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What I had in mind for today was something radically different to what this last minute decision has urged me to write about. Not big deal  anyway, I will continue with the original idea tomorrow.

It’s not completely accurate to reckon that I’m not into fashion. I should stop here to remark, that I don’t like all these trends and outfit obsession applied to myself, I’m happy with my jeans, my sneakers and my cool t-shirts.

Fashion is a too general concept which involves many aspects. I like aesthetics, I’m curious about trends in clothing mainly because I don’t understand the slavery so rooted in our current society, implying crazy consumerism and the expiration of a trend, and I love photography.

I spend my dough in records and shows, others buy clothes. Those times in which I used to criticize people spending amounts of money in clothes and accessories are long gone. I’m learning to respect people’s choices being as valid as mine ones. Yes, the older I am the more tolerant I become. Not bad, at least there’s something I’m improving, huh?

Let’s focus on the subject after these remarks. You know I trespassed the limits into The Twitter Zone in November. I wasn’t very enthusiastic in the beginning, although I found it quite useful in terms of musical updates, gigs confirmations, films releases and some news. But as soon as I’ve started finding active friends Twitter has become a social device which sometimes reminds me of the all music chats I used to participate in, in my earliest Internet stage. There’s sometimes too much fun. I’m still unaware of the trending topics, because the Spanish ones are usually repetitive, related to politics and crappy TV programs I never watch,  and I find them boring in general.

Today during a break I’ve had a quick look and all of a sudden everybody was mentioning #Loewe.

For those who are not aquainted, it’s a very established brand since 1846, mainly specialized in leather bags, suitcases, wallets, and also complements, … Loewe is expensive and posh, not very affordable. I’ve been told, and this is true, when visiting their boutiques and start purchasing for real, not just simple peeping, you used to be served champagne.

Loewe as trending topic was shocking, to say the least, thus curiosity has driven me to search what was so remarkable…and I’ve finally found it.

Loewe Oro Collection 2012 advertising campaign is a blast, in all senses. It’s shocking and is terrible, yet at the same time, the ridiculous characters chosen to promote the collection are so kitsch, their magnetism is simply irresistible.

Loewe, as already mentioned, moves in an upper level. Same as real Chanel, Gucci and Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton or Prada, and I’m not talking about vulgar fake pieces you can buy in Chinatown. Standard citizen cannot afford their stuff  without submitting to huge sacrifice. Therefore, this campaign, doesn’t make any sense among average citizen, because, we all gonna hate those posh boys and girls in their early 20’s, pretending to be artists, designers or promising students, chosen to fresh up the new anniversary collection. Tattoos are not exclusive of criminals nor sailors, as we know, in fact they’re quite fashionable nowadays, same as rock and punk styles, coming back to 80’s trends, thus, the more radical and extreme you are, the cooler. Punks in the 70-80’s used to stink, not like these ones, interviewed at the Ritz hotel in Madrid. C’mon!

I’m very glad although spoken language is Spanish, Loewe intends to sell abroad, thus their proposal has been conveniently subtitled in English, for you dear friends to understand, and enjoy an amazing time.

Do not expect something serious nor beautiful, because this is really an exercise of mockery, and thinking of it from a serious point of view, being this the cause of so much polemic in the social networks, it’s an ad made by rich people and addressed to rich people, showing 6-7 imbeciles, feeling cool, talking nonsense and pretending to be outstanding from the mass, for their passion for Loewe. If the real purpose of the campaign was to attract young potential customers, I think they’ve completely failed.

I don’t want anything out of this post, just wanted to comment something that has shocked me today. My point is that I’m completely hooked up to these characters, because they are for real. When referring to the term Freaks, Tod Browning’s creatures come to our minds. Well, these are freaks in the 21st Century, located in Madrid, wealthy, careless, and happy, with appearance and coolness as their main concerns, and they are for real. And this is what really fascinates me. I’m fan!

Have I ever told you I love decadent and out of line stuff?