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RockZone 10th anniversary party


The 10th anniversary of Rockzone Magazine started with a party held at Rocksound last Thursday. Last year I also played some music when celebrating the #100 issue, which also meant the change to digital and free publishing, which has been a huge success, thus it was a huge pleasure to be invited to share stage dj’n with Turbolovers DJs and Danko Jones.

Lots of friends, collaborators, familiar faces and other remarkable personalities in the rock and press scene came to celebrate these 10 years of existence of the magazine, which, considering the difficult times press is going through lately, especially since the internet era, is a great achievement. My contribution to the mag hasn’t been for too long time, but I’m thrilled for being part of it, and I really hope it lasts, and I can improve my input.

rockzone team

It’s hard to open for a party, but I tried my best to get people warmed up for Danko Jones’ session anyway. I took record of all my first session, but when I joined the Turbolovers DJs there was too much fun and booze, so this time the playlist is a bit short, but believe me, it got wild in the end.

Congratulations to Jordi and Richard for their amazing work!


Nowadays, with all these business closing down due to bad economic situation (I hate abusing of the word crisis), it is really a great pleasure being able to join the celebration of the 13th and 5th anniversaries of my two favorite tattoo studios in Barcelona, Aloha Tattoos and Barcelona Electric Tattoo.

electric tattoo

The quality of many of the artists working there is outstanding and their work worldwide renowned, as they are constantly on the move, attending conventions and working as guests at other studios: El Monga, Javi Castaño, El Carlo, Tai Iglesias…I’m very proud of getting inked myself by Alvaro Llorar and Rotor myself. Those who are into this world can feel very lucky to have such great artists so close at hand.

david tejero

Parties were held last week and both were a blast. Probably the first one, Aloha’s at Nervermind was wilder, because expectations weren’t so high and took us by surprise. Contests, very cool decorated walls, gifts, free tattoos, Black Thunders live performance…and Toi volunteering as a beer drinking contender. Of course I didn’t win, and didn’t aim to, but it was insane and I had a laugh. And got wasted.

On Saturday, the party took place at BeGood. There was still a trace of the previous party so everybody took it easier, but the live performances, including a mini burlesque show, really cheered us all up. I flipped with Tort especially, with their new singer and guitar player. The show was impressive.


What I particularly enjoyed was the comradeship among the artists, who attended each other parties, and the community of tattooists from other cities in Spain who joined the celebration. It was very interesting to know other people, their working style, and the humility to admire others’ work. I felt observe, but in a good way, and I was given some business cards to bear in mind. Never been able to attend a convention, but this was in fact a great experience.

I tend to admire what’s abroad first, rather than what’s at home, but after quite some time observing and getting acquainted with the tattoo world, I have to admit Spain has a great bunch of fantastic artists. Still there are some things to improve, which do not have to do with them, but us and the society we are currently living in, and our narrow mindset. I only hope tattoos are not a temporary fashion, society stops regarding tattoos as something weird or bad, and these studios remain open, allowing these wonderful artists to stay here, so we can celebrate many more anniversaries.

aloha tattoos

I’ll go to Aloha Tattoos to get my 13 drop inked soon. It’d be great I’d be able to get another one celebrating 25 years.

Keep up the excellent work and good luck!


I knew it was to be wild, it’s always like that, but I didn’t know it was gonna be such an awesome night.

party nj

My birthday-Norma Jean Magazine party at La Caja Tonta was a total blast. I’m good at gathering people, and I love the way all my friends eventually get on well among them no matter how different they can be. I’m so grateful for having my friends! I know I’m a very lucky person in this sense. Some friend was very accurate when defining close friends as the new and chosen family. I concur.

The aftermath of an animal party is usually painful. First because of the hangover, and then due to the chemical imbalance which always come a couple of days later after experiencing a huge wave of euphoria. Strange as it might be, I’m not at this point, even though Tuesday’s been a rough day, coming back to work, finding 587 mails in my Outlook inbox, and feeling wasted.

At this moment I can’t stop laughing while remembering situations, conversations and all the silly events which took place last Saturday night. Really, it was impossible something was wrong considering the dream team of party animals we were present. What a blast. Can’t wait for the next party, really.

party nj 2

Not that I mean to self flatter, but I’m proud to say the party was a success in many senses, and it was great to enjoy a session in my own hometown after more than 11-12 years. The bar, the vibe, people, and party mood were perfect, and the night went wild. Still I could manage to write down all the songs. Sometimes I’m really amazed of myself. Anyway, for the record, here’s another playlist. 

Oh, yeah! I’m 37 now. Sounds like a horrible age, but you know, at the end of the day what really matters is the state of mind. And mind is in great condition 😉


When I was a kid October the 12th was the most important day in my hometown. Local fests were at their peak, with the flower tribute to the Virgin from the peasants, dressed in the traditional local costumes. It was the only day I didn’t mind to wear long earrings and a necklace with a cross. After 30 years I can admit I liked the outfit.

I forgot about the outfit soon and focused on partying when I was a teenager, and those were party animal days for real.

When you get older you don’t care so much about these things, at least I do not. I don’t like local fests anymore, so packed with people, nah! Not my thing.

Nevertheless on this day, there are other things celebrated and vindicated.

On one hand, Spanish speakers around the world celebrate the Hispanic day, but as usual, there’s the other side of the coin, with people blaming poor Columbus for all the Native American killing when conquering and settling in the land. Columbus found this land by chance, and human kind should be blamed, not just a single historic character. But hey! I’m not Columbus relative and can sleep fine at nights.

It’s also a national day in Spain, but since there’s all this controversy and waves of independence, lately concentrated in Catalunya, it’s a day of struggle, everybody trying to prove who is right or wrong. Not all the Catalonians feel as part of Spain, same as not all of them are seeking for independence. Demonstrations, flags, and lots of riot squad ready to beat the shit out of everyone if required. I really hate this tendency to politicize any events. Bullshit!

And finally, one of the things which has always disgusted me the most, it’s Army parade, broadcasted on national TV, with the King and some politicians looking proud and in approval to all our defense display. Spain and the army, it’s ridiculous! So much money diverted to the Army while more thant 25% of subjects are unemployed with all the benefits being cut down, tax being raised, and all the crap we are swallowing… I think this exercise of flaunt is not necessary nowadays.

With such tension floating in the air I decided to recover the fest I used to live in my childhood and no, I didn’t wear costumes, but I sang dirty jotas, had wine and other joyful refreshments, and enjoyed a wonderful BBQ party with friends, who chose this day to celebrate Xavi’s and my birthday. And it was a blast!

Why do we have to ruin a feast on behalf of stuff which is actually killing our happiness and welfare? We can complain and moan for rest of our lives, but friends, sometimes we need a goddam break, for Fuck’s sake! Let’s have some fun!

Ah, by the way! The cake was super awesome, and now I have this at home… Awsomeness!!!