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The backlog of albums of the week I’m delayed is so shameful I’m not even gonna try to update all of them basically because I don’t have enough time and also because I don’t want to saturate the blog with at least 6 posts of albums at once, thus first accept my apologies, and second I will start with the current week we’re ending.  This is, week 45.

whales and leeches

I’m totally hooked to Whales And Leeches, the last album of Red Fang. To be honest I had heard some of their singles but never paid too much attention to them, but with their third album these guys from Portland have caught all my attention. Is this good or bad? I think it’s good, because my philosophy in terms of music don’t know about being late or early, but actually being there at some point. What I mean is, due to filters set, our personal circumstances or just because we do not have enough time to listen to everything we’re exposed to, there are tons of bands we just ignore. It’s not that we don’t like them, and I’m sure that there’re lots of bands which probably I’d love immediately but I can cope with everything.

This been said, I’d also like to remark that I hate people who regard themselves as gurus, proud of considering themselves to be the pioneers in certain styles or bands. I specifically mean those who see themselves as the real fans, and underestimate your taste and your mood for a band or album just because you’ve just discovered them, and see you as an impostor, and an intruder. I mean those who say “I knew them when they were cool and not the hype they’ve turn into”. Better for you, asshole, but please, save the lecture for others, I just wanna headbang now. And if you think I’m a hipster, it’s ok, I will take no offense on that.

I am late, but I’ve arrived, and I’m gonna stay as long as a band keeps me entertained and delivers good stuff. Sure I’ve missed great shows, but considering Red Fang has only 3 albums and have just visited Spain just a couple of times,  I reckon I still have a chance to see them.

red fang

Leaving the wannabe experts’ opinion aside, it’s true that some fans reckon this Whales and Leeches is far more accessible than the previous albums. I have no idea, and when I got time I will attack them. In the meantime I just can say this album goes straight to my top 10 releases of the year for being a rough, straight and powerful album.

You know, sometimes you listen to an album and you just want to grab a baseball bat and start smashing every obstacle in your way. Well, this is the effect and feeling Whales and Leeches inspire to me, and perhaps because I’m though a lot of stress at work, it helps me to divert my anger towards their music. Excessive in energy and anger, Red Fang are overwhelming and addictive, riffs are terrific and the rhythm of this album is reckless. ‘DOEN’, ‘No Hope’, ‘1516’, ‘This Animal’… I could mention the 11 cuts because there are no scraps, all of them keep the level really high, and the album as a whole is impressive.

Can’t wait to the seem playing next year with The Shrine. It’s gonna be awesome!

With my album of the week I do not try to preach anyone nor feel superior to you, friends and readers. I’m open to suggestions and new stuff, I’ve always been and I’ll always be. I just hope some of you can share my passions for the records I gather here.

Have a great week!


This is the first moment this week I’m having a coffee, relaxed, and even though I’m wasted after a exhausting week of work, I feel like writing. It’s weird because it’s afternoon, there’s still daylight and I’m more like a night writer, but perhaps the fact that I’m isolated from any external noise thanks to the headphones makes me be in the mood for this.

Subtle artificial light, my house in shades, and the recently leaked new album by QOTSA, …Like a Clockwork, right into my ears, help me to withdraw and forget about the damn containers, endless excel charts and other crap.

like a clockwork

I love experiencing the first encounters with an album which has been so long awaited. It’s like having a date with someone you feel attracted and somehow you idealize. You’re excited, exultant, yet you’re nervous and uncertain, because there’s a chance there’s something you don’t like which could ruin the whole situation.

I had a chance to listen to …Like a Clockwork last night with the headphones on too, and even though I was knackered, I did like the songs. But I admit my criteria at 1.30am is not the most objective, and the album became kind of soothing lullaby. Wonderful all the same.

Now I’m awake and ready to dissect probably the darkest QOTSA work up to date. I reckon this album is darker and harder than Lullabies to Paralyze.

I really like the evolution of Homme’s main project. QOTSA are not rookies anymore, and their current style is very unique, completely detached from those desert stoner tunes which marked their starting point 15 years ago. Homme is not the ginger kid anymore, took control of his career and kept on experimenting until he found his own thing. This is a fact that annoys those Kyuss crazy fans who can’t comprehend why he split ways with Garcia, and therefore will never accept QOTSA. With the passing of years I’ve learned that things most times happen for a reason, and if Homme decided not to go on with Kyuss he could justify if case he felt obliged to provide explanations.

Probably you’ve read this already but nowadays I like QOTSA more than Kyuss, or at least their presence is more constant. Of course Kyuss  are very important in my musical personal story, and their albums are unbeatable, but QOTSA and I are growing old together and at this time I feel completely related to their style. It’s rock, even pop, refined and classy, and keeping groove.

The campaign for promoting the album is one of the most fascinating I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy in long time. QOTSA and the British artist Boneface have joined to deliver one of the most attractive combinations of music and artwork ever. The amazing cover, likeclockworktv.com, the videos, the promo on social networks…the tenuous atmosphere created is simply brilliant and magnetic.

I really like when bands try to set some kind of ties with their fans by this constant bombing of gifts for your pleasure which will eventually conclude with the release of the album. This leak wasn’t casual.  It was a strategy, and I’m very glad about it, otherwise I’d have waited for 3 more weeks.


This is the 4th time I’m listening to …Like a Clockwork. I like it. I really like it, but it’s not an easy piece of cake. It’s like a trip to an awkward place, a bit frightening but appealing at the same time.

The opening cut Keep Your Eyes Peeled is a dark and insane blues, a risky bet. I don’t think everybody is ready to face it, and it’s a statement implying what’s to come is definitely rough. There are absolute lysergic songs such as Kalopsia, The Vampyre of Time and Memory or Like a Clockwork. There’s lots of Pink Floyd scent in there. And then direct hits such as I Sat by the Ocean, If I Had a Tail, My God is the Sun which are 100% QOTSA.

At this moment, the hidden surprise is definitely Feathered Friends. Instant crush. It’s epic, intense and overwhelming. Haven’t read much about collaborations, but apparently Trent Reznor, former QOTSA bassist Nick Oliveri, Mark Lanegan and (!!!) Elton John are present in this song.

My date has finally been a total crush and I’m now glad and excited. Now I’ll have to wait for the record to be officially released and receive it at home. Today Homme and QOTSA have made my day. Wish all were like this. I’m happy!


2011 is to be christened as the year of Ryan Adams.

Last year we enjoyed  the appetizers in shape of Orion and III/IV, including compilations of tracks recorded years before and never released apparently due to conflicts between the artist and the label Lost Highway.

Once the machine started, acoustic live shows followed, and a 7″ single featuring Empty Room and Nutshell,  was sold at the venues.

Now it’s time for Ashes & Fire, his upcoming album, to be released on October, the 11th, by Capitol Records/Pax-Am. I reeeeaaaaaaally can’t wait!

Lucky Now is a teaser of what is to come, and sounds like Heaven.

You can judge for yourselves, hope you like it as much as I do.