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What a busy week, friends! Perhaps you might think I’m experiencing another writing block season, but this time I must confess I’ve been writing some stuff for others. I love collaborating with other websites or magazines so I can cope with different topics in a less personal way, plus I can practice my skills in my mother tongue, Spanish. Not only that, I must admit it has to do with my ego , as collaborating means introducing myself to other readers who probably wouldn’t get to Since My Baby Left Me by themselves, and it’s always cool to receive feedback from others and have some, let’s call them bosses. My level of involvement with these sites is still regarded by both parties as something pleasant that I do because I feel like and there’s no feeling of obligation at all, being a very relaxing past time.

It’s September and I’m starting to get back to routine and fix the direction I want my life and activities head for. I will tell you about it pretty soon I guess.

The album of the delayed week is Dopes to Infinity. I’m very surprised I haven’t commented on any of their albums, especially this one, which is my favorite of the band led by “my friend” Dave Wyndorf.

It’s also funny because Monster Magnet are very present in my life lately for several reasons. I don’t believe in coincidence that much , but when different events apparently unrelated happen more or less at the same time, it’s obvious you start wondering.

In this case I’ve been listening to this band a lot in the past 2-3 weeks I also dedicated my second episode of The London Chronicles to their leader, and finally I got a Dopes To Infinity cover album t-shirt after many years longing for it. Well, not being this enough, a couple of days ago I was received an offer I couldn’t refuse related to the band, and of course, I accepted. Part of the bizz is already done and delivered, but the newest and most interesting part, the challenge, will take place on Tuesday, and I’m not sure how it will work out as I’ve never done anything similar before. But hey! It had to be the first time at some point, right?

Back in the 1990’s Monster Magnet enjoyed their golden years and delivered 3 masterpieces : Superjudge, Dopes to Infinity and their most acclaimed album up to date, Powertrip. Personally speaking I consider the second superior than the others, enough reason to be my favorite.


Monster Magnet knocked at my door again thanks to Joe’s cousin, Pablo, who sent another of his magic tape to us. Even though he was living in the Canary Islands, initially harder to get musical stuff, his dad, who used to travel a lot, succeeded in bringing his son all the CDs included in a list Pablo gave him when he had to travel to Miami once. We were the secondary beneficiaries of such transaction.

At that time I was listening to Tool and other Seattle bands nonstop, and I liked Monster Magnet right away thanks to their powerful riffs and the psychedelic passages, and of course, Dave Wyndorf’s manly and sensual voice. Am I the only one who thinks this album is, same as Powertrip, highly sexual? I don’t think so.

It’s hard to label this album, probably the most accurate term to be applied would be something like space hard progressive rock.  It is definitely a trip. I’ve always wondered how this album was written, and always reach the same conclusion: high on LSD as if there was no tomorrow. Songs spread the effect of drugs, and the listener falls into a lysergic state too. I never get tired of this album and with every listening I discover new things, as there are so many details impossible to assimilate at once.

It’d be very hard to decide which one of the first five songs is my favorite. On one hand because all of them are brilliant, and on the other because I regard Dopes to Infinity 12 tracks as a whole, as a block.

Better you check it out for yourselves. You can start with Negasonic Teenage Warhead.


I’ve been listening to their upcoming album to be released next month, and one question is hitting my head from time to time. When you already delivered your masterpiece, in this case 3, how do you feel releasing minor albums 20 years after? When you are aware nothing you write can reach such unbeatable level, how do you manage to keep the good work, the professionalism and the high spirits?