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Did I ever tell you how much I love buying? No? Are you sure?
I’m not into buying clothes at all, in fact I hate it. In case I go to a fashion store, can’t spend more than 30 seconds having a quick look. If there’s something outstanding enough to catch my eye  I usually buy it and then try it at home, no matter I gotta return it back in case it doesn’t fit, rather than queuing. Moreover, according to market studies, these stores play horrible disco music in order girls and boys feel like they were going out, in order their brains are in the mood for seducing or whatever, so their buying impulse is huge. I think the latest piece I bought, a cheap black mini skirt, was in December, and I was carrying my headphones J
The exception is the (street) sneakers, I love them and would buy a pair every single month, but that would be silly, I have some in the wardrobe still never worn in 5 years, others duplicated “just in case” because I love them…a mess. I used to be called Imelda Marcos of sneakers, reminding that dictator’s who used to have hundreds and hundreds of pairs of shoes. Anyway, I haven’t bought a pair since I came back from Japan almost a year ago, and desperately need to buy!
Sorry I’m diverting to other subjects…I wanted to talk about buying stuff via Internet.
Nowadays you can purchase anything from anywhere, just by a click. This is wonderful, the world at your hand! It’s true you have to be careful, because it’s so easy to spend lots of money in just 20 minutes…the offer is incredibly wide. Maaan! You can have a poster from Australia and it will take you 2 minutes to buy it, ain’t it awesome?
There’re still many people who don’t trust purchasing through websites, although there are many tools for keeping your money safe, although offer in stores is less. I buy anything, from food supplies (God bless!!) to plane tickets, posters and belt buckles, anything.
Sure it’s sometimes too cold to buy something as you don’t have it in your hands immediately and gotta wait few days or even weeks, depending many issues: availability, commodity, origin, shipping choice…And then you always feel that uneasiness because post services are crap in most countries and many letters and parcels get lost on their way.
It’s like one of the latest things I’ve bought, better said, pre-ordered, QOTSA first album reissued on vinyl. It won’t be available until March, the 3rd, trusting production will meet the deadlines, of course. Think about it, it’s been 3 weeks since I paid for it, and still 2 more remain. Then I have to wait for a mail confirming the parcel has been sent.
This is the point Toi starts getting nervous. I make up my mind calculating and estimated time of arrival, let’s say 5-7 working days from UK, which mean 9-13 real ones. Oh My God! Still, even you try to be rational, on day 4th you start looking to the mailbox almost obsessively, wondering same questions once and once again: when does the mailman arrive with letters? Will it fit in my mailbox? Will he ring at my door or just leave a notice? Any bank holidays which might delay the parcel arrival?
After day 7, you start getting hysteric, start reading the mail of confirmation because you don’t remember anymore when the fuckin’ parcel was sent. You know if you send an email they’re going to advise you wait for at least two more weeks, thus that option is useless. Your mailbox door is about to get ruined for good, because you open it and close 3 times a day…aaaaaaaaah!
Just the day you have to go to the doctor, when you’re back home, you notice there’s something there, but hopeless you think, shit! More junk mail! Still you open the door and voila! Here it is!! The parcel you’ve been waiting for so looong! And you are so happy about it, there’s nothing else in the world, it’s like receiving a present even you already know what it will be after unwrapping it (and paid for it), but doesn’t matter, you finally got it!! Yeaaaaah!!!
Now, seriously. I usually buy stuff, at least one or two cd’s a month, and receive all parcels at work, in order to avoid theft or notices. I should get used to it, but I’m not, and still get nervous, and excited when some of my colleagues say “Toi, there’s something for you!”. Some things have taken even three months to arrive due to shipper’s laziness (I could name a merchandising company responsible for one of my favorite bands’ stuff I had to push for 3-4 months…California style!), others got lost, and depending on the websites claiming is really an easy and positive procedure, and others remain at the local post office forgotten because the idiot mailman forgot to leave you notice…everything’s happened to me, but still I find the amazing pleasure of receiving a parcel something marvelous.