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This is one of the albums I’ve been longing for too long since I was single. And I’m stupid because searching through the net I could find a good bargain, and finally, after so many years, I’ve got one of the finest modern punk rock masterpieces at the Hellhouse. You can have a laugh now for I found it on Amazon Germany and managed to purchase it new without using the translator even though I cannot speak German. The day I can do the same on a Chinese of Japanese site, Internet won’t keep any secrets to me.

 I’m not a great fan of the superbands, you know the super lineups created for special projects which feature awesome musicians, and which from the very beginning are to be assume them as kicking ass. This attention got from media is usually exaggerated and the listener is usually brainwashed to like the sutff just because of some names. It’s true that sometimes they work, but also it’s a fact that many other bands, due to crashes of egos, dramatically fail. Guess feeling, complicity and a harmonius relationship have also to do with the rise or fall of these ambitious bands, together with the relevance and priorities of the members, related to their main projects.

I’ve always thought of Neurotic Outsiders lineup as a pretty unique one: Steve Jones of Sex Pistols, my dear Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum of Guns N’ Roses, and John Taylor of Duran Duran (WTF?). No doubt the union of pop, rock, hard rock and punk could be an explosive combination as it was.

neurotic outsiders

You know I’m a huge fan of Duff McKagan’s first album with Loaded, named Dark Days. To be honest, while listening to N.O these past days I’ve found so many similarities in sound, style and structure of the songs I was totally convinced that this project was mainly addressed by the Gunner, however, it was Steve Jones who wrote most of the songs, and also Taylor was a remarkable contributor. Therefore we could say McKagan with early Loaded, tried to continue on the same line, and Jones was a definite source of inspiration. Truth is that this style suited the Seattle boy perfectly.

Probably one of the tracks which made me conceive this idea was a sort of ballad named Better Way, which resembles a lot to Shallow, a song included in Dark Days, and some other ballad in other albums.

But c’mon! Neurotic Outsiders homonym album is not just a couple of ballads. It’s really a shot of energy and attitude. Nasty Ho, Angelina, Jerk or Revolution can confirm it.

Unfortunately this is the only legacy coming from this superband. Could anyone imagine if only they had gone on with the project? I like to think the word would have rocked a bit more. At least I’m glad of being acquainted with this wonder, and nowadays even more for having it at the Hellhouse.