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A couple of months ago I told you I wasn’t into soccer but lately, from time to time I was enjoying commenting some games, especially the Champions League ones involving Spanish teams.

You also know I try not to get involved in politics discussions which only cause arguments and bad vibes among friends. Spain is experiencing what seems to be the worst and roughest time since the age of democracy started, and I’ve eventually found myself affected by the fashionable term of crisis as I lost my job due to company measures to face this situation(also because firing me, the last person who started at the branch, was cheaper).

It’d be easy for me to start complaining nonstop with the same mantra everybody is singing, fuckin’ country, shitty government blah blah blah… it’s useless, depressing and boring. Of course I’m not happy with the current situation, but there’s nothing I can do about it but trying to get a job ASAP, or just leave the country, which is a valid option to be considered.

This been said, and respecting everyone’s opinions, this is my time and my place to criticize certain issues occurring nowadays which get on my nerves. I’d like to warn you this is nothing personal and don’t mean to offend anyone, it’s just I have to let my thoughts loose once and for all.

There are some remarks directly linked to one of the most powerful worldwide social networks: Facebook. Of course you have the right to express whatever on your wall, and I, as your friend, have few  options: ignore/accept or write comments, but Hey! Beware! Because those comments can express both agreement or disagreement to what your stating. Remember you’ve given me the key to do so.

What has caught my attention is that all of a sudden everybody is acquainted and deeply interested in politics. It is very curious. And something which I find terribly absurd, the quantity of critic and creative messages spread and shared once and once again, as if people weren’t able to express discontent for themselves, some unknown wise element has to manipulate and speak for themselves. Up to date I respect those criticizing adding links to relevant press articles and information so you can read and judge for yourself. Finally, 2012 is being the roughest time, with many extreme measures approved, supposedly to relief the economy but very rough and unfair for the average citizen. Right! But you blaming the current government to be the cause of the crisis, proves me you’re a damn ignorant. We’ve been fucked up over the years and the country management has been poor and corrupt since the earliest days of democracy. It’s not a matter of blaming one party not choosing sides, everybody in the political hierarchy over the years is responsible for our ruin. Politics in Spain is something rotten to the bone, and the damage is irreversible.

Finally, I believe that depite the fact that we are all aware this country is falling apart, it’s not necessary to be reminded on a daily basis by all means, moreover, it’s not fair either to be accused or finger pointed for having fun in these rough times.

Thus, yes, I’m unemployed, does it mean I cannot fly to Dublin to attend Tom Petty’s show? Should people be forbidden to enjoy Euro 2012 Championship for the same reason?  Is it a sin to support your national soccer team because of the country situation? Can’t people go to the beach because some areas are burning? Yeah, people are ignorant cattle in general, with and without crisis, but evading from all the problems it’s something we all do, even though it doesn’t mean you are unaware of what’s really happening on the streets. We need music, films, sports, cooking, or getting pissed every weekend…you name it!

Same as with active workers. Since there’s this high rates of unemployment, it seems that they don’t have the right to complain about their jobs, because someone might be offended. WTF? If you are pissed off with your job and need to feel better by complaining, just do IT!

My point after all this nonsense discourse is the following, with the country drowning in a sea of debt, unemployment and bankruptcy, should we stay home and self punish with a whip, or even better, blow or brains with a gun? Ain’t we got right to enjoy little pleasures nor have fun? Dears, I’m just asking because no crisis is gonna stop me from having fun, regardless my economic situation, I warn you.

And by the way, to justify the title of this post, let me tell you, I’m buying a new blender this afternoon and will start making piña coladas nonstop now that I have time. If you feel offended, I’m sorry, if you feel like tasting one and become my Guinea pig, drop by The Hellhouse 😉