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This is the album I’m currently listening most, I’m completely hooked on the New Brunswick guys.

Love the songs in general, lyrics are really cool, keeping this old school attitude, referring to cars, tattoos, Elvis…They remind me of both Springsteen’s early years and The Replacements. It’s not necessary I analyse every song, I don’t wanna review the album either, but feel the need to talk about this band I should have paid attention to looong time ago.

I also want to thank my friend Artie for recommending them back in the days we used to chat at work, talking about bands and films. I must admit I listened to The ’59 Sound and liked it a lot, but forgot it very soon. Fortunately, some weeks ago I discovered I had the album in my Ipod and started listening, realizing how great these guys are.

This video belongs to, what I think is, my favorite song, Old White Lincoln, love the lyrics

New album named American Slang was released last year, hope is as good as the one I’m talking about, I’ll tell you about it soon.

Can’t wait to see these guys on stage. I’ve read they already have dates confirmed in June and July in Europe, hope something in Spain is confirmed soon.