment much about this album after what I wrote. It’s brutal and can’t stop listening to it. I really needed this badass music in my life. Exactly one month remaining for their show in Barcelona. I know it’s gonna be insane.




Ginger is a sort of Kind midas in music, but fortunately every project he starts is worth listening and the results are usually great. This time teaming up with Victoria Liedtke, he’s surprised the fans with more partying and very fresh tunes, and perhaps it’s been the key to retake and resuscitate his main son, The Wildhearts.

Hey! Hello! will open for The Wildhearts in April and I’ll be at The Electric Ballroom to tell you about it. it’s gonna be awesome, probably one of the best 2014 shows.



earth rocker

Clutch has been the greatest discovery of this year. They’ve become a complete reference and have also awaken the spirit of the fan which was a bit in stagnation. Earth Rocker came demolishing and I devoured it with devoted passion. The impact of the self titled single on my was one of the most intense I remember in the last years. It left me breathless, and when I recovered I had the full album which was an injection of energy I really needed. I also relate the album to many personal highlights this year, among others writing for Rockzone magazine and coming back to the company I had been fired from last year.



Well, after not so much thinking I’ve finally reached the conclusion that Like a Clockwork is my favorite album of the year.


It was an instant crush since the very beginning and has been settling throughout these months. When I first listened to the album I compared the experience as dating someone you idolize, therefore now I could regard my relationship with the album as a consolidated. Yeah, we’re a couple, we can flirt with others but at the end of the day it will be Like a Clockwork the one I’ll always choose.

Josh Homme has improved not only his singing but also his writing, and his evolution, very criticized by many of his fans in Kyuss, is fascinating from my point of view. Probably ‘The Vampyre of Time and Memory’ is my favorite song of the year, but I love the whole album and regard it as an indivisible unit.



Finland is one of these countries we barely know about, unlike Sweden and Norway, which are more popular. If you have time and feel curious, check Wikipedia. It’s worth reading the section related to music. I’ve felt excited reading this:

Hanoi Rocks was a pioneering 1980s glam rock act that inspired the hit American hard rock group Guns N’ Roses among others

The fact related to this country that I love most has to do with Michael Monroe, the leader of Hanoi Rocks. He’s a celebrity and Finnish people adore it. I proved it once when talking to a couple who were on holidays in Barcelona and I was selling them some toys. I mentioned the name of Michael Monroe and they seemed very impressed. I also remember a guy explaining me, years ago, that he used to participate in anti drugs ads and campaigns. Insane!

Yes, Michael Monroe, together to a weird comedy I watched on TV one night 20 years ago named “Helsinki, Napoli” made me fond of this alien country.

Back on the subject, I must admit I like Hanoi Rocks but don’t consider myself a huge fan. They have lots of hits and the more I listen the more I like them, but I prefer Michael Monroe’s solo career and of course THIS TREASURE.

demolition 23

Back in 2001 there was a reunion of Hanoi Rocks many of us could witness at venues of festival several times. It was then when some friends started telling me about this project and self-titled album named Demolition 23. Powerful name, by the way.

There was a local record store in Barcelona which used to sell non-original copies of the album in CD, as it was never released in vinyl either, and very few original copies were available. Some were lucky and eventually got their original through the net, eBay mainly. My friend Luis recorded me a copy from his fake copy and this was the way I got introduced to this wonder.

Demolition 23 was a Finnish-American band formed by Monroe, Sammi Yaffa, Jimmy Clark and the guitarist Jay Hening, who was later substituted by Nasty Suicide. He band didn’t even last for 2 years and at that time, it was considered the closest movement to a possible reunion of the band Hanoi Rocks. The band was mainly entertaining the NY punk rock scene nights, performing covers of songs of Johnny Thunders or The Dead Boys, till the possibility of recording own stuff was brought by Steven Van Zandt, aka Little Steven, member of the E Street band, and renowned mafia consigliere for Tony Soprano (yess, he was Silvio Dante!).

It was edited by a record label in the UK named Music for Nations, and in Japan, by Renegade Nation. I’m happy to say I got myself a copy of the Japanese edition I found in a tiny and packed store in Nishiki market in Kyoto, named Happy Jack.

The 10 track album is from top to bottom a sequence of hit after hit which blows your head. There aren’t very few albums which turn me ON in such a way. Every time I listen to Demolition 23 I’m in complete party animal mood. It’s rock, it’s sweat, it’s groove and it’s fun.

Nothin’s Alright, Hammersmith Palais, The Scum Lives On (I love the song titles so much!), one of my particular daily anthems, Same Shit Different Day, Dysfunctional, Endangered Species…this album is pure adrenaline and I simply love it. Personally I consider it a timeless punk rock classic. It should be praised and receive recognition, but you know how this sometimes works…very few are aware of one of the best records ever delivered.


A couple of weeks ago, Ginger’s departure from Michael Monroe Band was officially announced. Such news didn’t surprise his fans that much, in fact, eventually we knew this was going to happen.

Ginger is an artist who needs to take the lead of every project he’s involved with ,and despite his active part in composing Sensory Overdrive, confirmations of his gigs with friends were more frequent. Personally I should add, comparing to the attitude he offered in Islington Academy last year, he looked tired, and somehow distracted, during  the shows I attended last month. When talking to him, his answer to the question about future plans ahead for The Wildhearts was short and conclusive “No future plans right now”.

This doesn’t mean the band over, I think he’s just taking a break, first by joining the Monroe Army, then to go on solo…eventually he’ll feel the need to rejoin with his band, and at that point, The Wildhearts will deliver another kicking-ass album, for sure.

Who was going to be Ginger’s substitute then? Everyone started wondering, and the band kind of created some suspense setting a date for confirming the new member of the band.

The date has arrived, the news funny spread, with the hands of the band members (remember the picture of the feet before the original lineup was confirmed?) including the mysterious guitar player.

And the winner is…


Xavi, a friend, had suggested this possibility I initially rejected, without putting much thinking on this matter, but if you stop for a minute, it makes complete sense, bearing in mind Backyard Babies are in temporary, yet undefined period of hibernation (Nicke’s released his solo album, I haven’t heard a single tune of yet, by the way).

I’m really glad for the choice, Dregen has such energy, he’d fit in the band perfectly, and sure the shows will be even more explosive.

It’s true we’re gonna miss Ginger, and his departure means a great loss in terms of new songs compositions, but hey! Let’s see what Dregen can do, and please welcome him on board.



My apologies for not having updated this in so many days, but as predicted, after Monroe’s show on Thursday, accompanied with few (many, actually) beers and a state close to euphoria, I wasn’t able to write anything at all.

The gig was amazing, the bunch gathered for seeing the crazy Finnish enjoyed a lot, and we managed to see the band playing in first rows. And yes! I got the setlist 🙂

Monroe exudes energy and rock in high quantities, and the rest of the super band are not puppets either. Sammi Yaffa is pure attitude, and as a friend of mine said, one of the most stylish rock guys ever, his stagewear is really cool. Not being 100% regarding Ginger, the leader of The Wildhearts has really assumed his role and knows he’s not to be the main protagonist, yet his support is definite, same with Conte and Blomqvist.

Shouting Hammersmith Palais or Back to Mystery City while the crazy blonde is jumping and singing and leaving his balls on stage, is one of the greatest pleasures I can recall.

Shows like these two I’ve just enjoyed, really confirm my love for music is worth it, illusion still remains and I feel alive.

No entering into details, and considering I saw Monroe in Madrid again, you can imagine the weekend could be defined anything but quiet and relaxed. We were meant to take it easy on Friday, but already we had been invited to a birthday party and a friend of mine also joined…

I still don’t know how we had such energy for Saturday, which definitely was one of the funniest and craziest day/nights in my entire life. Recovery is being reaaaally hard, plus today we’ve driven back home. My body aches, I feel kinda weird in my head, but I’m still in a state of happiness that unfortunately tomorrow will be gone as I will get back to real life.

Once again, this has been one of these weekends which encourage you to feel Life is Great!

And finally, wanna thank all my friends I’ve been sharing these unforgettable moments with, for being so great, and staying by my side. I LOVE YOU ALL!


And Finally, the day I’ve been longing for so long has come: May, the 19th 2011.

This date hasn’t to do with any birthday, nor a trip, but with the gig of Michael Monroe. As my dearest Axl  used to say in One in a Million, “Some say I’m crazy, I guess I’ll always be”.

Lately, my mid-term objectives and events are connected to concerts and festivals, it sounds superficial, no problem to admit it, there’s nothing able to cheer me up so much as gigs and joining my friends, so imagine, tonight I’ll be going to the concert with my two best friends, what else can I ask?

I’m veeery nervous and excited, smoking a lot, and thinking I gotta call this and gotta call that, as soon as I leave the office I’ll make a kwik pit stop at home and move my ass to wherever my friends are. Shit! I can’t wait!! I feel suffocated here!

One of my main concerns is where to carry my stuff: camera, keys, wallet, the case for the glasses, cigarettes, cellphone… my idea is to stand in first rows, but I reckon it’s gonna be rough in there, so I won’t wear my glasses. On the other hand, I had the terrible experience of my Japanese compact camera being stolen during moshpit during the last Guns n’ Roses show, and I had taken such amazing pix of Axl, it really hurt. Don’t want something similar happens again, and don’t feel my jeans pockets are safe enough for my stuff during a risky gig, but don’t want a huge bag either.

It’s true I’ve eased on this matter quite much, but love being in first rows with top shows. I’ve been beaten, stomp, pushed…you wanna rock? You got it! Just accept the game.

Tonight is gonna be the same, and the idea of being in first row with my ex it’s a bit disturbing, hope we don’t get as close enough as to create a tense moment, especially at the time band items such as picks, sticks or setlists are to be hunted. He can be very rough, but I can be a bitch sometimes too 😉 Better not to think about that.

Do you collect items? To tell you the truth, I can’t complain of items achieved in gigs: several setlists, many picks and many drumsticks. Best are, no doubt, setlists, drumsticks are sometimes difficult to identify and at the end of the day, they are sort of alive, moving around the house. Picks are really cool when personalized.

Enough of this crap I’ve been writing in a word doc during spare moments at work, I’ve felt the need though.

Will try to update on the gig later at night or tomorrow morning, not very sure if I’ll be able, depending on physical condition I come back home after the show, and because tomorrow morning I’m supposed to do lots of stuff before I meet Agnès for our roadtrip to Madrid, to see Mr. Monroe, with the chulapo’s squad, on Saturday. Hell yeah! It’s gonna be a hell of a weekend!!


Yesterday somebody asked me for the gigs I’ve enjoyed most ever. Shit! That’s one of the most difficult questions to answer, impossible to reply instantly, plus there are many shows to come.

I’ve been thinking of a top 20, because a top 10 wouldn’t be enough, but then it’d be too long, plus, no matter whether the list names 10,20 or 30 bands, I’m gonna be regretting all the time for forgetting this or that band, so…let’s make it once and for all, following a chronological order.

Here they go!


At that time I already adored this band, but wasn’t conscious of what they would mean for the rest of my life. Guns n’ Roses are my favorite band, and they were the first ones I had to move my ass from my hometown to see on stage.

I was 16, my parents wouldn’t allow me to go to Madrid on my own, thus I managed to gather money for my father’s ticket, as a birthday present. He liked them and couldn’t refuse. Eventually, he had so much fun as to give me the money back.

The trip was crazy, it was organized, and the coach was plenty of diehard fans packed with booze and joints. By the time we reached Madrid, everybody was pissed and stoned, me and my dad included.

The show was great, despite the fact that Izzy wasn’t in the band anymore. And yes, Axl went on stage almost two hous later than supposed. Didn’t mind.


I wasn’t a big fan, in fact, I wasn’t to excited about going to Madrid to see Kiss, but I had given Rock n’ Roll Over to my boyfriend as a present, and he insisted I should go, so finally I accepted.

I had to help him and another friend with the make-up, and remember while going to the venue, people stopping us to take some pix.

I was left on the stands, half babysitting two kids in their 15’s, scared for so much noise and the explosions. I started to vibe and cheer up with all the show, fire, explosions, blood, guys flying…it was awesome! Remember when Paul Stanley came flying  towards us singing Love Gun, and there he was, on a platform, 10m from when we were. I had a total crash, fell in love with the band for good.

Kiss is a band you should see at least once in your lifetime, and the younger you are, the better. I’d pay millions for seeing Kiss when I was fifteen.


I had been living in London for 3-4 months more or less. Weather was crap, my job at a laundry services factory was shit, and living with my boyfriend a nightmare, plus I had had a huge argument with him hours before.

The previous night, the Swedish were meant to open for Monster Magnet and Rob Zombie, but unfortunately due to doors opening delay, they couldn’t make it. Still I got the chance to talk to Nicke, and moreover, have a long chat with Dregen, who ended up being really cool and I promised to bring him a bottle of Spanish wine the day after.

The show was organized by the band fan club, and not being members, we weren’t allowed to get in the venue. It was freezing, raining, and we couldn’t believe it, until he came out for changing his creepers for his ragged sneakers, Dregen came straight to me and asked what was going on. I explained, and he begged, I swear, to the guys at the door, to let us in. After some talks we made it, for free, so I spent all the money on merch, and gave him the bottle that he drunk during the show.

The Yo-Yo’s were the supporting band, a blast, but then Backyard Babies came after, and God, such energy and rage were unfuckinbelievable!


My first gig as a single, I went with a friend from my hometown who was spending summer working in London. I was a bit down yet in the mood for having fun.

The venue was very small and we were around 100 people. Before the show, I was sitting on a pool table, and the guys in the band were asking me for my lighter all the time. It was like a big family having a party, we jumped onto the stage, danced and everybody got crazy. They were introducing my favorite Hellacopters album, Grande Rock.


I received the news that Black Sabbath original lineup were performing their first show in London when I was on holidays in Spain. My friend Lukas called me after he tried to buy a pair of tickets unsuccessfully, apparently they were sold out in just a couple of hours.

Once back in town, I heard of a new ticket selling place and gave them a call, in order to buy one for Iggy Pop and try luck with Sabbath. And I won, but just one, at the initial cost, 19.50 pounds. Tickets sold by scalpers were over 350.

Later I knew that it was kind of launching, not a proper tour gig, so most of the audience were guests and media coverage.

I cried, and screamed, most of time on my own, although at the end of the gig, people were hugging each others, moved by happiness for real.


I had already seen Fu Manchu twice before, but this time it was kind of pre-launching of California Crossing mixed with King of the Road, the venue, able to hold barely 150 people, was overcrowded, and once again everyone got crazy.

It was so full of people, some in the first rows got hit by Scott Hill’s guitar. Fuzz was so loud, I had this uncomfortable whistling for a couple of days. It didn’t mind, I got what I wanted.


The unfortunate performance and bad attitude of the singer years before have forced a kind of veto into this country, so if you feel like seeing him performing, be sure you’ll have to move your ass somewhere else. This is gonna happen next month, I’m going to see Adams to Portugal, and happened three years and a half ago.

My ex and I arranged an exciting weekend in London with three gigs in three nights: Adams, Alice Cooper with Joan Jett and Motorhead, and as special dessert, Lucinda Williams.

Adams played for more than two hours. I liked him, but not as much as I do now. He introduced Everybody Knows EP, and the feeling I got it was as if Heaven was down to Earth. I got these flashes, these sparks in my mind, very fresh, I will never forget. I was listening to beautiful songs with my beloved one, felt grateful for what was happening, and was also aware of being really happy…shy tears brought out from my eyes…everything was perfect that night.


I had already seen The Wildhearts twice, one at the festival in Vitoria, and second, one month after seeing Ryan Adams, in London as well.

Once the gig was confirmed we bought the tickets thinking they might be sold out. No way, this doesn’t happen in Spain,  this band is doomed or something here, venue was even changed to a smaller one, which in the end was better, because we were closer to the band, packed and one thing was for sure, those 100 people there, were diehard fans of the band.

It was party animal gig, jumping onto the stage, sweating, we lost our voice…I got the set list and a pick from CJ. Everyone was so happy! It was a “I was there” moment, once in a lifetime, full of magic.


I had seen Young at a festival in UK I worked for, back in 1996, and got really impressed at the time. Although I always liked and respected him, it took me many years to take him seriously and become a devotee of uncle Neil. Gotta give the credit to my ex, he became completely obsessed and eventually convinced me I should pay him more attention.

When Young came to Barcelona, it was the right time, and enjoyed the gig a lot, surrounded by good friends. Once again, I cried. You can’t get enough of Young on stage, he could be playing for 4 hours, sure you’d like him to play four more.


I reckon this was the best show I witnessed last year, so great, I’m seeing him in two weeks twice, here in Barcelona, and two days after in Madrid.

Monroe is one of the finest front men ever, set lists are like bombs, and this guy sweats and shit energy wherever he goes.

First time I saw him in London, on my own, and was another party with the guy stage diving, jumping, climbing and everything. I was in shock!

Last year was mayhem at the venue, supported by an amazing lineup, he left his balls on the stage, the setlist was just perfect, and they sounded best ever.


It’s two o’clock already, I’ve been thinking on this post for many hours this afternoon, but started writing very late, and with all the decisions, memories back, and all the stuff, I’ve been here for two hours. I will edit the post and add some pictures, probably when you read this, they’ll be already uploaded.

Many bands and shows have been left out, but it had to be 10.

I feel lucky for still being able to feel passionate about live music. Many people who go to gigs on a regular basis, have lost this emotion or illusion, you name it. I’m able to cry of happiness, get excited to abnormal levels when a date of a band is officially confirmed, and feel the groove in the pit, standing right in front of a band.

Some other day, I’ll talk about stuff collected from gigs, you know, setlists, picks, drum sticks…there’s stuff all around my Hellhouse.

 I know you feel shy regarding writing comments in here, I don’t care the language you use as long as I can use Google Translator, I beg you, I’d love you to participate telling me those gigs which have left a mark on you for the rest of your lives.


After enjoying an amazing and one of the funniest weekends, mainly thanks to my soul sista Agnès, staying with me since Thursday night, it was time for going downhill. Considering the past state close to euphoria, I guess it’s not so weird.

It’s not that we’ve partied as hard as other times, but activities have been great, both deep and superficial endless chats very nice, and companion couldn’t be better. My belly is very stiff for so much laughing.

Sundays aren’t as bad as Mondays for obvious reasons, yet they’re quite depressing, especially when you’ve been enjoying such great moments the days before, and it like “shit, tomorrow I gotta work”, no matter that at the end of the day, weekly routines are essential for keeping the right track, or at least they help me being focused.

In order to face these low times, yet not being in the mood for doing much or going out either, the two antidepressant devices at hand were music and movies.

First thing in the morning right after preparing coffee was playing something. I’ve realized, vinyls are the best option when you don’t really have to do anything else, so you stay concentrated on what you listen and in changing sides of the albums.

This was my choice for the day, not super kicking ass nor depressing either, but to cheer myself up:

–          SO ALONE – JOHNNY THUNDERS: I really like this guy. He was a total waste of guy, yet a genius. This punk junkie was able to transmit love or a heartbroken state with such rage and harshness, I used to call him the tender junkie. This album contains such hits, starting from Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory, I think I’ll write a post just to talk about Thunders, So Alone, LAMF, and everything this guy did for music. 

–          THE 59’ SOUND – THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM: at this point I’ve talked enough about this album and this band, if you don’t feel like giving them an opportunity, in case you’re a music lover, at some point you’ll regret not having followed my advice. They’ll be here in two months…it’s up to you. 

–          DAMN THE TORPEDOES – TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS: I must admit I’m not an expert on this guy, but this is not any obstacle for loving him. I really do, and sooner rather than later will dive into his discography more intensely. Here comes my girl or Louisiana Rain sound heavenly to me. 

–          NOT FAKIN’ IT – MICHAEL MONROE – no doubt this is his best solo album, and it’s a punch in your face. A friend gave me the CD for my birthday many years ago and I had an instant crash on it. Monroe is rock n’ roll to the max, energy, rage and power, if you listen to this and are not able to cheer up, you don’t deserve being alive. I’m counting the days to see him again in Barcelona and Madrid, I know for sure, the blond crazy Finnish, is gonna leave everyone wide open-mouthed. 

–          LIVE IN JAPAN – THE RUNAWAYS: these girls rocked. Remember I told you about their first album? Ok, this live album is a compilation of their first albums, released due to their major success in Japan, so you can imagine, hit after hit after motherfuckin’ hit. 

In the afternoon, I was meant to meet people, but was completely wasted, so decided to watch movies. I’ve been lent few, so I started with Shyamalan’s The Village, after some friends insisted I had to give it another chance.

When reviewing movies for Popcorn and Movies, I already expressed that I don’t like his movies, and now I reckon I haven’t changed my mind. Probably Unbreakable it’s the only one I’d say is bearable. The Village was boring and predictable.

Feeling that I wasn’t in the mood for drama, my choice changed completely and went straight forward the classics: Back to the Future!!! Cannot describe the amazing pleasure of seeing Calvin Marty Klein sweating by the harassment suffered by his own mother once again…I love these movies you can see on your own and enjoy them, laughing out loud. Doesn’t matter you’ve seen it thousands of times, you always discover details and things you had missed before. Personal favorite: the chasing scene with the skateboard. Simply love it!

Foxy Brown was to close the session. Pam Grier at her most is something worth seeing. She’s just too much, sexy and aggressive, with so many outfits and hairdo’s. Blaxploitation is so much fun…music, hilarious dialogues, explicit content, and always about pimps, drugs, prostitution…Ace!!!

And now it’s Monday afternoon. I was meant to post this yesterday but passed away on my couch…shit! Today my neck is in pain.

What seemed to be a horrible day, has ended up being half shit. Not much work at the office, plus half of the country is on holidays…we’ve been sent home earlier. That’s great news but it’s raining…  😦

Let’s see how the rest of the week goes…wish you a good one, by the way.