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No doubt times are changing. There’ve been a couple of “serious” events I’ve attended recently which usually imply a certain dress code, that I’ve managed to adapt to my own style.

You know one of my all time dramas is the one related to clothes. When I was a kid I used to despise girlie stuff such as skirts,  ballet flats, boleros…basically I hated to look cute and posh. During my teenage days grunge style suited me perfect, and then I evolved into a milder rock style. I couldn’t define my current style, yet I reckon I found it 15 years ago, adding accessories, addressing to more female appearance but essentially being me all the time. guess I have my unique look, mostly based on rock/film t-shirts, jeans and sneakers.

At this point you should be aware of my arms covered in big and beautiful tattoos I’m very proud of.

And it’s summer.

Two weeks ago I attended my brother’s wedding reception. I’m not very fond of weddings because due to etiquette i find that dressing up properly means giving up my identity and impersonating someone I am not. But this time I was determined to keep on being me regardless. So I chose to wear a very simple but cute short sleeved  dress in green I have but seldom wear, adding a flowered hairdband and my fangs necklace as complements. My dear friend Diana fixed and flattened my hair, her sister Iris who is a professional make up artist, made my face looked stunning and there I was, with my dress, my Oxfords (I don’t know how to walk in high heels and hate them) and my black flower, looking sort of elegant yet keeping m essence intact.

toi wedding


Today it’s been my first meeting with clients in a very long time. it wasn’t a courtesy commercial visit but a proper operational meeting with the aim of analyzing targets, results, improving troublesome areas, and basically to receive a feedback from the company, a huge textile one actually.

This is the first week we can feel the summer heat and the typical suffocating humidity in Barcelona, and since I was to meet people I deal with on a daily basis I didn’t feel like dressing up, but being me. I thought I could afford that and chose to wear black trousers, black sneakers and a shirt, a light pink skull one I recently purchased to the competence. My co-workers have all agreed I looked quite nice, which was a good sign to feel more comfortable and of course, I’ve felt flattered.

toi meeting

You might find this post stupid, or perhaps can think of it as just a fulfilled need to exhibit here for no reason, the fact is that considering Spain is too stubbornly traditional and narrow minded in many things, among them everything related to appearance, attending these two events succeeding in keeping my identity intact and not getting stressed at all by the outfits is something to be proud of. And I’m happy.

And not only because skulls are not appropriated for a meeting, and flat shoes are regarded as weird for a wedding, but also because of my bare arms showing my tattoos. I’m particularly happy in both cases absolutely nobody freaked out and stared at me as if I was a misfit. Perhaps we’re approaching the time when people won’t be judged by their tattoos, rings, piercings or clothes and won’t be labeled nor conditioned in society.

At the end of the day, appearance and clothes are an added value but it’s education, knowledge and professionalism what we must stand for.



I’m glad my last visit to Madrid was so productive, filling an agenda with plenty of activities we don’t usually carry out when I’m visiting.

I’ve already told you about Hopper’s exhibition, and The Wildhearts’ special program at Viva Las Vegas. There were lots of beers and tapas with friends, and nice walks, but I want  to tell you about one of the funniest activities I shared with Agnès, which I’m looking forward to repeating, related to her blog, From Here to Fashion, photography, nice locations and outfits.

The blog cover many aspects regarding fashion, as you can imagine. Trends, designers, models, complements, vintage shops, photographers… topics which imply a research carried out via Internet, paper magazines, and the quest for inspiration in local shops. It’s not so simple as it might seem, and takes its time.

What has this to do with me? Sure you’re wondering, considering I’m not a fashion addict, even though I’m more interested and updated than it seems. For all the fields I’ve mentioned, my sis can handle by herself, but when it comes to show her own outfits, she modeling herself, in order not to deliver identical and boring pictures assisted by the automatic shooting mode, she needs some help.  Most of times, the appointed photographer is Kiko, and even though we know he’d do whatever for her beloved, he’s not into photography, thus, this outfits improvised sessions are quick, and taken in a very standard manner, so he doesn’t get bored or tired.

Imagine when Agnès asked me if I could take some pictures of her, and I accepted right away…she was so happy!

Agnès is a very controlling and organized person in some aspects in her life, as most of us, there are others in which she’s total chaos. I was amazed he way she handles her blog, scheduling posts, listing the outfits she wants to show, analyzing the complements to wear so everything perfectly matches. Quite impressive really!

You know our styles are totally different, I think mine hasn’t really changed in at least 15 years, but for including some items in my looks, such us make up, hairdo, skirts, tighter t-shirts, bags and glasses. That aside, I’m the kinda jeans and rock/film t-shirts with sneakers kinda girl. Perhaps I should ask Agnès to talk about my style more in depth, as far as I know, all the differences omitted, she likes my style as an important part of my personality.

On the other hand, since I met her many years ago, she’s changed her style completely, from top to bottom.  It’s funny to think what she’s gonna wear next time I’m seeing her. Really unexpected.

Let’s get to the point. I took pics of three outfits in two days, and the locations chosen were really nice.

First place was Campo del Moro gardens, which belong to the Royal Palace. A great variety of vegetation and trees , combined with beautiful fountains, and the quietness ruling, make of this place one of the coolest spots in Madrid.

Agnès was wearing a beautiful dress she found at her favorite vintage shop in the city, complemented with sandals and socks (I’m not into this mixture), and a cane bag resembling to the old fishing ones our grandparents used to carry.

I reckon she enjoyed the session lots, as I was shooting bursts, counting for her to move, and trying to make the whole thing more dynamic and interactive. Moreover, I was trying to cover her requirements regardless, and if I had to lay on the pavement to take a good shot of her sandals, even though I was covered with dust and pine stings after, I wouldn’t care less. I was up to everything.

Second session was that very same day after lunch, but unfortunate it was a quick one, due to terrible heat in the afternoon. We went nearby, to Madrid Rio, a project created at the bank of Manzanares river. It’s become a nice area the locals use for leisure activities and chilling out. Trees were planted but unfortunately haven’t grown up enough as to offer shelter from the killing sun.

This time Agnès was wearing a summer black jumpsuit, short, fresh and comfy, remarked by a pair of with platform sole sandals with a bow in white, quite pin up like.

Sun was so rough on us, she had to borrow my sunglasses to avoid much frowning. I was melting and almost blind, so the pictures were a bit lower profile. Sis, my apologies, I was dehydrating!

We were supposed to come back to Thyssen Museum to see the permanent exhibition, but it was such a wonderful morning at the Prado meadow, lying under the trees, enjoying the breeze and the fresh grass, we decided to spend some time simply for out joy and amusement, taking pictures, chatting and observing the people around. It was a blast!

This dress Agnès was wearing is one of my favorites, blue, red and white. Adorable and super easy to combine. In fact, complements chosen to fit were marvelous and mostly in red, which is my favorite color. A red satchel bag, the red Ray-Ban’s, the flat shoes and the red Swatch. Perfect. and the final touch with the golden bracelets.

It is really an interesting experience to take this kind of pictures. I’m not used to people modeling nor posing for me, nor having to capture details of things. I’m more into bands in motion, buildings, street art, and people in natural attitudes, so this is completely new for me, and I love it. Moreover, the fact that the model is my best friend encourages me to get good results, thus I try my best even though I’m not a pro by all means. Still, my condition as amateur doesn’t have to stop me from learning, trying and working hard as long as I can help my sis.

And finally, not only the best reward is seeing my pictures in her blog, which I encourage you to take a look at, and where you’ll find her outfits better explained, but also seeing her pleased and happy. And of course, the end of the sessions followed by a cold beer at one of these classic taverns, so typical in Madrid. Cheers!

Can’t wait for the next session, sis! Thanks for trusting me 🙂